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Monday, March 17, 2014

Flash Key Issues List Part 1

We're back to DC Comics, and a pretty important character concerning the DC Universe for various reasons you'll see on this Flash Key Issues list. With the new Flash television series ready to start filming, Flash key comics are getting a lot more attention now in the market. 

I'm going to start with golden age and work on up. There will be a lot of goodies and this list will have several parts to it.

 Flash Comics #1
  • First appearance of Golden Age Flash
  • Origin of Flash
  • First Flash on cover
This mega, golden age key issue was first put out by All-American Publications in January, 1940, and features the original Flash, Jay Garrick, created by Gardner Fox and Harry Lampert. Like the later silver age Flash, Jay Garrick has the super power of super speed, but achieved his speed by inhaling hard water vapors. 

Along with the origin of Jay Garrick becoming the Flash, this key issue also hold the first appearances of two other characters, but this list will only stick to the importance of keys pertaining to the Flash. I will say that this key comic issue definitely holds major DC Comics first appearances.

All-American Publications is one of the three companies during the golden age that would merge to form DC Comics, and the Flash would prove to be a popular character during the era. This Flash key issue is one of the holy grail comics to own and will be a hard one to hunt down for sure. Finding one that isn't restored will be tough.

ComicConnect - One Flash Comics #1 available here. It's a CGC Universal label 5.0 unrestored copy.

Flash Comics #2
  • 2nd appearance of Flash
The second appearance of golden age Flash is seen in this issue. Published in February of 1940, the Flash definitely takes a back seat to Hawkman in this issue, and it's the first time Hawkman is on the cover of a comic book.

Not an easy find whatsoever for this golden age key comic.

Flash Comics #3
  • 3rd appearance of G.A. Flash
3rd appearance of Jay Garrick as the Flash during the golden age of comics. Pretty scarce find, but findable. I was able to locate two copies on eBay and surprised they're not more expensive. Then again, I'm not complaining either.

ComicConnect - Only one copy in stock. An unslabbed 2.0 GD awaits to be added to someone's comic vault.

Flash Comics #6
  • 2nd G.A. Flash on cover
Flash reclaims the spotlight again and is featured on the cover for the second time in comic history. Concerning golden age comics, a lot of collectors like to get the early cover appearances of major characters, since they often shared the book with the stories of other characters. 

This key issue came out in June of 1940, and won't be an easy one to track down. I couldn't locate any copies online to report.

All-Star Comics #3
  • First appearance of Justice Society of America
  • G.A. Flash joins the team
  • Origin of Justice Society of America
 A momentous comic book indeed. First of all, it's the first appearance of the Justice Society of America, and this group is the very first superhero team ever in the world of comic books. It's no surprise that Jay Garrick, the original Flash, would be part of this, and this is the issue where he joins the Earth Two superhero team. 

However, the team was used to promote lesser popular comic characters, so once the character became popular and given their title, they usually left the group. The Flash had a brief membership during the golden age, and was given his own title pretty quickly.

This key issue was published in December of 1940. 

eBay - A few copies of this golden age key issue. All of the high grade CGC copies are Restored (no surprise there), but there are some lower grade 3.0s that are CGC Universal. I saw two unslabbed copies as well. 

ComicConnect - Only one copy in stock, and it's a VG/F 5.0.

All-Flash Quarterly #1 
  • First Flash in All-Flash Quarterly
  • First in Flash title
  • First Flash solo title
  • Origin retold
As the name states, Jay Garrick as the Flash gets his very own solo title. Of course, this issue marks a huge moment, even though it basically retells the origin.  

Though any of the early golden age Flash comics are good investments, I'll just be dealing with the key issues on this list, and this one is a biggie. This issue was published in June, 1941.

eBay - Wow, a CGC 7.5 Universal copy found on the mighty eBay. Also four unslabbed copies for this Flash key issue comic.

ComicConnect - Four copies here. One is CGC Universal 8.0 VF copy as well. The rest are unslabbed.

ComicLink - Three copies available. One is a whopping CGC 9.4 and a Denver pedigree! The other CGC copy is a restored copy and the last copy in stock is a lower grade unslabbed copy.  

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