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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Thor Key Issue Comics Part 3

Welcome to Part 3 of this Thor key issue comics list. We are ending Thor's career in the Journey Into Mystery comics with Part 3 and heading into Goldie Locks own self titled series in Part 4. Still silver age key issues here. By Asgard, here we go!

Journey Into Mystery #113
  • Origin of Loki continued
The origin of Loki continues in this early adventure of Loki and Thor as boys. This story in the Tales of Asgard story details how Loki comes to realize that his beloved brother Thor must be destroyed if he is to ever gain power and have others bow before him and sheds more light on Loki's jealousy and anger towards Thor.

eBay - CGC 9.2 for under $700, which isn't bad at all, considering early Thor comics in the NM range are mostly well over a thousand bucks. CGC 8.5 for under $175. To me, that's extremely affordable for a high grade CGC silver age key comic. There are quite a few unslabbed options to consider as well. 

NewKadia - Only one copy here at FN+ 6.5. Be sure to check for sales and get discount code to put in during checkout. I think there February sale is still going on. Just enter the coupon code 28feb during checkout to receive your discount.

Journey Into Mystery #114
  • First appearance of Absorbing Man
  • Origin of Absorbing Man

Another recurring villain for Thor, The Absorbing Man is a creation of none other than Loki himself. Carl "Crusher" Creel was a boxer who drank a magical Asgardian liquid that Loki provided. This liquid gave Creel the power to absorb anything he touched.

He has been a worthy opponent of Thor for over four decades and even went toe-to-toe with the Hulk as well.

eBay - Lots of unslabbed copies. No problem finding those for this Marvel first appearance. A few CGC graded options. Highest I located was a 9.2 and an 8.5.

mycomicshop - Three options here at mycomicshop. One's a CGC 8.5 and the other a VG- (low very good). The last and certainly least is a low GD.

Journey Into Mystery #115
  • Detailed origin of Loki continues and ends
This is an origin story of how Loki turns evil and makes an alliance with Ghan, the most deadly of the Storm Giants. Loki saves Ghan from Thor's wrath and later tells Ghan that his debt to him will someday have to be repaid. This is the first of alliances that Loki makes in his eventual quest to destroy Thor.

eBay - CGC 9.0 for under $300. Has a best offer option, so you can probably get it for cheaper. Mostly unslabbed options with very few CGC graded comics.

NewKadia - Only one VG Plus copy available for this key issue at NewKadia. 

mycomicshop - CGC 9.0 here, and a reader copy. The other is not really worth mentioning.

Journey Into Mystery #118
  • First appearance of The Destroyer
We all saw him in the first Thor movie, and I actually thought he was pretty bad ass. Like in the movie, The Destroyer is an enchanted suit of armor and a weapon used to face dark menaces. However, Loki has used The Destroyer to battle Thor quite often, and has almost killed Thor many of times.

I got this key issue the very first time I bought from NewKadia, and it was just around the time it was leaked that The Destroyer would be in the film. The Destroyer's first appearance was published in July 1965.

eBay - If you prefer unslabbed copies, you'll be in unslabbed heaven in the eBay search results for this key issue. Not many CGC options at the time of this writing. Only worthy one I saw was an 8.5. 

mycomicshop - All unslabbed options here. Highest is a 5.0 VG/FN, and there are two. Other is a reader copy.

Journey Into Mystery #119
  • First appearance of Hogun
  • First appearance of Fandrall
  • First appearance of Volstagg
These characters have often joined Thor in many adventures in the comics and were even portrayed in both Thor films to date. The first appearance of Hogun, Fandrall, and Volstagg is definitely a Thor key issue comic to get, as the characters are deeply linked to Thor and Asgard. They are known as The Warriors Three.

eBayCGC 9.0 for under $500 bucks just newly listed. A slabbed 8.5 for under $200. Not bad so far. Butt load of raw, unslabbed copies to choose from. I'm surprised this one isn't more expensive.

NewKadia - Two copies just waiting to get snagged and added to your comic vault. Both are in the FN range, and the highest is a FN+. Lowest is a low FN. You'll have to scroll down a ways when you click the blue NewKadia link above.

mycomicshop - Lots of goodness here. Three CGC copies. Highest is a 9.0, and there are two CGC 8.0 solid VF copies. One of the 8.0s is a Signature Series signed by Stan Lee.

Journey Into Mystery #125
  • Last issue for volume one
This issue ends the Journey Into Mystery comics as those at Marvel decided that Thor was popular enough to have his own titled series. Definitely a very important silver age key regarding Thor comics.

eBay - A very nice silver age sleeper key issue for sure. CGC 9.4 are well under a thousand. Tons of unslabbed options that are pretty affordable. CGC 8.0s are under $200 so far as well. 

mycomicshop - CGC 8.0 and PGX 7.0 copies at mycomicshop. The fine folks here also bring the goodness with an unslabbed 6.0 solid FN. 

NewKadia - The folks at NewKadia also bring the goodness for this key issue with two copies. One is a FN+ and the other a solid FN. You'll have to scroll down to the very bottom of the page after clicking the blue NewKadia teleportation link above.

If you've yet to read Parts 1 and 2, be sure to click the blue link to navigate your way back. Ready for Part 4? Good, just click the blue link below to continue with this Thor key issue lists.

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