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Friday, February 14, 2014

Thor Key Comics List Part 2

And here we are with the 2nd part to this Thor key comics list. We are still on the Journey Into Mystery key issues regarding our favorite Thunder God! 

If you missed Part 1, feel free to click the link to read up on that. You can always navigate your way back here. Let's bring down the hammer on this.

Journey Into Mystery #97 comic pic
Journey Into Mystery #97
  • First appearance of The Lava Man
  • Begins the origin of Asgard in Tales of Asgard
  • First appearance of Ice Giants
  • First appearance of Surtur
The Lava Man has been a minor recurring foe of early Thor comics, and although his first appearance should be one to consider, it's the Tales of Asgard that really makes this comic really interesting. Tales of Asgard is basically the origin of Asgard and retells many of the legends that gave birth to the magical realm. Journey Into Mystery #97 begins this origin tale.

As for the Ice Giants, they are not to be confused with the Frost Giants, who are the Asgardians main foes and the true race of Loki, Thor's half brother. The Ice Giants, however, gave birth to the Frost Giants and both are descendants of Ymir, the oldest and most powerful of the Ice Giants. Both groups also inhabit Niflheim. Ymir's first appearance is inth is comic, as well as Surtur, the Fire Giant, one of Thor's most dangerous foes.

eBay - This is one of the cheaper early Thor comics. Lower graded unslabbed copies are affordable. CGC 8.5 copies are still under $600 bucks. A lot of unslabbed copies on eBay with a few CGC options. That may change after the publishing of this post.

ComicLink - The fine folks at ComicLink have three copies available. Two are high grade 8.0 VF copies, the other is 7.0 FN/VF copy. 

Ready for Part 2 to this Thor key issues list? Just navigate your way by clicking the blue link below to the right!

Journey Into Mystery #98 image
Journey Into Mystery #98
  • First Human Cobra
  • Tales of Asgard continued
Klaus Voorhees? The name reminded me of a well known and famous villain of slasher movies - Jason Voorhees - of Friday The 13th fame. Whether there's a creation link to the characters, I dunno, but it's funny to think about. 

As for Klaus Voorhees, known to Thor fans as The Human Cobra, his infamy really didn't take off like that of Jason Voorhees, but he is a well-known enemy of both Thor and Daredevil. He is known in more modern times as King Cobra.

In the Tales of Asgard continuation, we see a young Odin battle Ymir, King of the Ice Giants, in an early legend of Asgard lore.

eBay - Pretty much a sleeper silver age Thor key issue for lower grade copies. VG copies can still snagged for under a $100 bucks. Highest I located was a 9.0 for under a thousand dollars. A CGC 7.0 mid grade is under $250 on eBay. Mostly unslabbed copies here. 

NewKadia - The fine folks at NewKadia have one copy available for this Thor key comic. The grade is at a VF

ComicLink - Four copies of this issue is for sale here. Highest is a CGC 9.6. The 2nd highest a beautiful 9.4.

Journey Into Mystery #99 cover image
Journey Into Mystery #99
  • First appearance of Mister Hyde
  • Origin of Mister Hyde
  • Tales of Asgard Continues
The Human Cobra and Mister Hyde team up in this issue to battle Thor. This is also the first appearance of Mister Hyde.

As for the Tales of Asgard story. Odin goes up against Surtur, the Fire Demon (Giant).

eBay - VF and under are still affordable even for CGC copies. Get into the NM realm and it starts getting into the the thousands. Highest located at time of writing is a CGC 9.2, but there's an 8.5 slabbed copy for under $400, not including shipping. 

ComicConnect - Quite a few unslabbed copies here. Highest is VF. One low grade CGC copies goes up for auction in March of 2014.

Journey Into Mystery #102 comic cover
Journey Into Mystery #102
  • First appearance of Sif
  • First appearance of Hela
  • Tales of Asgard continued
The first appearances of Sif and Hela are in the Tales of Asgard continuation. The Lady Sif is captured by Storm Giants and given to Hela. Thor offers his own life in exchange for Sif's. Hela is moved and lets them both go.

