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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Captain America Key Issues Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 to this Captain America key issues list. If you missed Part 1, be sure to click the blue link to read up on that one. If you already read it, then enjoy Part 2.

Captain America Comics #16
  • Red Skull unmasks Cap
  • Apparent death of Red Skull
Oh, no, he didn't? Yep, he did. The Red Skull unmasks Captain America and learns his secret identity. He renders Cap unconscious, steals his costume and shield and impersonates Cap on a nation-wide crime spree. 

Of course, Red Skull seems to die in this issue, but we all know that death in comics rarely lasts long. 

eBay - Only one CGC copy found at the time of this writing. It's a 5.0 VG/FN but under the green Qualified label. Still above a thousand. No unslabbed copies found, but that's not surprising.

ComicLink - One CGC 5.0 VG/FN available here and waiting to get snagged.  

Captain America Comics #46
  • Classic cover
There's not much to say about this issue except that it's considered a classic. Captain America gives a good ass kicking to some Nazi soldiers. 

No easy find for sure. Couldn't find a single copy. Sorry.

Captain America Comics #49
  • First William Naslund as Cap
  • First Fred Davis as Bucky
So it appears Steve Rodgers and James Barnes are frozen in ice, and this is when William Naslund and Fred Davis make their first appearances as the replacement Captain America and Bucky. Of course, this is not the historical first appearance publication of William Naslund. His actual first published appearance is in the bronze age as the superhero The Spirit of '76.

Retconned after Cap's silver age revival, William Naslund is the 2nd to ever hold the title of Captain America, being selected by President Harry S. Truman to assume the identity. This important Captain America key issue was published in August 1945, and his career as Cap extends until September 1946. 

Of course, within the actual golden age comics, Cap's alter ego is still referred to as Steve Rodgers and Bucky's as James Barnes. The name William Naslund is never mentioned in a single golden age Captain America comic issue. 

eBay - CGC 1.8 available. Only copy I could find for this issue on eBay as of this writing. Cover is detached, but it is already slabbed. 

ComicConnect - CGC FN+ 6.5 copy located here.

All-Winners Comics #19
  • First appearance of All-Winners Squad
  • Captain America joins
The Fantastic Four are the first superhero team under the Marvel Comics brand, but the All- Winners Squad was the first superhero team under Timely Comics. Team consisted of the golden age line up of Captain America and Bucky, the original Human Torch and his side kick Toro, the super speedster the Whizzer, Marvel's first mutant, Namor the Submariner, and Miss America.

This comic was published in September 1946, and it is still William Naslund as Captain America. His retcon career as Captain America began in August of 1945 to September 1946. 

The All-Winners Squad only appeared in two golden age issues - All-Winners Comics #19 and #21. There was no issue 20. It's unclear whether it is Naslund or Mace as Captain America in issue #21, as Mace was retconned to have affiliations with the All-Winners Squad as well. However, if we are going by publishing date, issue #21 debuted in the Winter of 1946, which means that Naslund would have already died.

The original (Steve Rodgers) and the fourth Captain America, William Burnside, did not affiliate with this superhero team, though Steve Rodgers and William Naslund were both part of the Invaders during their service as Captain America. In Marvel's historical story time line, it would be the surviving members of the Invaders that would form the All-Winners Squad.

eBay - four copies here for this golden age key issue comic. Highest is FN- 5.5 and is CGC graded. The other CGC graded book is a 1.5. There are two unslabbed copies available.

mycomicshop - One high grade PGX 8.0 VF. Pretty rare high grade for a golden age Cap comic.

 Captain America Comics #59
  •  Origin retold
  • Jeff Mace becomes 3rd Cap
Steve Rodgers and his famous origin retold in this golden oldie, but only in flash back. This is the issue where Jeff Mace becomes the third Captain America after William Naslund dies in the line of duty (told in post golden age Captain America comics, of course). This issue was published in November, 1946. Jeff Mace's character is the longest serving Captain America during the golden age.

Mace is also the only Captain America who was not approved by the U.S. Government to assume the role, nor given the honor by a previous Captain America.

eBay - Three copies found on eBay. One is a CGC 7.0 Universal label. Wow! Talk about an investment comic. The other two are unslabbed copies. Highest is 5.5 low FN for raw copies so far.

ComicConnect -  CGC 7.0 copy and an unslabbed 5.0 copy. They may be the same ones on eBay.

Marvel Mystery Comics #80
  • First Captain America in titled series
Another well-sought out and quite rare golden age Captain America key comic, this is the first Marvel Mystery Comics first appearance of Cap in the titled series. Of course, since this issue came out in January 1947, it would be Jeffery Mace as the iconic star spangled man with a plan.

eBay - Two unslabbed copies. Highest unslabbed copy claims to be a VF 8.0. The other claims to be a VF- 7.5. One graded copy. It's a PGX 7.5. Great prices to own higher graded golden age comics.

ComicConnect - Two copies located here. One is an unslabbed 7.5 low very fine. The other is a CGC 7.0 FN/VF. 

Ready for Part 3? Great just click the "NEXT >>" link below. If you missed Part 2, just click the blue Previous link to go back and read.

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