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Thursday, February 20, 2014

HIGH GRADE ALERT: CGC 8.0 Fantastic Four #46!

Fantastic Four #46
Volume 1
First appearance of Black Bolt
Published January 1966
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Jack Kirby 

High Grade Key Issue Located


Okay, aside from the fact that it's early Fantastic Four silver age, this is the first full appearance of Black Bolt. If you don't know who Black Bolt is, he is the leader of the Inhumans, and, of course, part of the royal family.

So what's the big deal about the Inhumans and Black Bolt? Well, those at Marvel and Disney keep hinting at an Inhumans movie, or at least an appearance by the Inhumans, and if that's the case, then you know who may have a high chance of going from page to screen!

You got it! Black Bolt!

In fact, even without confirmation from the studio, the first appearance of the Inhumans in Fantastic Four #45 has been on the hot burner for a while now just from rumors alone. Remind you anyone in particular (Adam Warlock)? Even mid-grades are selling for some bucks with issue #45 at mid grades, but unlike Adam Warlock, no real nod to the Inhumans has even been made in film just yet.

The first appearance of Black Bolt in Fantastic Four #46 hasn't quite reached that level of hotness just yet. Of course, NM grades are already pricey for this issue, but as you can see, you can still get a CGC VF 8.0 for around $300. You can't get anywhere near that with issue #45 right now at that grade. It's actually double the price.

If confirmation ends up happening and the Inhumans do end up getting an onscreen movie or appearance, Fantastic Four #46, the first appearance of Black Bolt won't be so cheap at this grade. Yes, I did say cheap, and a VF 8.0 is the very bottom of what's considered high grade.

If you missed the boat on Fantastic Four #45, issue #46 may be a better alternative. At least, for now! Demand is mildly creeping up on this issue, and this silver age key issue has woken up a bit from its slumber. FF #46 is definitely one to consider soon, whether you're a Fantastic Four or Black Bolt fan or not. 

Oh, and if you're on the hunt for the issue with Black Bolt's origin, you'll need to click the blue link coming right up and check it out in the Thor key issues list here. Yes, his and the Inhumans origin are in the back pages of The Mighty Thor comics.

In you case you happen to read this much later and the widget at the top of this article no longer displays the comic, then a lucky comic collector snagged it. 

Good luck out there, fellow comic book fanatics, and happy hunting! See ya next time and thanks for stopping by!

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