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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Fox Announces Fantastic Four Cast!

Well, if fans didn't like the first Fantastic Four movies, claiming that the cast and just the whole world they made on film didn't fit, then I wonder what they have to say about the new cast for the upcoming Josh Trank Fantastic Four reboot. 

In a long and highly nerve racking wait, Fox has announced the line up, and here they are:

If fans thought the original Fantastic Four looked out of place, I don't even know what to say about this cast roster. None really look to me like any of the famous Fantastic Four characters.

Despite huge objections from many comic fans, it looks like we will have the first African American Johnny Storm "Flame On!" as the Human Torch. With past news circulating that Michael B. Jordan is the adoptive brother of Sue Storm, it looks like that change in family ties will happen. You all know my thoughts on that one, so I don't want to harp on it again.

Kate Mara has finalized a deal to play Michael B. Jordan's sister Sue Storm, the famous Invisible Woman in the comics, while Miles Teller, who co-starred with Jordan in That Awkward Moment, has signed on to play Reed Richards.

Now who does Fox and director Josh Trank have in mind to play Ben Grimm? It's all about The Thing. You get him wrong, and the movie has no hope whatsoever. Well, it doesn't look good. It looks like Fox has recruited Jamie Bell, the dude who played Griffen O'Conner in the movie Jumper.

I'm sorry but Jamie Bell doesn't look like a jock Football player. Ben Grimm was already a pretty big guy before he turned into the Thing. Jamie Bell isn't a big guy. But, oh, well, what do I know? I'm just a comic fan.

So now there's two actors that Fox picked up that look absolutely nothing like the characters. Kate Mara can slide by as Sue Storm with enough hair dye and blue contacts, and Miles Teller can somewhat pass for a nerdy Reed Richards. Or, just a nerd in general.

Jamie Bell and Michael B. Jordan, however. Yikes! Of course, we could all be surprised by their acting prowess, but it seems to me that this Fantastic Four reboot already doesn't look quite so "Fantastic".

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