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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Total Comic Mayhem's First Hate Mail!

It was bound to happen, and I expected it sometime or another. Everybody's got opinions for sure. Just think it's kinda strange this person wrote me an email instead of just commenting on Total Comic Mayhem itself.

The only reason why I'm addressing this is because:

A. It's my first...
B. I found it hilarious...

So here's the letter, and I do want to note that I did fix the spelling mistakes and grammatical errors as best I could.

"I read a lot of blogs about comics, but yours is absolutely the worst. Your comic blog is a pure, shit attempt to get people to pay for comics that are way overpriced. I think it's sad that you're trying to trick people just for money.

The only thing worth reading on your site are the key issue lists, and even they are crap. All you do is list the ones that most comic fans can't even afford. I can tell because all you do is recommend CGC 9.8 comics.

It's guys like you who caused the comic crash during the 90s by speculating, and now you are doing it again but covering it up by calling it comic investing. I bet you suggest people to buy only the comics you already have so to drive up prices for your own collection.

What really pisses me off is that sites like yours is making it harder for us real comic fans to get decent prices on comics now on places like eBay. Comic investing is a sham! You're ruining the whole hobby!

I'm on to you, and I'm gonna spread the word to real comic fans to stay away from this piece of shit site!"

Wow! Sad to say, but I think that's the best compliment I've ever gotten in my life! To say that I'm some cosmic power that somehow "drives up the prices" for comics is unbelievably flattering, and no matter how much I wished the statement were true, it's unfortunately highly unlikely. If that extremely deluded claim were so, I'd just merely snap my magical fingers and drive up the values to all my 80s and 90s junk comics I'm still regrettably stuck with to a million dollars each. Snap! Poof! There there you go! Try getting those suckers for cheap on eBay now.

As for trying to "trick people just for money" into buying overpriced comics, you'd probably cry yourself if you really knew how little money I actually make from this blog. I've only perfusely suggested CGC 9.8s for most copper and modern age comics, because there's already a huge amount of high grade copies already in the market for most comics from those eras. I'm not the only one toting this advice as well. I'm quite aware that some prefer CGC and some don't like slabbed comics, and I do recommend both on here. By the way, unlike some comic blogs out there, there isn't a donation button anywhere on Total Comic Mayhem.

I've never led anyone astray into buying overpriced comics, and I base my suggestions on actual research and experience. Speculating and comic investing are two different beasts. Speculating is buying comic books that have no track record of possibly rising in value. It's purchasing new comics off the rack and hoping one day it will be valuable, which is the equivalent of buying a lottery ticket.

I don't assume what anyone can or cannot afford, and it would be foolish for me to do so. I'm on a budget just like everyone else is, and I've never encouraged anyone to buy investment comics they can't afford. In fact, one of the first principles of comic investing I pointed out was establishing a budget. Look at my vault section. I have a CGC 4.5 Amazing Spider-Man #15. I've not been secretive about getting lower graded comics myself due to budget constraints.

But, yes, I do recommend getting certain investment comics at the highest grade one can afford, but I also mention more affordable, unslabbed and lower grade comics as well. However, I also state the truth that buying unslabbed comics on eBay or anywhere runs a higher risk of buying a comic book that's overgraded, restored, or a reprint. I've had that experience and apparently so have many others. It has nothing to do with "tricking people" to buy more expensive comics. It's about educating so others have a lesser chance of making the same mistakes and getting ripped off.

So informing others about how lower graded copies rising in value slower and less than their high grade counterparts is misleading? An Overstreet Price Guide will confirm that it's a fact. On second thought, my posts on comic book values for certain issues confirms that they do. There's a reason why I just don't feature the current values, but the values for the past few decades for comics.

1. It's to see how they've risen in value over the decades. Not just year by year, which is friggin' pointless unless you plan on selling your investment comics sometime soon.
2. To prove that comics are a viable long-term investment option.
3. To show how higher grades rise more dramatically than their mid and lower grade counterparts.

As for the claim about only suggesting comics I already have so I can drive up the values for my own comics, I wish that were true also. There's a lot of comics I've recommended that I don't have. If a comic is primed to go up in value or if it's already hot, I'll report it regardless whether I have it or not. 

Once again, I personally have no control at all what comic book movies, comic events, or television shows that the comic companies or Hollywood decide to put out. Do you really think I'd have time for this blog if I did?

Unfortunately, I have no control what comic fans take to or not either. I do have Tales to Suspense #75, first appearance of Sharon Carter, who will make her first big on-screen debut in Captain America The Winter Soldier, but I did not recommend it here. Why is that? It's because the demand wasn't really pushing up the values for that key issue despite confirmation of her being introduced in Cap's next movie or not.

On the flip side, I don't own a copy of The Justice League of America #1, but I did recommend it as a considerable investment comic, because it is. Also, there's a good chance that Warner is gearing up for a Justice League movie, and if that happens, I think we all know the result of that issue.

I recommended Luke Cage Hero For Hire #1 a while back, and poof! Disney and Netflix announced that the character will be in a live action television series. Do I have that issue? I almost did buy one at the Big Wow Comic Fest last year. It was staring right at me and was a decent enough copy, but I made the mistake of not listening to my gut. Then near the end of 2013. Poof! Announcement of a television show for the character.

