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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Cable First Appearance Key Issue Comics

With all the hoopla about an X-Force spin-off movie, the first appearance of Cable is a pretty hot issue right now. Actually, I should say the first Marvel appearances of Cable, since the creators Rob Liefeld and Louise Simonson would retcon the character retroactively later.

This is just a quick review. All these comics were either on the X-Men key comics list or New Mutants key issues list, but I decided to compile them into a very short one for those who aren't aware that there are more than one comic that  contributes to the first appearance of Cable.

Uncanny X-Men #201
  • First appearance of Cable as baby Nathan
Cable was later written as the son of Scott Summers and Madelyne Pryor and given the name Nathan Summers to complete the connection. This issue came out in 1986 and the first appearance of Cable came out in March, 1990. 

Although this issue had no connection to Cable for a long time, when his character was expanded upon retroactively, Uncanny X-Men #201 became the first appearance of Cable as baby Nathan, whom appears in this very issue. It is considered a first appearance of the character, though not the first appearance.

eBay - CGC 9.8s are teetering on the $100 mark for this copper age key comic. Quite a few unslabbed copies advertised as high grade, but after seeing a few pictures, that will surely be a hunt itself. 

mycomicshop - One CGC 9.8 for about $100 including shipping and a buyer's premium. Unslabbed copies in the mid-grade range.

The New Mutants #86
  • First brief appearance of Cable
I explained this in the New Mutants key issue list I published not too long ago that this Cable first appearance is not that widely known. This actually has the first brief appearance of Cable, or cameo, whichever you want to call it.

This is key issue is still very much a sleeper, and very much like how Incredible Hulk #180 was for quite a while before people realized that Wolverine did indeed make an appearance in that issue. 

eBay - Still a sleeper. CGC 9.6s are still going for under $50 bucks. 9.8 CGC still under a $100 for now. Didn't locate any CGC 9.8s at the time of this writing. There are 9.6s and a lot of high grade unslabbed copies for a lot cheaper. 

mycomicshop - CGC 9.6 copy available. Only CGC copy, and only one unslabbed at a FN.

The New Mutants #87
  • First full appearance of Cable
And here we are with the key issue that a lot people are scrambling to get now - the official first appearance of Cable. It's this issue that kick starts the character's career as part of the X-Men world of comics, mostly known as the leader of the spin-off comic series X-Force.

This is one of the few copper age key issues worth considering as a comic investment, and it is one of the few important Marvel first appearances from the copper age. 

It's still not that in-demand where graded 9.8s are at or over $500, but I wouldn't doubt if they'll be nearing that mark soon in a few years. Despite the X-Force movie confirmations by Fox, this issue isn't as sought out as issue #98, so CGC 9.8s or unslabbed 9.8s should be targeted.

eBay - No problem finding this issue on eBay for sure. Lots of CGC. Quite to choose from concerning CGC 9.8s, and that's a good thing because some are ridiculously priced near $400. There are some decently priced in the $200 range. As always with copper age comics, there's a lot of unslabbed copies. Many seem to be in high grade or are advertised as such. You'll have to look at the pictures very carefully in order to decide on the risk.

mycomicshop - Three CGC 9.8s around the $200 range. Most expensive is a 9.8 for $250, not including shipping or the buyer's premium. Other two options for this copper age key issue at 9.8 are both at $225. Some graded 9.6 copies and unslabbed options as well. 

ComicConnect - More CGC options here, but not many. The 9.8 copy is more expensive than those at mycomicshop. 

Well, that ends our refresher course for those who are interested in the important Marvel first appearances concerning the mutant Cable. If you've yet to check out the X-Men Key Comics List or the New Mutants Key Issues List here, be sure to click the blue links below to check them out. 

Thanks for reading, sharing, and all those who take the time to comment! It's much appreciated!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Battle of the Marvel Superheroes Round 1

Alright, I often read that certain characters are on such and such's list of top 100 comic characters of all time and you probably do as well. I thought I'd break up the monotony here and do a fun little poll also. Besides, I like it when fans decide instead of having someone dictate who they think the best comic characters are.

Of course, since there's a huge library of Marvel Comics characters, I'll have to break this up in different rounds like a boxing match. Each round with have a different poll with completely different characters on it.

