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Friday, February 14, 2014

Thor Key Issues List

Alrighty, it's about time this place listed some Thor key issues, and it won't be regulated to just the Thor titled series. It will stretch through Journey Into Mystery volume one and Thor volume one, as well as some other important titles Thor is in. There is quite a bit of them, so expect this to have quite a few parts in this series. Unfortunately, many of them will be a bit pricey concerning the God of Thunder. For Asgard!

Journey Into Mystery #83 comic cover
Journey Into Mystery #83
  • First appearance of Thor
  • First appearance of Donald Blake
  • First appearance of the Kronans
  • First appearance of Mjolnir
As expected this is the holy grail of all Thor comics to own. Of course, the most important first appearance within this comic is the Mighty Thor himself, but this silver age key issue has a bunch of firsts contained in it.

We get the first appearance of Donald Blake, who is the earth host of Thor. Believing that Thor needed to learn humility, and therefore sent his arrogant son in the crippled, mortal guise of Donald Blake while stripping of him of his memory as well. Becoming humbled and more empathetic to those who are sick or weaker, Blake becomes a doctor and does not realize his godly reality until he comes across the Kronans, also known as the Stone Men from Saturn, on a vacation in Norway. In a cavern, Blake finds the hammer, Mjolnir, in the form of a wooden cane left there by Odin.

Stan Lee has often said that Thor was created to rival the Hulk in power. When asked about who he thought was the most powerful Marvel character, he answered with Thor, even if this hasn't been accurately portrayed in the comics. Those who prefer unslabbed comics, beware of the Golden Records reprint copies if you want a 1st printing. If not, the Golden Records reprint is still a very valuable substitute. 

The Golden Records reprint was published in 1966. The first printing of Journey Into Mystery #83 was published August of 1962.  

eBay - Only a few options available on eBay for the first print of Journey Into Mystery #83. Many are CGC slabbed copies. There are a few unslabbed copies, but it will be best to ask the seller the publishing date so you can determine whether it's the 1966 Golden Record reprint. Most copies of this issue are the GRR reprints on eBay. Also the comic covers of this issue with the really blue background are the German Reprints. 

ComicLink - Three options here, all CGC. One's a 7.5, the other a 5.0, and the other a solid VG 4.0. 

ComicConnect - Loads of options here as well for the first appearance of Thor. Quite a few unslabbed, raw copies to take a gander at.

Journey Into Mystery #84 comic
Journey Into Mystery #84
  • First appearance of Jane Foster
  • 2nd appearance of Thor
What would the Thor mythos be without the lovely Jane Foster to make The God of Thunder all mushi an stuff. Jane Foster has been an important supporting character in the Thor comics, important enough to have the character in the movies. Of course, we all know Natalie Portman has coveted that role.

In the world of comics, the first appearance of Jane Foster is another one of the great silver age Thor comics to invest in, but the value of this particular comic truthfully has more to do with the 2nd appearance of Thor than the first appearance of Jane Foster.

eBay - A good selection here. Both unslabbed copies and graded copies. Highest I saw was a 7.5 CGC, and there are quite a few lower grade CGC options as well. Good issue to compare prices on eBay.

ComicLink - Three CGC lower grade copies available. Highest is a 4.5 VG+. The other two are solid VG 4.0s, but one is a CGC Signature Series signed by Stan Lee. 

ComicConnect - Three unslabbed copies just waiting to be snagged for this key Thor issue. Two 5.5 are the highest.

Journey Into Mystery #85 comic pic
 Journey Into Mystery #85
  • First appearance of Loki
  • First appearance of Heimdall
  • First appearance of Asgard
  • First brief appearance of Odin
  • First appearance of Balder
Talk about a whopper of a Thor key issue! This  issue has the first appearance of Loki, Thor's number one nemesis and ultimate God of Mischief. If it were just Loki's first appearance, this silver age comic would be awesome enough, but it's not.

Journey Into Mystery #85 also features the first appearance of Heimdall, whom we have seen in the movies, and happens to be the brother of Sif if you did not know. Anyway, to add even more comic investment goodness, this issue also has the first brief appearance of Odin, and the first appearance of Balder.