I do, however, have Marvel Premiere #15 - first appearance of Iron Fist - and bought that a long while ago. I also did recommend it on this comic book blog as well. Guilty as charged on that one.

But since the announcement that Iron Fist will also star in a television show, guess what happened to both the first appearances of Luke Cage and Iron Fist? That's right, the demand shot up and they are now selling way over guide prices now. Did they shoot up in value when I recommended to get those two key issues before the announcement? No, they didn't.

Hulk and Thor comic panel image
The single paragraph above debunks your accusations and proves that investing in comics is very viable and I have no real influence on the comic market whatsoever. But I still love writing about this stuff regardless and don't really care whether some see the investment side of comics or not. It's their loss not mine. I just write what I love and know.

As for you spreading the word to "real comic fans" about staying away from this site, I seriously doubt that many read this comic blog to begin with so you'd actually be doing me a favor. Thanks for the email, though. Enjoy the pictures.


  1. Oops I did not recommend Marvel Premiere #15 on here before the announcement. I actually recommended it on one of my hubpages published Jan 18, 2012. I didn't recommend Luke Cage Hero For Hire #1 either on here or hubpages. Oh well, sorry bout that folks. Still proves my point though.

  2. Wow. That was an intresting piece of hate mail. I may have found it just as funny as you did. I can't believe that he thinks that it's "people like you" that's raising the prices for key issue comics. It's collectors like him, and the rest of us, that's raising the prices for them. It's all about supply and demand. Is it your fault that intrest in first appearances go up in value because Hollywood decides to introduce a character in a movie to TV show? I'm pretty sure the answer is No. However, if you can snap your fingers and make my 80s and 90s junk worth a million each, I'd appreciate it. FYI Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is getting ready to introduce Deathlok on the show. Uh oh. Now I'm one of "those guys".
    I think you do a great job on this site, and from the few guest posts I've done, I know how long it takes to research and write them. I for one thank you for all of your hard work. Keep it up.
    ~Gerry D

    1. You are becoming "one of the guys", Gerr! Deathlok is a good call. His first appearance is already a bit up there at NM grades, especially for slabbed copies, and I do greatly appreciate the posts you have written up on here.

      Of course, I'll keep it up. You know I'm a pretty boring guy, so what else what I talk about?

  3. Hate mail? I consider it good as now more and more people are reading the blog and readers are shaping their own views and opinions based in yours and your guest blogger, so the way I look at it, Great Job you guys! And for the hate mail, laugh at it, and I mean joker style lol

    1. I had a really good laugh, but thought I would share it on here. It's really no biggie. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  4. Lol at the hate mail. This guy is clearly very ignorant and doesn't know what he is talking about. I think its movie hype that entices people and collectors alike to pay more for something. Also, as another poster mentioned supply & demand etc.

    TCM is one of the sites I frequent aswell as other comic aficionados alike, keep up the great work Vic!

    1. I can understand the anger. It is getting harder to get good deals on comics now. I've noticed that it's really starting to dwindle, but with or without this blog, that wouldn't change. The market is booming, and a lot of that has to do with the movies.

      Sometimes you just gotta laugh at things...well, because they're funny. To be honest, though, I was really flattered that I was blamed for all this, but I seriously can't take the credit.

      Thanks for tuning in to read my ramblings and commenting. Always welcome and appreciated.

  5. Just want to thank you for doin´a great Job on TCM! Just as the other poster said: Laugh about it, Joker style! There are a lot of Comic fans like me who are appreciating your research and your suggestitions- please keep up your nice style and hard work, you should be proud of it!

    Regards from Berlin/Germany, Sven

    1. Thank you as well, Sven. I enjoy talking about comics, and it's always great to talk about it with people who love comics as well. Hope all is well across the pond.

  6. "If every pork chop were perfect, we wouldn't have hot dogs."
    Personally, I love the site. I check in about 2-3 times per week looking for new content, most of which I enjoy and others I still end up reading through anyways. The On The Hunt & Key Issue Alert are my favorite things to read and love when new ones are posted. I love learning about 1st appearances and comics that I have yet to be introduced to and those sections are the perfect jumping point for just that. Assuming that there is one one person, maybe 2, who post and update on the site, as much as I wish there was more new material to read on a weekly basis, I appreciate what's posted on here regardless. Keep up the good work and hopefully over time, the site can expand into something bigger.

    1. I will do my best to get more posts up on here, and some more of On the Hunt and Key Issue Alerts. By the way, I like hot dogs! Thanks for staying tuned and I'll do my best to bring more comic goodness. Your comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

  7. We're on the same page and of the same age, what a jealous dink. Buy smart, enjoy the reads and reap the rewards :)

  8. I have no idea what he would be jealous of. I can assure you there is no reason to be. Just wanted to say thanks for all the comments, and that will will be the last and only hate mail I will acknowledge and address. Since it was my first, I shared.

    Thanks for reading and commenting. Opinions are always welcome here.

  9. What a Douche! Some people are just miserable and looking for a fight.
    By the way, ....PLEASE DO TELL PEOPLE ABOUT THIS SITE!!!! It Freakin' RULES!!!