You can vote on each round if you like. The top characters of each round will go head to head in the last round to find out who is the most popular Marvel Superhero character...well at least in this poll. Since I'm not sure of how many actually read this blog, I'll make each round last for a few months to make it more fair.

So far there is the likes of Wolverine, Spider-Man, The Punisher, Captain America and many of the more popular Marvel characters in round 1. Don't worry if you don't see your favorite character just yet. He will most likely be in round two. We're starting off with the guys first, and superheroes not super villains. The villains will get their turn. The ladies poll will also get their turn and come shortly in another post as well.

We all have our favorites for whatever reason and many of us have a few favorites. You only get one vote per poll, so make it count. I already know who Gerry will vote for, and he probably knows who I'll pick as well. 

Who will it be for you - Nightcrawler, Iron Man, Deadpool? All votes are completely kept anonymous unless you decide to tell everyone in a comment below. That's not mandatory or necessary. 

Anyways, let's get this started! Just click the arrow, scroll down to choose your favorite Marvel superhero and click the "vote" button.

Who Is Your Favorite Male Marvel Superhero free polls 

Be sure to share the fun! It's much appreciated.

Miscellaneous Key Issue Comics To Be On The Hunt For!

Thought I'd change it up a bit and throw out some odd or miscellaneous key issue comics that are on the radar right now. These comics in CGC 9.8 or 9.6 are either on the move or have already heated up. 

They're definitely ones to consider unless you don't mind paying a thousand and up for high grade copies of these comics, and since most are in the copper age, these comics in the NM range are more than plentiful. Alright, let's get this on!

Caliber Presents #1 comic coverCaliber Presents #1
  • First appearance of the Crow
The first appearance of The Crow is in this issue, and if you know, comic artist Tim Vigil did the cover to Caliber Presents #1. No doubt that this character has become quite popular and even more popular since the first The Crow movie starring Brandon Lee came out. 

There's even talks of a Crow reboot in the works. Best time to get this key issue comic before hype kicks it up even more. This comic is already going well above a hundred dollars for 9.8s. CGC 9.6s are already within the two hundred dollar range.

A solid investment comic from the copper age. This came out in 1989.

eBay - Only one CGC 9.8 copy located so far. A few 9.6s decently priced. A few Signature Series worth looking at also.

ComicConnect - One low NM, unslabbed copy located here.

ComicLink - One CGC 9.6 copy still in stock here. Bid is up to $135. 

Warrior Comics #1 image
Warrior Comics #1
  • First appearance of V from V for Vendetta
Alan Moore's V for Vendetta started as a comic strip that first saw publication in this British comic magazine by Quality Entertainment, later known as Quality Comics. Yes, the company was a rival to 2000AD, the company that first published Judge Dredd. 

Unlike Dredd, V for Vendetta did not go over well with comic fans in this comic series, but that would soon change once the character hit a global audience. Regardless, Warrior #1 hold the first appearance of V. This key issue was published in 1982, making it a late bronze age key issue.

Make no mistake, this is a pretty rare comic and no easy find at all. Most do not know about this comic book and that it's the first appearance of V.

eBay - Three unslabbed options located here. No CGC yet, but I'm not surprised by that.

V for Vendetta #1 comic cover picV for Vendetta #1
  • First issue to a 10 part series
When the Warrior comic series was dropped, it would be DC Comics who would pick up the tale. At first, Alan Moore was apprehensive, but was convinced to let DC Comics reprint the early strips in the Warrior comics and to continue the tale in this 10 issue series. 

At CGC 9.8, this comic is selling close to the hundred dollar mark on average. Some copies are already selling above it. 

This comic isn't in high demand, but 9.8s are starting to gain traction. It won't be too long before it will be impossible to get CGC 9.8s under a hundred dollars for this issue unless you steal it. This comic came out in 1988. 

eBay - A handful of CGC 9.8s and a few 9.6s on eBay. Waiting for an auction priced lower than a hundred may be the way to go. This isn't a high demand book, so you may get lucky and be the only one to bid on it. 

mycomicshop - One CGC 9.8 copy available, already priced above $100.  

Swamp Thing #37 image
Swamp Thing #37 Volume 2
  • First appearance of John Constantine
The character already got a movie, and now it seems like television is taking a stab at this character. The first appearance of John Constantine is in Swamp Thing #37 volume 2, and is already selling within the $200 dollar mark on average for CGC 9.6s. CGC 9.8s are already selling way past the $500 mark.

