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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Win A Free NewKadia $250 or $100 Gift Card Contest Strikes Again!

It seems like NewKadia is bringing some major goodness for 2014! Last year they ran a lot of huge contests where comic fans could win a $50, $100, or $250 gift card to NewKadia for free! This contest is back.

In February through March of 2014, gift cards will be given away daily to four lucky comic collecting fans. 1 will receive a $250 gift card and three will win a $100 gift card to NewKadia. So, if you didn't win last time, maybe 2014 is your year.

Visit the link to see more details about this contest and what you have to do in order to enter it. No purchase necessary, so you've got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Click to see NewKadia's contest details.

But that's still not all NewKadia is rockin' out this year. They had a big clearance sale last month and are having a sale this February as well. This is why I like NewKadia, they have tons of sales.

So what can you save in their February Sale? Well here's the savings:

10% on orders over $10
20% on orders over $250
25% on orders over $750

Just visit NewKadia and snag those comics on your want lists and use the coupon code 28feb during checkout. I still see a lot of key issue silver age, bronze age, and copper age comics books there. Here's some notable ones I've scoped out so far.

1. Marvel Premiere #1 - origin of Adam Warlock at a VF+.

2. Marvel Preview #2 - origin of The Punisher (low VF).

3. Green Lantern #12 - 1st Doctor Polaris (FINE+).

4. Green Lantern #59 - 1st Guy Gardner (VF+). 

Of course, there's lots more.  Remember, the key issue comics lists in the On The Hunt section are also good sources to help you discover awesome important comics from a variety of titles to hunt down as well.

Never hurts to check NewKadia out, because it never hurts to find a deal and save! Remember, use code 28feb during checkout. This sale starts February, 2014 and probably ends soon as well.

Bringing you the goodness. Good luck in the contest and happy hunting!


  1. Awesome! Thanks for the heads up. I entered last time they had a giveaway. Obviously I didn't win anything but I'll be giving it another try, Who knows, maybe I'll win and I can get that X-Men #14 I'm after.
    -Gerry D

    1. Of course, brutha man! Where there's a chance to get free comics, I let the peeps know. Hopefully you win this time round. Hopefully I win also....$250 in free comics can get a nice key issue.