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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Captain America Key Issues Part 6.

Part 6 to this key issue Captain America list. There's a lot to cover also. In case you missed the previous parts, it would be wise to start with Part 1. There's quite a lot of retconning with Cap and a lot of issues sporadically pointing back to older issues.

I've done my best in explaining all this in a linear fashion, so click this Part 1 link if missed it. If not, carry on and enjoy! 

Captain America #112 pic
Captain America #112
  • Story of how Cap and Bucky disappear during World War 2 revealed
  • Silver age Cap recovery retold
With Cap's supposed death, Tony Stark as Iron Man prepares a final statement for the secret records of the Avengers on Cap before closing his file. In this issue Iron Man recounts some of Cap's greatest moments. 

It's here where we first learn what happened to Cap and Bucky during their final days in World War 2. Iron Man recounts how Cap and Bucky foiled an attempt by Baron Zemo in sending a drone plane to attack England. They exploded the drone and Cap was sent into the freezing waters below where he would be in suspended animation until recovered by Sub-Mariner. Bucky was thought to have died from the explosion.

Not a well-known key issue, which is highly surprising. This issue should be a more in-demand Captain America key issue.

NewKadia - NewKadia also brings the goodness on this issue. Two copies are available. One is a VF+ and the other a FN- copy. You'll need to scroll a little after clicking the blue NewKadia link to check it out. 

mycomicshop - Two copies here. One is a beautiful CGC 9.4. The other is an unslabbed VG/FN 5.0. 

eBay - Unslabbed copies for this key issue? No problem finding them on eBay? As for the selection of CGC, quite lacking. That may have changed by the time you read this, however.

Captain America #113 comic cover
Captain America #113
  • Funeral of Captain America
  • Resurrection of Captain America
Okay, this issue does the typical comic book death twist. You know where the character isn't dead and faked his death to protect his secret identity.

Cap explains the reason why to Rick Jones at the end of this issue, but Cap is back and the readers are duped. Not a special key issue, but the story arc was necessary in setting up Captain America #112. It's understandable that they needed to bring Cap somehow.

NewKadia - Only one VG+ left here. Extremely affordable.

mycomicshop - The fine folks at mycomicshop also help bring the goodness for this key issue comic. Two CGC 9.4s are available for sale, as well as four unslabbed copies for those who are more on a tight budget. 

eBay - Loads of unslabbed copies. A few CGC options. Quite a bit of CGC 9.4s.

Captain America #117 image
Captain America #117
  • First appearance of The Falcon
Absolutely no doubt that the first appearance of The Falcon (Sam Wilson) has been hot ever since it was announced the character would be in the new Captain America sequel. This silver age character has become quite popular and well-known as one of Captain America's partners. He is, after all, the first African American superhero in comics ever!

It's also been rumored that the character will be The Avengers Age of Ultron film as well. The Falcon debuted in September 1969, and this Captain America key issue is definitely one of the best comics to invest in concerning this title.

mycomicshop - CGC graded 8.0. Issue is a Signature Series and signed by Stan Lee. Also a GD+ unslabbed copy available as well. 

eBay - This comic is still definitely in demand. CGC 9.4s at over a thousand dollars for a bronze age comic? Yep, this book is hot! Plenty of unslabbed copies and CGC graded copies.

Captain America #118 image
Captain America #118
  • 2nd appearance of The Falcon
1st appearances are always more desired, but 2nd appearances have really gained a lot of steam in recent years. This 2nd appearance of The Falcon is surely no exception.

NewKadia - Two copies here. One is a VF- (low very fine) and the other is a FN+. Both are very affordable for this key issue comic. You will need to scroll some to get at this issue once you click the link above.

mycomicshop - Two unslabbed copies located here at the time of this writing. One is a FN 6.0. The other a GD- or low good. This issue is super affordable unslabbed. 

eBay - Small CGC selection. Highest worth getting is a 7.0. There is a Green Qualified label 8.0 CGC. I personally don't like the Qualified label, but you may not have a problem with it. Lots of unslabbed options for those who like raw comics.

Captain America #133
  • Falcon becomes Caps partner
  • Origin of MODOK
Sam Wilson and Steve Rodgers officially become partners in this issue. However, it isn't until the next issue is the famous title changed to Captain America and The Falcon!

Also, we get the origin of MODOK in this bronze age key issue.

NewKadia - This issue is in stock and ready to go! There are two left. One is a solid VF and the other a FN+. Super affordable.

mycomicshop - More unslabbed goodness for those who don't care for CGC comics. Two copies here. Highest is a FN-.

eBay - Only a handful of CGC options. Highest is a 9.6. There is a 9.4 and 9.0 CGC graded copies as well. Good selection of unslabbed copies.

Captain America #144
  • Falcon gets new costume
This is the famous costume that I grew up with. It's my favorite one, and although I do like the color green, the original Falcon costume never really did it for me. 

Surprisingly not an easy find for this issue CGC graded. Still pretty much a sleeper comic. 

eBay - A bit lacking on the unslabbed selection. As of this writing, no CGC at all for this issue.

Part 7 to this Captain America key issue list is ready. Click the NEXT link below to read on! Thanks for your patience!

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