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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Thor Key Comic Issues Part 4

Here we are with Part 4, and we've finally made our way to The Mighty Thor volume one key comic issues. We got some great Thor key issues left to cover, so let's not delay the Asgardian goodness.

Thor #126 comic cover
The Mighty Thor #126
  • First issue to Thor's first titled series
Thor finally joins the big boys and gets his own titled series. This issue continues Thor's adventures from Journey Into Mystery #125, and in this issue, Thor and Hercules fight over Jane Foster. Another important silver age key to get within the Thor comics, because it starts off Thor's own titled comic.

eBay - This issue is a bit more expensive than the last issue of Journey Into Mystery, as is expected. Only a handful of CGC options, as well as unslabbed copies also. Click the blue eBay link to check out the search results on eBay if you're on the hunt for silver age Thor key comics.

Thor #127 comic cover pic
The Mighty Thor #127
  • First appearance of Pluto
  • First appearance of Hippolyta
The Olympian god of death, also known as Hades, makes his first appearance here in none other than a Thor comic. Actually, two Olympians make their debut in this issue. The second is Hippolyta, the daughter of Ares, God of War! In this issue she schemes with Pluto, for he seeks revenge on the Thunder God for being awesome!

This silver age key issue Thor comic isn't in high demand and is a bit of a sleeper. 9.4 graded copies are still reasonable.

eBay - Quite a few unslabbed copies with even less CGC graded options. CGC 9.4 copy and a 9.6 are listed here. I saw a 7.5, a pretty nice 9.2 and a 9.0 copy as well.

mycomicshop - CGC 7.5 copy here. It may be the same one listed on eBay. Also two unslabbed copies at VG and GD.

Thor #132 comic image
The Mighty Thor #132
  • First appearance of Ego
No, not Thor's ego, although he does have quite of a big one, but Ego The Living Planet. This character has become quite well-known in the cosmic world of Marvel Comics in such titles as Fantastic Four, Rom The Space Knight, and had recurring roles in the Silver Surfer comics.

He is basically an intelligent, living planet who sought interstellar conquest. Ego has even gone up against Galactus as well. Not a highly sought out key issue yet. Higher graded NM are still below $500 for CGC graded copies.

eBay - Let's see: We got affordable unslabbed copies and some investment worthy CGC graded copies. I saw a gorgeous 9.6 and 9.4. The 9.6 is under $300 bucks and the 9.4 around $150 with a best offer option, so you'll probably be able to haggle it down cheaper. Not too bad, I do have to say.

mycomicshop - The CGC 9.6 copy is the same copy listed on eBay. Even with the buyer's premium they charge, it's still cheaper here than the one on eBay. The rest are unslabbed copies at mycomicshop.

NewKadia - NK also brings some comic goodness for this issue. Only one solid VG copy available for well under $20 bucks.

Thor #134 image
The Mighty Thor #134
  • First appearance of High Evolutionary
The High Evolutionary was mentioned in Thor #133, but this is the dude's first appearance in this issue right here. I remember this guy in The Evolutionary War cross over stories that ran in the annuals of most major titles like The Avengers and Uncanny X-Men back in the late 80s. The summer of 1988 if you want to be exact.

eBay - For those who prefer unslabbed, raw comics, you'll be happy with the selection on eBay. CGC lovers? You won't be. There is a gorgeous 9.8 copy for a ridiculous amount of money listed there. I think I'll watch it just to see if anyone snags it. 

mycomicshop - The fine folks at mycomicshop have a few copies in actual stock. That's right no copies on commission, so no buyer's premium for this issue. Highest available is only a low VG, however, but if that doesn't bother ya, then one of these copies may just find a nice home in your comic vault.

ComicLink - A very nice CGC 9.2 copy for under $200 is available. There's also a 9.0 graded copy as well. Worth taking a gander and comparing prices.

Thor #146 comic pic
The Mighty Thor #146
  • Origin of The Inhumans
Yep, we are talking about those Inhumans from the Fantastic Four comics. The origin of the race of Inhumans begins in this issue. If the movie rumors are true, the first appearance and origin issues will be wise investments. The origin stories are in the back pages of Thor and stretch across a few issues of the Thor title. I'll only be listing the important ones here, and this is one of them. The Inhumans origin as a whole does continue in the back pages of Thor #147 as well.

I got this issue in a comic lot way back. Need to take another look at it to see if it's in a worthy grade for possible CGC submission.

eBay - Lots of affordable unslabbed copies listed on eBay. Not a whole lot of investment worthy CGC copies, however. That will definitely change once confirmation of an appearance on the big screen is set.

mycomicshop - Unslabbed lower grade copies available for those more on a tight budget. Highest is a VG+.

NewKadia - Three copies ready to get snagged here. Highest is a VF-, 2nd highest is FN+ copy. Super affordable. You will need to scroll down to get to the listing after clicking the blue NewKadia link.

Thor #148 comic cover image
The Mighty Thor #148
  • First appearance of The Wrecker
  • Origin of Black Bolt
 Although not a very popular villain nor Marvel first appearance, the Wrecker has had a comic career in giving Thor a bit of trouble. He has also appeared here and there in other tiles as well.

However, the main reason this is a key issue to consider is because the Tales of Asgard back story begins the origin of Black Bolt, the Inhumans' leader, in which rock star Gene Simmons of KISS is a huge fan of. It should be noted that if the Inhumans appear on the big screen, Black Bolt will surely be introduced in the fold. I gotta look in my vault to see if I happened to pick this silver age key issue up by chance. Cover looks familiar, so crossing my fingers.

eBay - Some very nice options for this key issue. A CGC 8.0 for under $60 bucks is a high grade copy worth considering. Of course, 9.4 slabbed copies will dig deeper into your pocket, but one listing is at the $400 mark, which isn't too bad. Loads of unslabbed copies available and ready to get snagged. 

mycomicshop - More affordable unslabbed copies for ya at mycomicshop. Highest is a 5.0 VG/FN. 

NewKadia - Only one copy left here. Copy is a FN+ and at the very bottom on the Thor comics page.

Part 5 to this key issue Thor lists is ready, so just click the blue link below. If you missed the previous Part 3, you can navigate back using the blue link below.
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