Constantine is another creation by Alan Moore. With the success of shows like American Horror Story, I'm predicting that John Constantine's NBC t.v. series will be a hit as well. This issue debuted in 1985. 

eBay - Loads of CGC 9.6s, and about three 9.8 Signature Series that are selling for ridiculous prices. Will be a hunt for regular CGC 9.8 Universal copies. 

mycomicshop - Two PGX 9.2s for those who don't mind PGX graded comics. Unslabbed options available in the mid grade range for this DC Comics first appearance.

Hellblazer #1 pic
Hellblazer #1
  • First issue to series featuring John Constantine
Those who are listing this comic on eBay as the "1st Constantine" are wrong. This issue doesn't hold the first appearance of John Constantine. This is the first issue to the comic series that stars John Constantine, however. 

Like I said, a t.v. series is ready to hit prime time and a movie's already been done about this character. I admit, I actually liked the movie, more for Rachel Weisz than Keanu Reeves, but it wasn't terrible. At least, I didn't think so. If you ask Alan Moore, he'll probably say it was horrid.

CGC 9.8s are selling within the $100 mark, still making them a deal to get before they start dropping near or after $200. This is still one of the more affordable key issue comics from 1988 or the copper age. 

eBay - More of a hunt for this issue concerning CGC copies. Only one 9.8 spotted.  

mycomicshop - A few unslabbed copies in the mid-grade range. Definitely not investment comic worthy for this copper age issue, but if you don't care about that and just want it to have it, these may be a good option for you.

Watchmen #1 comic coverWatchmen #1 
  • First appearance of Rorschach, Adrian Veidt, Doctor Manhattan, Daniel Dreiberg, Edward Blake, Hollis Mason, Laurel Juspeczyk
  • Death of Edward Blake 
Personally, I liked the Watchmen movie a lot, but regardless of what you think about the movie or not, this 1986 comic is definitely on the move. CGC 9.8s are already closing in or selling a bit past the $200 mark. CGC 9.6s are selling close to the $100 mark.

Another creation by Alan Moore and another comic put out by DC Comics, Watchmen was a 12 issue limited series. No movie or reboot talks, but this comic is still moving up steadily for high grade CGC copies.

eBay - More of a hunt for CGC 9.8s. A few CGC 9.6s, though. A few signature series as well. 

mycomicshop - Only one CGC 9.6 copy. No unslabbed copies.

ComicConnect - Two CGC 9.4 copies located here. One unslabbed VF/NM 9.0 copy in stock.

The Sandman #1 comic pic
The Sandman #1
  • First appearance of Morpheus
Apparently Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a big fan of the Sandman comic series and has taken up the project as director, co-producer, and may possibly star in a Sandman movie. While things are still being discussed, a Sandman movie seems to be moving along.

In the comic market, however, this first issue of Neil Gaiman's famous Sandman series is starting to heat up. CGC 9.8s are selling over the $300 mark. Although they have yet to near the $400 mark, they are slowly but surely heading there, but if you buy at the right time, you may get one fairly cheaper.

As more excitement builds for the movie, this 1989 comic written and created by Neil Gaiman will definitely get way out of reach for many. 

eBay - No problem finding slabbed copies. One CGC 9.8 is up for auction and going for $199.95 with about a day left, but I doubt it will drop for that cheap. Still worth a look, though.

mycomicshop - Three CGC copies located here. Highest are two 9.6s and one 9.4. Unslabbed copies in the VF/NM range as well.  

There we are. A few key issue comics to definitely take notice of now. Hope this helped bring more potential comics to add to your want list and hunt down. Thanks for reading and there's more in Part 2! Just click the link below to carry on!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Rock To Star In DC Comic Movie!

For years, Dwayne Johnson, also known as his famous professional wrestling persona The Rock, has been in talks with Warner Bros. and DC Comics to play one of the many superheroes in DC's vast library of characters in a big onscreen movie. For a while things were buzzing about him possibly starring in a Lobo movie, and then things went quiet.

That was until recently. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has confirmed that he is set to play a DC Comics character for an upcoming movie in the works. The only problem is that both the movie and the character so far remain mysterious. 