Lots of firsts for this issue, and I know we aren't surprised that this silver age key comic is well into the thousands already. Lower grade copies are more affordable but still nice and pricey. This is pure investment comic to have.

eBay - Definitely didn't expect this key issue comic to be cheap, and it's not. There are quite a few CGC graded copies. Highest I saw was a whopping 9.6. Lacking on the unslabbed copies, though. Only a few options here available.

ComicConnect - One CGC 7.0 goes up for auction 02/17/2014. At the time of this writing that is the only option at ComicConnect.

Journey Into Mystery #86 image
Journey Into Mystery #86
  • First full appearance of Odin
Personally, I have no idea what to think about all this first brief and first full appearance stuff. It kinda makes a mess of things if you ask me. Nonetheless, this is the first full appearance of Odin, The All-Father, and king of the Asgardians.

Being that it's an early Thor comic, this is definitely no light weight concerning value. Odin has played a huge supporting role in all the Thor movies so far, and I believe there's one left to go. Who knows, though? Thor could have a fourth movie like Iron Man.

eBay - CGC 9.0 is the highest copy I located at the time of this writing. A pretty tight selection. Lot's of lower grade copies, and only a few unslabbed copies for the first full appearance of Odin in Marvel Comics. There are two CGC 3.0s for under $200 bucks that I saw that are definitely worth considering.

ComicLink - Two CGC 9.2s for sale here.

Journey Into Mystery #89 comic book
Journey Into Mystery #89
  • Origin retold
Just a retelling of Thor's origin. Nothing really special other than that, but it is an expensive and sought out early Thor comic investment. 

eBay - Not that great of selection for this early origin retelling of Thor on eBay. Highest are two 8.5s and they're not surprisingly cheap. There are two unslabbed 3.0 GD/VG for under $200 if you want to take the risk.  

ComicLink - Two 8.5 VF plus copies for sale at ComicLink.

Avengers #1 image
Avengers #1
  • Thor joins the Avengers
I'm only putting this issue in here because it is an important event for Thor. The Avengers has become one of Marvel's most, if not the most, popular superhero team in their universe. The only team that rivals them in popularity is perhaps The X-Men.

Anyways, Thor is an original member of the team and has stayed one of the most popular and crucial members of the Avengers for the past 50 years. This issue came out in September 1963.

eBay - A few options for this mega key issue that's been extremely popular for the past recent years due to the movie. Low grades are already expensive. Mostly CGC graded copies, which isn't surprising. A few unslabbed copies. 

ComicLink - Quite a few CGC graded copies. Highest is an 8.0 solid VF that's available for sale. Mostly lower grade CGC options, however. 

Journey Into Mystery #92
  • First appearance of Frigga
What would this list be without Thor's mamma? Well, actually, Frigga is the step mother of Thor, but is the wife of Odin. Jord or Gaea is the actual mother of Thor and is an Elder God. Frigga is, however, the natural mother of Balder the Brave, but raised both Thor and Loki as her own. It was not until later when Thor found out that Frigga was not his natural mother.

The character Frigga is also called Fricka, and was played by the still lovely Rene Russo in both Thor movies.

eBay - Two CGC copies. Highest is a 9.0 and pretty damn expensive. The other is 7.5 and quite pricey as well. There are only a few unslabbed copies and lower grade copies that are a bit more affordable in the eBay search results so far.

ComicLink - Two CGC copies ready to get snagged for this key issue comic at ComicLink. Highest is a 9.4 solid NM, but it's a Winnipeg Pedigree copy. Other is a CGC 7.0 and a way better deal than the 7.5 listed on eBay.

ComicConnect - One solid FN copy here. It is an unslabbed copy. 

Ready for Part 2 to this Thor key issues list? Just navigate your way by clicking the blue link below to the right!


  1. You already know theirs new Thor in town; I bought Thor 321 I'm hoping is the first appearance of the female Thor $ 15. Do you think Freya is the new Thor also got new Thor 1 Alex ross variant I don't like variant covers but Alex ross cover was very cool so I bought it.

    1. Heya Oraldo, yep there's a female Thor. I honestly don't know. I haven't kept up with the female Thor or any of the news about it. I stopped looking at the new comics coming out since 2005.