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Monday, February 17, 2014

Thor Key Issues Part 5

Wow, we're already on Part 5 here and quickly winding down to the last few Thor key issues in this series. Still in the silver age, though, where most of the worthy Thor investment comics reside. Let's get the thunder roaring here!

Thor #149 comic image

The Mighty Thor #149
Origin of Black Bolt continued
Origin of Medusa, Crystal, Maximus, Gorgon, and Karnak

 Black Bolt's origin continues and brings in new origins to some famous and infamous Inhumans as well. If you don't know, the Inhumans are primitive humans from Earth who were taken and experimented on by the Kree to be soldiers against the Skrulls. Although endowed with extraordinary abilities, the Inhumans ended up creating their own society and advanced in technology. 

The Inhuman geneticist Randac discovered the Terrigen Mists, which gave certain Inhumans like Black Bolt and Medusa superhuman abilities. 

The character of Crystal is part of Royal Inhuman Family and ends up becoming the wife of Avenger Quicksilver. Not in this issue, however.

eBay - Lots of unslabbed options and a few worthy CGC options as well. CGC 9.4 has been seen here and an 8.0 VF Stan Lee Signature Series for less than $120. Really not bad at all. Definitely worth checking out for this issue on eBay.

mycomicshop - Gorgeous CGC 9.6 copy available. The rest are unslabbed copies with the highest raw copy being a solid 6.0 FN. 

Newkadia - There's goodness here as well. Three copies left. One is a VF+, the other a FN+, and the last a solid FN. Not bad snags for those who are under a tighter budget.

Thor #165 comic cover
The Mighty Thor #165
First full appearance HIM (Adam Warlock)

With the rumors circulating about Adam Warlock having a very high chance of the character leading up to an onscreen debut, this comic has been gaining a push in demand without even confirmation yet. This is considered the first full appearance of Adam Warlock, as the character HIM.

Lots of debate about whether this issue should be the first appearance of Adam Warlock or Marvel Premiere #1, but for the nay sayers HIM is an early version of Adam Warlock. Even the creators admit to taking HIM and consciously recreating HIM into Adam Warlock.

Regardless, this issue is heating up and a nod to the character in cocoon form was seen in the end credit scene in Thor The Dark World. Things may be looking even better for Thor #165 if that nod turns into something more. 

eBay - No problem finding this issue on eBay. Loads of unslabbed copies and high grade CGC copies are well above a thousand. I've been recommending this key issue Thor comic for a long time now. If you're on a tight budget, you'll want to take the risk and see if you can score a high grade unslabbed copy.

mycomicshop - All the CGC graded copies gone! Snagged for this issue. Not surprising at all. There is an unslabbed VG- left.

ComicLink - Gorgeous CGC 9.4 available. This comic at that grade is already in the thousands.

Thor #166 image
The Mighty Thor #166
2nd appearance of HIM (Adam Warlock)

Some like to get all the major appearances of a character. Some like to get the first and 2nd appearances. Well, if that's you and you're on the hunt for Adam Warlock keys, then Thor #166 is considered the 2nd full appearance of Adam Warlock as HIM.

This issue is heating up mildly as well, and it's the first time he battles The Mighty Thor. Definitely one to consider. It's still somewhat of a sleeper.

eBay - If you can get a CGC 9.4 for less than $150, I consider that particular issue a mild sleeper and there is a gorgeous 9.4 available on ebay for this key issue. Only CGC copy I could locate there. You won't have any problem finding unslabbed copies  in the VF range on eBay. Best to take a look before this one sky rockets as well. Just click the blue eBay link above to check out eBay's search results for this issue.

mycomicshop - Two copies available here. One is a low FN and the other a VG/FN. Both are unslabbed and no CGC as of yet.

Thor #169 comic pic

The Mighty Thor #169
Origin of Galactus
First appearance of Galan
 The beginning of this Thor story actually starts with issue #168, but the part where Galactus actually reveals his origin is in this issue. Surprising that his origin isn't revealed in a Fantastic Four comic where he first appeared. However, it's in Thor #169 where we first see Galactus as Galan

eBay - Not many CGC graded copies, but quite a bit of unslabbed copies, as expected. Some really affordable options, and not too many are advertising this comic as the origin of Galactus. That means not too many know that this Thor issue actually is. Perfect time to make a steal.

mycomicshop - A high grade unslabbed copy goes up for auction in March. There are two unslabbed copies available for sale. One is a solid FN. No CGC graded copies at the time of this writing, though.

Thor #294 cover image
The Mighty Thor #225
First appearance of Firelord

When it comes to the cosmic Marvel side of things, Firelord is pretty popular. The character has been in virtually every cosmic Marvel title as he was a herald to Galactus like Silver Surfer. The character is also linked to the Nova Corps, and has assisted Thor in defeating Thanos and Mangog.

If you're one of the few who likes the cosmic Marvel titles, this is a great bronze age key issue to get. Most definitely a sleeper comic. This issue came out in July 1974.

eBay - Loads of options. Lots of unslabbed and high grade CGC comics. CGC graded copies up for auction are less than $200. Buy It Now CGC options are around $250 and lower. Unslabbed copies, of course, are extremely affordable for this issue. It's definitely a sleeper. 

mycomicshop - Two copies here. One a CGC 9.6, and the  other an unslabbed FN+. CGC copy is decently priced...well, in my standards.

NewKadia - Only one FN copy left at NewKadia. You'll need to scroll to the very bottom after clicking the blue link above.

Doctor Strange #6
First appearance of Gaea

Coming back round to Thor's real momma and once again going outside the Thor titled comics, her first appearance is in Doctor Strange #6. Gaea first appears as Mother Nature, and this issue is from volume two, not one. Her origin is not in this issue but is revealed in Thor Annual #10. She also appears in Doctor Strange volume 2 issues 7 and 8.

This is a definite sleeper. Not that many people know about this key issue much, and it should be quite affordable.

eBay - There was only one copy I located at the time of this writing on eBay. It's an unslabbed copy, but I think there will be more on the mighty eBay as time goes on. 

mycomicshop - Three copies here. All unslabbed, but very affordable. Highest is a solid FN. 

NewKadia - Only one copy here at VF- (low very fine).

Visit the blue links below to read Part 6 or go back and read Part 4.

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  1. Do you know if Thor #150 is Hela's third appearance and her first cover? I'm thinking it is, but I can't find anything stating that.

    1. Heya JandS, Thor #150 is definitely Hela's 1st cover. As for 3rd appearance that's also a possibility disregarding whatever is considered a cameo nowadays.

      So far her first appearance is in Thor #102 in the 5 page back up story "Tales of Asgard: Death Comes to Thor."

      She next shows up in Thor #133, but it's also in a 5 page back up story called Valhalla. She appears in 4 or 5 panels in that story and dunno whether that's considered a cameo or a full appearance in today's standards.

      So #150 is her next appearance after #133 and she only shows up in 4 panels if you count her forearm and hand in the story "Even in Death". Thor #150 is definitely her 1st cover appearance.

    2. Very good info, thank you so much!