When questioned about it at CinemaCon, Dwayne Johnson was reluctant to just come right out and say it, but according to, he up for a guessing game. Here's what he had to say: 

"Like everyone here in the room, I love superheroes, and we've been having ongoing discussions, myself and DC, for years about the right character," Johnson said. "What would the right character be? And that's another thing, too. It just had to be right. I won't tell you who it is, but I'll tell you the three qualities we're looking for and I'll let you guys figure it out, This is going to be fun. Here are the three qualities:

"The first quality we were looking for is that he had to be extremely complex and have a lot going on and what that does for me as an actor and for the studio, just gives us space that we can explore his complexities. The other quality is that the character we were looking for had to be well known but never brought to life. That does, again as an actor, is that it gives me a little bit of space and it just gives me a chance to put an imprint into his personality with the set of tools that I can bring to the table and put a very unique twist on his personality but still pay homage to who he is. The third thing and most important is that he had to be a badass mother***ker and on a Superman level of power where he could throw down.

"In those three qualities, I'm happy we've found that character and right now we're out to a lot of writers."

Speculations about this are already running around the cyber world. Many are still speculating that the character is still Lobo, as the character is complex and, believe it or not, stronger than Superman.

However, many are saying it's Black Adam, especially since Mr. Johnson recently answered a question tweeted by a fan with:

"Green Lantern (John Stewart) and Black Adam are my fav superheroes, but GL's already been made and stamped."

The original question asked if he was up for the role of Green Lantern but made no mention of Black Adam....Hmmm? 

But here's the thing: Black Adam isn't exactly well-known. He's not really an ubber popular comic character, but Johnson does look a lot like the comic character and Black Adam is on a Superman level of power.

It also sounds like The Rock will be playing a Superman villain, or why make the mention that he needs to be on the same level of power and be able to throw down? Could he be Darkseid or Doomsday? 

I guess we'll have to see, but it's definitely something to keep an eye out for.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

KEY ISSUE ALERT: Detective Comics #140 CGC 6.0

Detective Comics #140
First appearance of The Riddler
Published October, 1948
Writer: Bill Finger
Artist: Dick Sprang



There's a boat load of reasons why this is one of the most sought out Batman key issues out there on the planet. For one, it's a golden age Batman key, and as we all know, important Batman key comics from the golden age are not easy finds, which is why I listed two copies within the eBay widget above.

One is priced a lot lower than the other, and the cheaper one is watched by 27 people so far. There's little to no doubt that the Riddler has become one of the most iconic and identifiable of Batman villains throughout the characters career in DC Comics, and it's no surprise that the first appearance of the Riddler is a hugely sought out key issue comic and has remained so for the past 66 years.

Whether from the comic books, video games, cartoons, or the famous 1960s Batman television series starring Adam West, almost every comic fan has seen or heard of the character. The Riddler has been portrayed by actors Frank Gorshin in the 60s t.v. series and by Jim Carrey in the movie Batman Forever by Joel Schumacher
Created by Bill Finger and Dick Sprang, the character of Edward Nigma, known as the criminal the Riddler, uses complex riddles and puzzles against the Caped Crusader to solve his various crimes. It's his neurotic compulsion to commit devious crimes using riddles and puzzles that set this character apart from many comic villains and made him a fan-favorite

The character definitely brought out the more detective aspect for many of Batman's adventures, forcing the Dark Knight to use his intellect in order to defeat and apprehend the Riddler.

On a comic collecting and comic investing standpoint, the first appearance of the Riddler keeps rising in value and becomes more sought out as the years progress. Finding unslabbed FN copies is still a notable feat. CGC copies are not easy to hunt down as well.

To add this to your comic vault would be a pure and very solid investment comic. 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

X-Men Days of Future Past Quicksilver First Look!

Holy can of carnal knowledge, the hits just keep on coming with the comic character of Quicksilver. We got a strange thermal underwear-wearing Quicksilver in Avengers Age of Ultron, and then we have a first look at Evan Peters as the mutant speedster for X-Men Days of Future Past.

This wasn't a leaked photo, they actually featured this first look on the cover of Empire magazine, and, boy, did it get a reaction from comic geeks, nerds, whatever the cool thing to call ourselves these days. If you happened to miss it, I'm sorry to say that I will subject you to the torture. It's only fair to share.

Once again, are you kidding me? What look did this pop out from, because it definitely wasn't from any of the X-Men comics?

