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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Captain America Key Issues Part 3

We've made it to Part 3 of this Captain America key issues list. Be sure to break out your want lists, for their are quite a lot of key issue comics.

Also, if you started here and missed the earlier parts. I highly suggest you start at Part 1. Cap comics deal with a lot of retcons and you may be confused as hell if you don't start at the beginning. 

If you could care less or already read the previous parts to this series, carry on and enjoy!

Captain America Comics #66 comic cover
Captain America Comics #66
  • First appearance of Golden Girl
  • Origin of Golden Girl
Okay not entirely a huge supporting character for Captain America, but this character is an interesting one. She actually appears in a few golden age Captain America stories as his side kick after Bucky (Fred Davis) is shot and taken out of commission. Remember Betty Ross I mentioned in Part 1? Well, it's her who becomes Golden Girl. Yes, she is the aunt of General Thunderbolt Ross and the great-aunt of Betty Ross, Bruce Banner's love interest. Of course, this was written retroactively, for both General Ross and Betty Ross were created during the silver age of comics.

Golden Girl was written as a love interest for golden age Cap. This is Jeffery Mace as Captain America. Mace and Betty Ross as Golden Girl were romantically linked, as was Steve Rodgers before his disappearance. This issue debuted in April of 1948.

eBay - Only one copy so far at the time of this writing. Copy is unslabbed and advertised as a VG+ 4.5. This copy is just under a thousand bucks.

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Captain America Comics #74 image
Captain America Comics #74
  • Extremely scarce
  • First Captain America Weird Tales title
Although the title of the comic is called Captain America's Weird Tales, this is still referred to as Captain America Comics #74. Why the title change, I can't say for sure. This issue is extremely scarce. Will not be an easy find, nor will it be an inexpensive investment. This issue was published in Oct, 1949 and marks the issue that Cap is discontinued for awhile. He does not appear in the next issue, though the next issue is still titled Captain America's Weird Tales.

Young Men #24 comic cover
Young Men #24
  • First William Burnside as Cap
  • First Jack Monroe as Bucky
This issue kicks off Atlas Comics' attempt to revive their superhero titles. Recognize the name of Jack Monroe?

If you're a Cap fan, you probably do. For those who know Cap comics also know that the first brief and first full appearance of Jack Monroe exists in the bronze age Captain America titled series.

Like I explained in earlier Parts to this series, it was later written that others took up the mantle of Cap and Bucky while Bucky was presumed dead and the original Steve Rodgers was frozen in ice during 1954.  If you missed the previous parts, I suggest you start with Part 1 to this Captain America key issue list to fully understand what's going on with all this retcon business. Just click the blue Part 1 link.

The Captain America and Bucky in this issue are William Burnside, the fourth to take the mantle of Captain America, and Jack Monroe as Bucky. It's their very first appearances as the characters. Though Jeff Mace also served as Captain America during the early 50s, William Burnside is often regarded as the 1950s Captain America. Published in December, 1953, all appearances of Cap during the failed revival from 1953 to 1954 are of Burnside as Captain America and Monroe as Bucky.

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Captain America Comics #76 imageCaptain America Comics #76
  • First William Burnside as Cap in series
  • First Jack Monroe as Bucky in series
  • Captain America Comics revived
The month was May, the year 1954, Atlas takes another shot at reviving the Captain America Comics series. Cap is now toted as Captain America - Commie Smasher! The comic series wasn't printed since issue #75 in February of 1950. The last printed issue with Cap in it before this revival was in Captain America Comics #74, titled Captain America's Weird Tales in October, 1949.

eBay - Two unslabbed copies available. They look to be in really low grades.

Captain America Comics #78 cover
Captain America Comics #78
  • Last Captain America Comics issue
  • Last golden age Captain America 
Yes, it's true. The attempt by Atlas Comics to revive the original Captain America Comics series only lasted two issues. It was a bust, and this series ends with issue #78. The last of the golden age Captain America Comics issue was published in September 1954, and even though the 1950s Captain America appeared in a few other comic titles during this revival, this is the last appearance of golden age Captain America.

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The Avengers #4 pic
The Avengers #4
  • First silver age Captain America
  • Revival of Captain America
  • Captain America joins Avengers
  • First appearance of Baron Zemo
 The Avengers #4 is an extremely valuable book right now. As you can see the long list of key issue credits this book has.

Captain America was discontinued for a long time after the failed revival starting in 1954. Only until DC Comics successfully revived the superhero genre during the silver age of comics and Marvel became a huge competitor did they decide to revive the original Captain America - Steve Rodgers. 

This issue is the first silver age Captain America appearance, as well as when Cap joins the Avengers. It explains that Steve Rodgers had been frozen in ice by foiling the Red Skull's plans near the end of the European theater during World War 2. The first appearance of Baron Zemo (Heinrich Zemo), another of Cap's more infamous foes, also makes his debut. Of another and not that well-known importance, this issue would ultimately kick start the reason for later retcons of the character to explain continuity problems during the golden age years.

Important Captain America key comic to have! Even good grades of this key issue are good investments and already pretty pricey. Because of the movies, this issue has become one of the most important and valuable key issues of the silver age. 

eBay - No problem finding this issue on eBay. Quite a few unslabbed. Also a few Golden Record reprints so be warned. A few lower grade CGC options. Highest found is a CGC 9.4 if you got the ducats for a supreme investment comic.

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Alrighty, same drill, Part 4 is ready so go ahead and click next below. Of course, if you missed Part 3, just click the blue Previous link to go back and read.


  1. I'm surprised you didn't put Captain America 117...1st Falcon. This will be Disney's 1st shot at a black superhero (if you don't count Nick Fury) and I think he will be very popular (hence the new solo movie poster he already has out). I always love reading your articles and think you do a great job, would love to hear what you think on this. Thanks DK

    1. I haven't forgot about The Falcon. He's coming up in later Parts to this series. There's a lot of Cap key issues to go through. The Falcon's first appearance is near the end of the silver age. I'm still on the silver age.