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Monday, February 10, 2014

KEY ISSUE ALERT: Marvel Super-Heroes #13!

Marvel Super-Heroes #13
First appearance of Carol Danvers
Published: March 1968
Writer: Roy Thomas
Artist: Gene Colan

Key Issue located 
eBay - There are a few unslabbed copies that's been located on eBay for this first appearance of Carol Danvers. Have not been able to located a CGC copy for this issue yet there.


If you read my previous Key Issue Alert, you'd know some surprising developments concerning the rumor mill for the character of Ms. Marvel appearing in the Avengers Age of Ultron sequel. The wonderful folks at the Latino Review recently dropped the bomb that Ms. Marvel is the last major piece of casting left for the Avengers Age of Ultron.

Despite this recent news, fans have been speculating that Ms. Marvel would be a likely candidate in an upcoming Avengers sequel. So demand for Ms. Marvel's first appearance in the bronze age and Carol Danvers silver age first appearance has been under some scrutiny for a while now, but they haven't skyrocketed to crazy demand just yet.

That will soon change for this late silver age key issue Marvel first appearance. Unfortunately Carol Danvers did not appear as Ms. Marvel in the same issue, but you can bet both comics are primed to blast off, so it's best to be on the hunt for them now. Oh, yes, and this issue is also the 2nd appearance of Captain Marvel so it's a double whammy key issue comic.

The Latino Review has been pretty good in their confirmations so far, so you can be sure that a casting confirmation for Ms. Marvel to assemble in the Avengers sequel is pretty likely. Although, just having one of these important key issue comics is a great investment, getting the first appearance of Ms. Marvel is also ideal as well. I have located Ms. Marvel's bronze age first appearance, so all you gotta do is click the blue link in this paragraph to discover where I've located a few copies.

Thank you for reading!

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