Now, I know the first X-Men costumes in the original movies weren't exactly true to the comic books. The only thing that made them look like X-Men in those movies were the belts with the Xs on them.

However, at the least the characters' looks did have iconic things that associated them with their comic book counterparts, such as Cyclop's visor, Wolverine's weird hair, and Storms eyes going white and her cape. Quicksilver, so far, in Days of Future Past has really nothing but the silver hair, which was never long, to resemble his character from the famous comic panels.

Why would a speedster be wearing a leather jacket? Talk about an item of clothing that would cause major wind resistance. Although Aaron Taylor Johnson's costume as Quicksilver in Avengers Age of Ultron is nothing to get excited about either, at least it somewhat does hint at the character of Quicksilver and looks a tad more aerodynamic or suited for a character who moves around super fast. If you missed the first look at Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch in the upcoming Avengers Age of Ultron, you can click the link to see some pics of that utter bomb as well.

If they could make Captain America's costume work in the Avengers movie, in which everyone was concerned about, they can definitely make a semi-cool looking Quicksilver costume that resembles the comics somewhat. I say to Hollyweird, stop dictating what the fans and people won't accept concerning comic characters. We accepted Thor and Captain America in costume on the big screen and those are two mighty hard sells concerning comic costumes from panel to screen. I do have to note they did an amazing job. Though the Cap suit was a bit weird in the Avengers movie, I did buy the plausibility of it. My question is: Why do they think we wouldn't accept a Quicksilver costume on the big screen if done right?

Look, just use the same material they used to make Spidey's costume from the Sam Rami's or Marc Webb's franchise. The materials used in those movies look sleek enough, but then make it to the design of Quicksilver's costume. There's a blue and silver costume and a green and silver one. Pick one, man. All I know is that whatever they've got out now is not an acceptable Quicksilver look. The X-Men Days of Future Past one is perhaps the most shameful comic book representation I've seen to date, with the Scarlet Witch in the Avengers Age of Ultron coming in at a close 2nd. 

As I've said plenty of times, there's no reason to use a character if you can't even represent the look decently on the big screen. Being that Bryan Singer is an X-Men comic fan, I scratch my head about how he thought this look for one of the most popular mutants in comics would be anywhere near acceptable. Oh, well, at least Quicksilver has a minor role in X-Men Days of Future Past.

Monday, March 24, 2014

First Look At Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver In Avengers Age of Ultron

Well, I don't know about you, but I've been a bit concerned about how the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver were going to look in the new Avengers Age of Ultron. As you can remember, I wasn't all that excited by the casting of Elizabeth Olsen for one of the most popular female Avengers in comics.

On the set photos were just leaked and taken by Getty Images just mere minutes ago showing a first look at Elizabeth Olsen as the Scarlett Witch and Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Quicksilver. Here's a few pics to check out and see how the famous brother/sister mutant duo will look on screen.

Not exactly the type of costume I was thinking of, but that shouldn't be a surprise since Olsen has come out and said a month ago in an interview with Total Film, "I don’t think Joss ever would have hired me, honestly, if he wanted me to wear those outfits; I am not a professional athlete and nor am I a model. Wearing those costumes wouldn’t be fun for anyone who wasn’t those things. He already had a different idea. It respects and involves the comic-book character but it’s different, more rooted. It’s for someone today.”

However, is that even a costume? It looks like just any ole teenager from the suburbs who is dabbling with a quasi-gothic look and wearing a red jacket. I'm calling ubber lame already on this, but that's not even close to Aaron Taylor-Johson's duds as the Quicksilver.

I am really hoping that this is just their civilian clothing and they suit up later in the film with different costumes, because the looks aren't convincing all! First thought that popped in my head when I saw these pics is Zoolander!

But, then again, maybe Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen will capture the essence of the characters and knock it out of the ball park with stellar performances. After all, the Falcon's costume in Captain America The Winter Soldier is quite different than the one portrayed in the comics, but Anthony Mackie's Falcon costume does look cool. I can't say the same for the costumes presented in this first look.

If you'd like to see more pics and more disappointing first looks at Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch in the Avengers Age of Ultron, you can click this link here and knock yourself out. 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Flash Key Issues List Part 11

And finally we are winding down to the last Flash key issues in this list. We've hit some copper age Flash key comics, and I shouldn't have to remind one that when investing in copper age comics, 9.8s should be sought after. If you just want to read them, lower grade, unslabbed copies are perfect.

