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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Cable First Appearance Key Issue Comics

With all the hoopla about an X-Force spin-off movie, the first appearance of Cable is a pretty hot issue right now. Actually, I should say the first Marvel appearances of Cable, since the creators Rob Liefeld and Louise Simonson would retcon the character retroactively later.

This is just a quick review. All these comics were either on the X-Men key comics list or New Mutants key issues list, but I decided to compile them into a very short one for those who aren't aware that there are more than one comic that  contributes to the first appearance of Cable.

Uncanny X-Men #201
  • First appearance of Cable as baby Nathan
Cable was later written as the son of Scott Summers and Madelyne Pryor and given the name Nathan Summers to complete the connection. This issue came out in 1986 and the first appearance of Cable came out in March, 1990. 

Although this issue had no connection to Cable for a long time, when his character was expanded upon retroactively, Uncanny X-Men #201 became the first appearance of Cable as baby Nathan, whom appears in this very issue. It is considered a first appearance of the character, though not the first appearance.

eBay - CGC 9.8s are teetering on the $100 mark for this copper age key comic. Quite a few unslabbed copies advertised as high grade, but after seeing a few pictures, that will surely be a hunt itself. 

mycomicshop - One CGC 9.8 for about $100 including shipping and a buyer's premium. Unslabbed copies in the mid-grade range.

The New Mutants #86
  • First brief appearance of Cable
I explained this in the New Mutants key issue list I published not too long ago that this Cable first appearance is not that widely known. This actually has the first brief appearance of Cable, or cameo, whichever you want to call it.

This is key issue is still very much a sleeper, and very much like how Incredible Hulk #180 was for quite a while before people realized that Wolverine did indeed make an appearance in that issue. 

eBay - Still a sleeper. CGC 9.6s are still going for under $50 bucks. 9.8 CGC still under a $100 for now. Didn't locate any CGC 9.8s at the time of this writing. There are 9.6s and a lot of high grade unslabbed copies for a lot cheaper. 

mycomicshop - CGC 9.6 copy available. Only CGC copy, and only one unslabbed at a FN.

The New Mutants #87
  • First full appearance of Cable
And here we are with the key issue that a lot people are scrambling to get now - the official first appearance of Cable. It's this issue that kick starts the character's career as part of the X-Men world of comics, mostly known as the leader of the spin-off comic series X-Force.

This is one of the few copper age key issues worth considering as a comic investment, and it is one of the few important Marvel first appearances from the copper age. 

It's still not that in-demand where graded 9.8s are at or over $500, but I wouldn't doubt if they'll be nearing that mark soon in a few years. Despite the X-Force movie confirmations by Fox, this issue isn't as sought out as issue #98, so CGC 9.8s or unslabbed 9.8s should be targeted.

eBay - No problem finding this issue on eBay for sure. Lots of CGC. Quite to choose from concerning CGC 9.8s, and that's a good thing because some are ridiculously priced near $400. There are some decently priced in the $200 range. As always with copper age comics, there's a lot of unslabbed copies. Many seem to be in high grade or are advertised as such. You'll have to look at the pictures very carefully in order to decide on the risk.

mycomicshop - Three CGC 9.8s around the $200 range. Most expensive is a 9.8 for $250, not including shipping or the buyer's premium. Other two options for this copper age key issue at 9.8 are both at $225. Some graded 9.6 copies and unslabbed options as well. 

ComicConnect - More CGC options here, but not many. The 9.8 copy is more expensive than those at mycomicshop. 

Well, that ends our refresher course for those who are interested in the important Marvel first appearances concerning the mutant Cable. If you've yet to check out the X-Men Key Comics List or the New Mutants Key Issues List here, be sure to click the blue links below to check them out. 

Thanks for reading, sharing, and all those who take the time to comment! It's much appreciated!


  1. Ok, So week after week you give us ALL the BEST comics to invest in. What I am curious about is, in your own Personal Investing, what your strategy would be....say if you were investing in Ant Man, who is blowing up right now, would you go for the Marvel Premiere 47, or save up for a Tales To Astonish 27, 35, or 36. Also, what grades do you seek, or buy them unslabbed and then send them in yourself...."Your Personal Philosophy" would be a great Blog, and at some point maybe even a few youtube videos on the TOP 20 Comics In To Invest (for each Age-silver, bronze etc) and link it to your website for more traffic. Again, thanks for all the Awesome Tips! LK

    1. Thanks for the suggestions, LK, and I will try my best to explain my strategy. Not entirely easy, but I gave it my best shot. As for the youtube video suggestions. I've thought about that for quite a while now, and it's definitely on my list of things to expand on. Good to hear from you and hope you're ready to rock this summer!