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Thursday, March 13, 2014

New Mutants Key Comic Issues Part 4

Welcome to the final part to this New Mutants Key Comic Issues List. If you missed the previous part to this series, you can always click this Part 3 blue link to go back and check it out. 

If not, continue on and enjoy!

New Mutants #98 comic image
The New Mutants #98
  • First appearance of Deadpool
  • First appearance of Domino
  • First appearance of Gideon
Here we are with New Mutants #98 again! I mention this comic quite a lot, and though you might be sick of reading about, there's no doubt it's one of most in-demand copper age key issues out there.

It has loads of Marvel Comics first appearances, but the main reason this key comic is so in demand is that it hold the first appearance of Deadpool, real name Wade Wilson, the "Merc with A Mouth".

However, there is also another major first appearance of note in this issue, and that's the introduction of Domino. Her character has also become quite popular as well.  

eBay - No problem finding this key issue on eBay. Loads of unslabbed and CGC copies. Two 9.8s located here as well as 9.6s. 

mycomicshop - Five 9.8 CGC copies here. One is a CGC Signature Series signed by Stan Lee. One 9.6 and two 9.4s. One of the 9.4s is a PGX copy. A few unslabbed copies available as well. Good selection here.

New Mutants #99 image
The New Mutants #99
  • First appearance of Feral
  • Sunspot leaves the team
  • Warpath joins team
In this issue, we see Sunspot leave the team and Warpath joining up. This issue also has the first appearance of Feral from X-Force. Despite what you may think of Rob Liefeld's artwork, he has created some popular characters within the X-Men mythos during the copper age of comics. For that, I do give him kudos.

eBay - Another minor key issue. Quite a few highly affordable unslabbed copies found here. No CGC in sight. 

mycomicshop - Two unslabbed copies. Highest is a VF. Second copy is a FN.  

NewKadia - More unslabbed goodness here. Highest copy in stock is a low NM. Three copies total in stock.

New Mutants #100 pic
The New Mutants #100
  • First brief appearance of X-Force
  • First full appearance of Shatterstar
  • Last New Mutants issue for Vol 1
With Fox announcing plans for an X-Force spin-off movie in the works, this first brief appearance of X-Force in New Mutants #100 has definitely gotten a huge boost in demand recently.

This book was definitely a sleeper before, but now it's slowly awakening from its slumber. This is the last New Mutants issue before the series continues in X-Force, and it holds the first appearance of Shatterstar.

eBay  - Quite a few unslabbed copies. Watch out for the multiple prints of this issue. A few CGC graded copies, mostly 9.6s. No 9.8s located, but they are already past the $100 mark.

mycomicshop - If you're into higher graded copies, there's a 9.8 here that is a CGC Signature Series signed by creator and artist Rob Liefeld. There is also a 9.6 Signature Series with Rob's signature CGC authenticated, as well as some unslabbed options if you don't care for the graded comics thing.

ComicLink - A bunch of 9.6 copies. All CGC graded. 

NewKadia - Four copies in stock. Highest is a low NM copy. 

New Mutants Annual #2 image
The New Mutants Annual #2
  • First appearance of Psylocke
Although the character of Elizabeth (Betsy) Braddock has been around since Captain Britain #8 (1976), the most popular incarnation of her character is as Psylocke. New Mutants Annual #2 has the first appearance of Psylocke, or Betsy's introduction as the character.

This New Mutants key comic is a definite must-have for fans of the character or fans of the X-Men comics. Not sure if too many people know this is the first appearance of the character as Psylocke. Unslabbed copies are still affordable but steaming up for sure. Actually, I'm surprised this isn't more valuable. It's one of the few New Mutants key comic issues to take into consideration of snagging.

eBay - Surprisingly mostly unslabbed copies. No CGC copies. Higher grade unslabbed copies are getting up there. 

mycomicshop - The folks at mycomicshop bring the CGC goodness with one 9.6. This is a Universal label and already past the $200 mark. 9.8s will be pretty pricey for a copper age comic. 

NewKadia - One very fine plus copy in stock for $34 bucks. This New Mutants key comic issue is steaming up and already on most collectors radars.

New Mutants Annual #6 image
The New Mutants Annual #6
  • First brief appearance of Shatterstar
Shatterstar has become a pretty popular supporting character within the X-Men mythos and X-Force comics. Another bio-genetically engineered refuge from Mojoworld, much like Longshot. Except for the fact that he's from the future, about a century ahead. Like Longshot, he became well trained in the arts of battle as an arena warrior to entertain Mojo, the ruler of Mojoworld and Mojoverse.

The New Mutants Annual #6 holds the first brief appearance of Shatterstar. Still a sleeper.

eBay - Unslabbed copies only. A few options here.

mycomicshop - More unslabbed goodness for those who don't really care about super high grade comics. Three options available.  

NewKadia - Low NM is the highest copy here. There are two other copies in stock as well.

Well, there we have it for this list of New Mutants key issues. As you can see from the entire list, there are quite a few sleeper keys and minor ones as well. 

Only a few are really deemed at comic investment worthy at the moment, but only one has been sought out and in demand for a while. This doesn't mean the others have the potential of hitting the hot burner. The X-Men movie franchise is looking to expand it's cast of characters for the silver screen, so anything is possible.

Thanks for reading and if you missed the other parts to this New Mutants Key Comic Issues list, you can click the links below. Or, if you missed my X-Men Key Issues list, you can visit the link below to check that out as well.


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