Came upon this post and missed Part 8? No problem, just click this blue Part 10 link to check it out, or if you completely missed the series, you can start at Part 1 by clicking the link.

If you've been following along, thanks for reading and hope Part 11 helps you in your search for more Flash key issues to hunt down.

Crisis on Infinite Earths #8 comic cover
Crisis On Infinite Earths #8
  • Death of Barry Allen

Due to the messy multiverse and inconsistency of the DC continuity, comic legends Marv Wolfman and Len Wein decided to clean up it with the famous 12 issue series Crisis on Infinite Earths. Artist George Perez drew for the series, and it saw the deaths of two important DC characters, one of them being Barry Allen the Flash.

This comic is still under a hundred bucks for a CGC 9.8 if you shop around, and it's one of the key issues to get in this copper age series. If you just want to buy it to read it, there are plenty of complete runs for unslabbed comics that are still quite affordable. This series is a good read and highly recommended. This issue came out November, 1985.

eBay - A few CGC 9.8 copies pop up every now and then under a hundred dollars on eBay. If you're gunning for this key issue, it's best to constantly be on the look out for new listings to see if any cheaper copies arise. You can also try to get a super cheap one unslabbed and submit it to CGC, hoping that it comes back a 9.8.

mycomicshop - CGC 9.8 already above the $100 mark and a CGC Signature Series 9.6, but the case has a 1 inch crack. There are some unslabbed options if you just want to read this comic. I, however, suggest a more affordable option for CGC and unslabbed books will be found on eBay.

NewKadia - Two copies in stock. Highest is a low near mint 9.2. Second copy is a very fine.

Crisis on Infinite Earths #12 comic image
Crisis On Infinite Earths #12
  • First appearance of Wally West as Flash
Just when you thought they were going to bring Barry Allen back, the last and final Crisis On Infinite Earths saw his side kick Wally West agree to take up the mantle as the new Flash. That's right, no more Kid Flash for Wally. He graduated to the majors, and he would forever be known as the third and modern age Flash in the world of comics.

This first appearance of Wally West as the Flash should be one of the copper age Flash comics to gun for who are fans of the Wally West version. Won't be easy finding CGC graded copies for this issue, at least online. May have better luck at a comic con or comic shop.

I do recommend reading the series as well as investing in the key issues this series has also.

eBay - No individual CGC copies for this issue, but a lot of CGC complete comic lots that are way too expensive for my taste. Personally don't want the entire run of this series, but the important keys. Some unslabbed options, as well as complete run raw comic lots if you want to take the risk. This copper age book should be snagged at a 9.8.

NewKadia - Two copies available and in stock. Highest is a VF+ and the other a FN. Good for reading.

mycomicshop - More unslabbed copies for this key issue. Highest is a solid VF.

Flash #1 image
The Flash Vol 2 #1
  • 1st issue to series with Wally West as new Flash
Just when you thought they were going to bring back Barry Allen, Wally West headlines as the new Flash in an entirely new series. Like the Man of Steel comic, Flash volume 2 was a rebooted DC universe often referred to as Post Crisis. Superman's power was down-powered, and Wally West was never as powerful as Barry Allen. However, they did race again (not in this issue), and Wally West as the Flash beat Superman, proving that the Flash and the Speed Force is faster than Supes.

This #1 issue isn't an easy find in CGC grades, regardless if it's a copper age issue. However, CGC 9.8 can still be snagged for under a hundred bucks if you can find them. 

eBay - Quite a few comic lots this issue is in. Quite a few individual unslabbed auctions for just this key issue. One CGC 9.8 located here, but that seems to be it.

NewKadia - Only one copy. It's advertised as a VF+.

mycomicshop - Affordable unslabbed copies in stock at mycomicshop. Highest is a solid NM.

Alrighty, that's all for now concerning Flash key issues and Flash key comics. I may update this list in the future with a Part 12 or not. Hope you enjoyed and hope this helps with your search for more key issue comics. If you missed the Superman key issues list, there's a lot of good ones in that list also, so be sure to click the link below to check that out! 

Flash Key Issues List Part 10

Nothing better than listening to Pantera and whipping through this key issues list. As we reach further into the late bronze age and copper age key Flash issues, it will be more harder to find CGC slabbed copies. At least, we are winding down to the last few Flash key comics and nearing the end of this list.