Sif is the lover of Thor and an Asgardian warrior. She often accompanies Thor in battle, along with Balder, who also has romantic feelings for Sif. Sif does not show affection to anyone but Thor and a few who have been worthy to wield Mjolnir, such as Beta Ray Bill.

Hela is the death goddess, and has appeared in quite a many Thor comics. 

NewKadia - If you're on a tight budget, NewKadia has one copy of this key comic at a GD+. Probably best to email them and inquire if the cover is attached at both staples just to be sure.

eBay - Not much of a selection for the first appearance of Sif on the mighty eBay. Mostly unslabbed copies so far. 

ComicLink - Two copies available for this silver age key issue. One is an unslabbed 8.0 VF, and the other a CGC 6.5 FN+. 

ComicConnect - Two low grade, unslabbed copies are for immediate sale at ComicConnect.

Journey Into Mystery #103 image
Journey Into Mystery #103
  • First appearance of Enchantress
  • First Skurge The Executioner
These are the two villains I had wished they used in the Thor sequel, but they chose to go with Teletubbies on acid. The Enchantress and Skurge The Executioner are well-known villains in the Thor comics. The Enchantress has allied herself with the likes of Loki, Doctor Doom, and Baron Zemo.

I am expecting her to make an onscreen appearance soon, hopefully for the third Thor movie. Regardless, this is a great Thor silver age key issue to get.

eBay - Not much on eBay concerning this issue. A handful of unslabbed copies and one PGX 7.0. Still may want to click the blue eBay link above to see if that changed from the time this post was published.

ComicConnect - CGC 6.5 is waiting to get snagged here at ComicConnect. ComicConnect has no buyer's premium. ComicLink does if you pay by card. The premium for ComicLink is waived if you send in a check. 

Journey Into Mystery #107 comic pic
Journey Into Mystery #107
  • First appearance of Grey Gargoyle

Paul Pierre Duval is a French chemist who gains the power to turn anything he touches into stone after a chemical accident. Turning himself into stone, Duval then tries to steal Thor's hammer.  

The Grey Gargoyle is a common enemy of Thor, as well as Iron Man and Captain America. 

eBay - Quite a few copies here for those who prefer unslabbed comics. If you prefer CGC copies like I do, well, there ain't so many up there now. However, that could change by the time you read this. Doesn't hurt to look. This is not an expensive silver age key issue in VF+ and below.

ComicLink - Two CGC options here. One is a gorgeous 9.4. The other is a high grade 8.0 VF. 

Journey Into Mystery #112 comic image
Journey Into Mystery #112
  • First Thor vs. Hulk
  • Origin of Loki
  • First appearance of Frost Giants
The battle that is often the subject of debate amongst Thor and Hulk fans is first seen in Journey Into Mystery #112. It's this issue where the first real blows are thrown between Marvel's two most powerful superheroes.

Much like the Thor movie, the Tales of Asgard storyline in this issue details Odin and his army battling Laufey and the forces of the Frost Giants. After Odin kills Laufey in battle, he adopts Laufey's son, Loki.

This is a well-sought after key issue and should be high on your want lists if you're a Thor or Hulk fan. 

eBay - This won't be a cheap book. Decent prices for CGC will be mid grade and below. Lots of high grade CGC, and quite a few unslabbed options.  

ComicLink - Two CGC copies ready to get snagged. Highest is a 7.5, and the lowest is a 4.5. One unslabbed copy at a 5.5 FINE minus.

ComicConnect - Three CGC copies for sale here. Highest is a gorgeous 9.6! Two 6.5 FN+ copies that are slabbed. Two unslabbed options as well.

If you missed Part 1 of this series be sure to click the link below to navigate back. If you're ready for Part 3, click the blue link to the right below! Onward!

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  1. Ok. Gotta ask you, Hulk vs. Thor? Who wins?

    1. I'm definitely more of a Hulk fan than a Thor fan, so I have to go with the Jade Giant on that call. Though, the Hulk does flee during Thor and his first bout in Journey Into Mystery #112.