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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Captain America Key Issues Part 5

When Captain America throws his mighty shield! Here we are with Part 5 to this Captain America key issue series. 

Once again, if you happened to pop on here before reading the previous parts, I suggest you start with Part 1 so you don't get confused with all of Captain America's character retcons that happens within his continuity. Just click the Part 1 blue link above, or if you know all of Cap's continuity retconning, enjoy Part 5.

Tales of Suspense #79 image
Tales of Suspense #79
  • First appearance of Cosmic Cube
I do believe this issue also made it on my Iron Man Tales of Suspense key issues list. Since the cosmic cube is an important item in the Marvel universe, it goes on this Captain America key issues list as well.

mycomicshop - Two copies located. One a solid VG and the other a 3.0 GD/VG. Both unslabbed copies.

eBay - A smattering of unslabbed copies. Many still affordable. Lacking on the CGC selection at the time of this writing. I only saw two, both are Signature Series and signed by Stan Lee. Highest CGC is 6.5 FN+.

Tales of Suspense #99 image
Tales of Suspense #99
  • First full new Baron Zemo
  • Last Tales of Suspense issue

Alrighty. Now, it should be cleared up that although this issue totes the first full appearance of the new Baron Zemo, it's only Franz Gruber impersonating the character. That's not the reason why I put this issue on this list though.

Issue #99 is the last Tales of Suspense issue for both Captain America and Iron Man.  Cap gets his own title, but the issue numbering carries over from this Tales of Suspense issue. 

Iron Man's story continues in the one shot Iron Man/Namor the Submariner before Iron Man receives his own title starting with issue #1.

mycomicshop - A bit of goodness here. One CGC 9.2 low near mint. The rest are unslabbed copies and a pretty decent selection. Highest unslabbed copy is a FN+. 

eBay - No shortage of unslabbed copies. A few CGC options. Highest is a gorgeous CGC 9.4. Also saw a CGC 9.2 low near mint copy that's pretty affordable. 

Captain America #100 comic cover
Captain America #100
  • 1st issue to silver age titled series
  • Death of Franz Gruber
Here is another famous silver age Captain America key issue comic. This is when Cap finally joins the big boys again and gets his own self-titled comic.

But that's not all. Cap unmasks Baron Zemo and finds out he is not Baron Zemo at all. This issue also sees the death of the Baron Zemo imposter Franz Gruber. The first issue was published April 1968.

eBay - Absolutely no problem finding this key issue on eBay. Tons of unslabbed copies at various grades. Two amazing CGC 9.8 copies that are quite expensive. Loads of high grade CGC copies, especially 9.4s.

Captain America #103 pic
Captain America #103
  • Agent 13 name revealed for first time
It's true, Sharon Carter went around only known as her operative name Agent 13 since her first appearance in Tales of Suspense #75. It's not until this issue is Agent 13's real name Sharon Carter actually revealed. It happens when Steve Rodgers takes her on a date.

NewKadia - The fine folks at NewKadia have two issues. Highest is a FN+ and the lowest is a solid FN. 

mycomicshop - Gorgeous 9.6 CGC graded copy here! Also a few unslabbed copies that are more affordable for those on a tight budget. 

eBay - Another key comic issue that has a great selection on eBay. This menu has various unslabbed grades, but only a few CGC graded comics. Highest is a gorgeous CGC 9.6. Actually there are two of them. Also one CGC 9.4 worth considering.

Captain America #110 image
Captain America #110
  • Rick Jones dons the Bucky costume
  • First appearance of Madame Hydra
A great issue where Cap goes up against the Hulk. Also Rick Jones dons the Bucky outfit and becomes the fourth Bucky, although his career as Caps partner only lasts through issue Captain America #116.

Even more key issue power for this issue, though. This holds the first appearance of Madame Hydra, who later becomes Viper. The character of Viper was seen in last years The Wolverine movie. 

eBay - Some great options here. Quite a few unslabbed comics to choose from if you wanna take the risk. Just be sure there are a lot of high quality pics. A whopping three CGC 9.8s, as well as a 9.4!

Captain America #111 comic cover
Captain America #111
  • Death of Captain America
This issue starts off an important story arc that leads to a very important key issue story that is revealed in Captain America #112. This will all be explained in Part 6 to this series.

Not a highly sought out or in demand comic. You can still get this at pretty affordable prices. 

mycomicshop - The high grade goodness is available here. Two copies and one is a beautiful CGC 9.4 graded copy. Other copy is an unslabbed 5.0 VG/FN. 

eBay - Nice selection of raw, unslabbed choices. Two beautiful CGC 9.8s and two 9.4s. Also a pretty affordable CGC 8.5! Definitely worth checking out the options available if you're on the hunt for this key Captain America comic.

Part 6 is ready! Just click the NEXT link below to read on. Of course, if you missed Part 4, just click the blue PREVIOUS link to go back and check it out.

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