I don't know about you but I'm getting burnt out on the Flash. If you missed Part 9, you can click the link to go back. If not, enjoy and thanks for being patient.

The Flash #267
  • Origin of Flash's costume
This bronze age key issue finally explains the origin of the unique Flash costume shortly after Barry Allen gains his powers. Allen seeks the help of Professor Ira West, Iris West's adoptive father and one of the most brilliant minds in the DCU, to help Barry construct the iconic red Flash uniform. This issue was published in November,1978.

mycomicshop - A few unslabbed options here. Highest is a low VF or VF-.

NewKadia - Two unslabbed copies. Highest is a FN+.

eBay - Only a handful of options on the mighty eBay. All unslabbed as of this writing.

The Flash #275
  • Iris Allen Dies
It's true, Barry Allen's wife and long-time sweetheart dies in this issue. Who kills Iris West? None other than Professor Zoom.

Of course she didn't stay dead for long, as we all know comics have a zillion ways to bring dead characters back, but the character doesn't come back for awhile since her death issue.  

mycomicshop - More unslabbed goodness here, but the highest is only a mid-grade FN copy.

NewKadia - Only one copy for this key issue Flash comic. It's a solid FINE. You will need to scroll down once you click the link and are brought to the product pages. 

eBay - Finally, a CGC copy located. A gorgeous 9.6 for under a hundred bucks. Decent selection of unslabbed copies available as well.

The Flash #287
  • First appearance of Alvin Desmond
  • First appearance of Doctor Alchemy II
Jeez, it looks like Albert Desmond, who first made his appearance as Mister Element and the original Doctor Alchemy, has a brother named Alvin Desmond with criminal tendencies as well. Crazy runs in the family, and in this issue we see Alvin Desmond as Doctor Alchemy II make his first appearance in the comic world and begin his career as a comic book villain.

mycomicshop - VF and downward concerning copies for this issue. No CGC and not surprised.

NewKadia - Three copies in stock here. Highest is a VF+ and the lowest is a FN-. 

eBay - CGC 9.2 low NM has been located here. No problem finding unslabbed copies on eBay.

The Flash #289
  • 1st George Perez DC art
It should be known to many DC Comic fans just how important George Perez is to the comic world, especially the DCU. Still a living legend in the industry, Flash #289 marks his very first DC Comics artwork! Even though this issue came out in September 1980, it's still a pretty sought after key issue. Probably one of the more important Flash key issues from the 80s.

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The Flash #324
  • Death of Professor Zoom

When Professor Zoom threatens to kill Barry Allen's new squeeze, Fiona Webb, the Flash chases Professor Zoom around the world to stop this from happening. Only one can survive this all-out war between the speedsters, and Professor Zoom, the Reverse Flash, loses his life.

The death of Professor Zoom came out in the late bronze age of comics -  August, 1983. It's a must-have for any fan of the Reverse Flash character.

mycomicshop - Only one copy in stock. It's a FN copy.

eBay - Wow, only one unslabbed copy and in FN condition. Probably best to scour the back issue bins of your local comic shop for this one.

The Flash #350
  • Last issue
  • Reunion with Iris West
The Flash travels to the 30th century to defeat Professor Zoom and set the time line back on course. After defeating Professor Zoom, who is really Abra Kadabra, the Flash is reunited with Iris West. 

How is this possible? It seems Iris West was actually born in the 30th century and sent to Barry Allen's present time as an infant. Professor Ira West adopted her, but never told her she was adopted. However, she always suspected it...woman's intuition, right?

Well, after her death, her real parents - Eric and Fran Russel - were able to use some 30th century technology to draw her life force back to the 2900s, in which they pulled out some even more awesome futuristic technology to give her a new body that looked like her old one.

Only in the comic book world, right? Well, it could happen one day. So, as you probably guessed, Barry Allen decides to stay in the 30th century with his beloved, and this is the last issue of Barry Allen's career as the Flash in his own self-titled series.

This is a copper age goodie and came out in October, 1985. It's story, according to DC's canonical history, precedes the Crisis on Infinite Earths series, even though it came out after.

mycomicshop - Three copies to choose from, and there is a NM copy. All are unslabbed. Second highest is a VF. 

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