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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Green Lantern #7 Values

It's been awhile since I've done comic values, and I've been meaning to get to this Green Lantern issue for a long time. Green Lantern #7 is the first appearance of Sinestro, one of the most iconic of Green Lantern villains, created by John Broome and the legenday Gil Kane.

Green Lantern #7 comic cover

If the Green Lantern movie hadn't of been such a bomb, we would've seen a sequel, and fans would've seen what they truly wanted - Green Lantern going up against Sinestro. However, we all know that didn't pan out so great, but that fact still didn't make this silver age Green Lantern key issue any less desirable. 

Green Lantern #7 is still one of the most valuable Green Lantern comics out there from the volume 2 series, so let's see how this key issue comic has performed throughout the years.
Overstreet 1982-83 Guide 12th Edition:

Mint: $24
Fine: $12 
Good: $4
Overstreet 1990-91 Guide 20th Edition:

Near Mint: $80
Fine: $34.50 
Good: $11.50

Overstreet 2002-03 Guide 33rd Edition:

Near Mint (9.4): $350
Very Fine: $195
Fine: $81
 Very Good: $54
Good: $27

 Overstreet 2013-14 Guide 43rd Edition:  

9.2 (Low Near Mint): $1,600
8.0 (Very Fine): $456
6.0 (FINE): $171
4.0 (Very Good): $114
2.0 (Good): $57

Overstreet 2014-15 Guide 44th Edition:  

9.2 (Low Near Mint): $1,800
VF/NM: $1156
8.0 (Very Fine): $512
6.0 (FINE): $192
4.0 (Very Good): $128
2.0 (Good): $64

Overstreet 2015-2016 Guide 45th Edition:  

9.2 (Low Near Mint): $2000
VF/NM: $1284
8.0 (Very Fine): $568
6.0 (FINE): $213
4.0 (Very Good): $142
2.0 (Good): $71

Overstreet 2016-17 Guide 46th Edition:  

9.2 (Low Near Mint): $2100
VF/NM: $1350 
8.0 (Very Fine): $600
6.0 (FINE): $225
4.0 (Very Good): $150
2.0 (Good): $75

Wow, don't you wish you would've picked up a NM copy of this first appearance of Sinestro and origin issue than messing around with modern age comics ten years ago? Actually, I wish I had starting getting high grade silver age key issues during the early nineties. 

Oh well, you live and hopefully learn. As you can see from the Overstreet Guide values throughout the decades, GD copies of this key issue has not been that great of investments over the last 40 years for this key issue, not even breaking the $100 mark.

Actually, from mid grade down, Over Street Price Guide values for this key issue has slowly increased in value, and I mean slowly. If a person who was 40 years old bought a mid grade copy in 1990, his investment would only return him $136.50, and he'd be 70 years old now. Not so good.

However, if he bought a low NM copy of this key issue, he would've gained around $1,520 for a single comic that cost him $80 bucks. A hundred bucks or a over a thousand bucks? I think you know which one you'd rather take, but what one you can afford is a different story.

I brought up age, because I'm nearing 40 myself. Factoring in your age should be considered when buying comics as an investment as well. The closer you are to retiring, the more you're gonna have to make wiser investment comic decisions. Sorry, but the data is right there, and keep in mind that this is a DC Comics comic book from 1961. It's 53 years old.

I did see one of these at the East Bay Comic Con recently. I held it in my hands and almost pissed myself from excitement, but the grade did not meet my expectation, nor did the price. 

Some silver age comics are perfectly fine at lower grades. Some aren't. This one happens to be one of them. Of course, it also depends on what kind of deal you can get for the book also. If you're paying above guide on unslabbed GD copy for Green Lantern #7 or even at guide, I personally don't think it's worth it. Then again, if that 40 year old back in 1990 got that comic at FN for half off guide back then, even I'd probably jump at that. 

All in all, very fine and up move up a lot better for this Green Lantern key each decade. Of course, CGC slabbed copies sell quite higher than unslabbed copies. That is a not so subtle hint.

As for the recent auctions on eBay, I've decided to exclude that here from now on. It's easy to look up sold listings on eBay, and I never intended Total Comic Mayhem to be a price guide. 


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