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Wednesday, February 19, 2014


X-Factor #6 comic cover
X-Factor #6 
Volume One 
1st full appearance of Apocalypse
Published July 1988 
Writer: Louise Simonson 
Artist: Jackson Guice 
Inker: Bob McLoed

High Grade Key Issue Located:

mycomicshop - Two high grade CGC 9.8 copies located here. Both are on consignment so a buyer's premium will be charged. 

eBay - No problem finding CGC 9.8 copies here. Finding the best deal is another story. I located a lot of X-Factor #5 & #6 both CGC and both 9.8 selling for $500 bucks, which means you're getting both for $200. I've featured the best deals so far (at time of this writing), in the widget below, but you can always click the blue eBay link to be brought to the search results for X-Factor #6.


As everyone knows, the next movie is X-Men: Apocalypse and will feature the super villain none other than Apocalypse himself. Actually, Apocalypse has become one of the X-Men's most popular villains in comics.

Why Bryan Singer suddenly shot the news of this so soon is beyond me. X-Men Days of Future Past hasn't even been released and he tweeted the news months ago. I bet he wanted to keep the hype and excitement going, and it sure did pay off.

As for this issue, X-Factor #6, it's the first full appearance of Apocalypse. X-Factor #5 holds Apocalypse first brief appearance. I did mention snagging an X-Factor #5 in December in another High Grade Alert.

No doubt that this copper age key issue is in huge demand recently. CGC 9.8 copies are dropping near the $400 mark, and that's on eBay. So we can safely say that the demand is out there.

However, this is a late copper age book. I wouldn't bother with anything below a 9.6. Only super high grade for this issue, or your wasting your time and dollars and not investing in an investment worthy copy for a copper age comic.

There are tons of high grade comics floating around for copper age books, and personally, I think paying above $400 for a 9.8 copper age book is highly ridiculous to me. Unless the book has always been in great demand like New Mutants #98 or Amazing Spider-Man #300.

I don't care if it's the first appearance of Apocalypse and if he's gonna be in a movie. X-Factor #6 has just recently awoken from its slumber, and two years ago you could get this issue super cheap, even at super high grades.

If I had the choice of paying $600 for that Marvel Premiere #1 CGC 9.6 Western Penn collection Pedigree book or a regular CGC 9.8 $400 X-Factor #6, I'd choose the Marvel Premiere #1 without a blink. Fellow reader and comic fan, Erol, snagged that copy recently. Congrats on that call!

For now, the best deal is that lot of CGC 9.8s X-Factor #5 & 6 for $200 each. Entire lot is $500 if you got that kinda dough for two copper books. You can take the risk of getting unslabbed copies, but like I always say, you may or may not get lucky and actually pay for the grade you're paying for. 

Purely up to you. The market is currently paying this kinda dough for this particular issue, but I cannot honestly say how long that will last. All I am saying is that this issue is in the hot zone right now. The X-Men Apocalypse movie comes out in 2016.

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