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Monday, February 17, 2014

Thor Key Issues Part 6

Here we are winding down with the last part to this Thor key issue series. If you missed Part 5, just click the blue link to go back and read. You'll be able to navigate your way to Part 6 after reading Part 5. Enjoy and thanks for reading.

thor 274 comic image
The Mighty Thor #274
  • Death of Balder the Brave
Although not a highly sought out key issue, this is a significant one in terms of Thor's story line. After all Balder the Brave is Thor's half-brother. Nevertheless, we all know that most comic characters don't really die in the comics. They always come back. 

This is a bronze age Thor comic, but is still super affordable. It will be hard to find CGC graded copies, so it's probably best to get a high grade unslabbed copy and have it graded later.

eBay - Loads of unslabbed copies. Mostly mid-grade, but I did see some high grade raw copies. You can get this issue super cheap on eBay even at high grades. 

NewKadia - Quite a few copies here. Most in the high grade NM and VF range. Extremely affordable for the unslabbed hunters.

Thor #294 comic image
The Mighty Thor #294
  • Origin of Odin and Asgard
This is just what the description above states. Thor questions the Eye of Odin and it proceeds to show how Odin and Asgard came to be. It's a weird tale and it is continued from Thor #293, but the actual origin of Odin is in this issue.

This bronze age goodie is definitely still a sleeper.

eBay - Surprisingly only a few copies on the mighty eBay and all unslabbed. Highest I saw was an 8.0 VF. No CGC as of the time of this writing, but that may probably change if you happen to read this much later.

mycomicshop - A few unslabbed copies in the mid grade range.

NewKadia - Quite a few copies here. Highest is a low near mint. All are extremely affordable.


Thor 337 comic cover
The Mighty Thor #337
  • First appearance of Beta Ray Bill
No doubt that Beta Ray Bill is a pretty popular Thor character. Never really understood why the character stuck, but he did. He is one of the few Marvel characters that can lift and weild Thor's mighty hammer. This is a super late bronze age comic. The character debuted in November 1983.

This key issue of the first appearance of Beta Ray Bill is a lot more in demand, and one of the only valuable late bronze age Thor key comics out there. CGC High grade NM 9.6 copies can still be snagged for under $100 but above the $50 mark. CGC 9.8s are still under $200 but really close to it.

eBay - A very nice selection of this bronze age key issue up on eBay. Saw some 9.6s and 9.8s, and a lot of high grade unslabbed copies as well.

Journey Into Mystery Annual #1 comic cover
Journey Into Mystery Annual #1
  • First appearance of Hercules
  • Thor vs. Hercules
Two Marvel titans going at it? Hercules is an extremely popular Greek myth. We've all heard of the dude somewhere down the line, and it's not a surprise that Marvel would nab the character and pit him against Thor. 

Well, they did and here it is. This is the first appearance of Hercules in Marvel Comics and the character has made sporadic appearances all over the Marvel Universe. I should note that this issue is the Special King-Size Journey Into Mystery #1, but we call it Journey Into Mystery Annual #1 for short.

No sleeper, but not actually sizzling in demand either. It is still a silver age comic and a first Thor annual, so it won't be cheap, especially with higher grade CGC copies.

eBay - Not an easy find on eBay as of this writing. I saw one unslabbed copy and already nearing the $300 dollar mark. Copy is advertised as high grade though.

mycomicshop - Some lower grade, unslabbed copies available at mycomicshop, but not much.

ComicConnect - If high grade CGC copies are more your taste, ComicConnect brings the goodness with a 9.4 that goes up for auction February 17, 2014. They also have an unslabbed VG+ available for immediate sale.

Alright my comic collecting brethren, this concludes the Thor key issue list series. There's quite a bit of awesome key Thor comics in this series to consider, so if you didn't read the previous parts, just use the links below to navigate your way. Or click to the link at the very bottom to read the list of Tales of Suspense key comics concerning Iron Man. Thanks for tuning in! More goodness coming soon!



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