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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Superman Key Issues Part 2

Back again with Part 2 to this Superman Key Issues list. Be sure to break out your want lists.

Actoin Comics #12 image
Action Comics #12
  • Ad for Detective Comics #27
Not particularly a key issue comic concerning Superman's mythos, but in this issue there is the first ever ad in one panel for Detective Comics #27. As we all know, Detective Comics #27 boasts the first appearance of Batman, and the first ever ad in a comic book for that major first appearance is definitely worth mentioning and a comic to invest in.

ComicLink - Two copies available here. Both are CGC graded. One's a GD/VG 3.0 and the other a 1.5 FR/GD. The 3.0 has been bid up to $3,750.

Superman #1 comic book cover
Superman #1
  • 1st self titled series for Superman
  • 1st self titled series for a comic book superhero ever
Superman #1 volume 1 re-tells the origin of Superman in Action Comics #1 and reprints the first four Superman stories in Action Comics. However, it adds four pages of the Superman story in Action Comics #1 that were omitted in the final printing. 

Also, this issue marks the first time ever that a comic superhero got his very own titled series that focused purely on the character. This golden age comic debuted in June of 1939 and is the 2nd most valuable Superman comic ever, beating out Superman's 2nd appearance in Action Comics #2.  

The hunt for this comic will surely be a challenge, as with many early golden age Superman comics. Even poor grades are investment worthy, though not aesthetically appealing to the eye.

eBay - There are only three copies on ebay. All of them CGC, but they're all restored copies of the first printing of Superman #1. Still, they are extremely valuable even at restored copies, because this golden age issue is quite scarce. One seller even has a complete run of Superman #1-5 up for auction. The 1st issue is restored but all others are CGC Universal. Check it out all the copies below:

Action Comics #13 cover
 Action Comics #13
  • First appearance of Ultra-Humanite
Ultra-Human-What? Ultra-Humanite is actually Superman's very first recurring super villain.  That's right, he gave the Man of Steel headaches before Lex Luthor became the main bad ass. 

However, like Lex Luthor, Ultra-Humanite was also a criminal master mind with a highly developed intellect. No matter how smart, though, he just didn't have the certain something that Lex Luthor had, so Siegel and Shuster retired the character, and Ultra-Humanite wasn't used for several decades.

ComicConnect - CGC FA or FR (Fair) copy 1.0 is available here.

Superman #2
  •  2nd self-titled issue

Nothing really spectacular happens in this issue. It's a 2nd issue of the first titled Superman series, so it makes this list. It's also a pretty expensive comic to own in all grades.

eBay - Three copies here as well. One is a CGC 5.5 Universal and is grouped in a complete lot of Superman #1-5. The other two are unslabbed copies. The better looking one looks restored. Check them out below

ComicLink - Two Superman issue #2 here. Both CGC copies. One's a solid FN and the other is a VG+ 4.5. Both are near their asking prices.

Action Comics #20 comic image
 Action Comics #20
  • Ongoing Superman covers begin
Issue 20 of Action Comics marks when Superman will continually grace the covers of Action comics. No more covers involving weird sci fi or strange monsters. It's Superman all the way from here on out.

ComicConnect - Upcoming auction, yet to be announced (at time of this writing), has a CGC 3.5 VG- copy going on the chop block. May want to keep an eye on it if you're on the hunt for scarce and highly investment comic worthy golden age Superman key issues.

Action Comics #23 comic book cover
Action Comics #23
  • First appearance of Lex Luthor
  • First mention of Daily Planet
Okay, this is a super major key issue. Who can deny that the first appearance of Lex Luthor, the self described, "Greatest criminal mind of the 20th century" and Superman's most popular arch enemy, is not a Superman key issue that any fan wouldn't love to have? In this issue, however, Lex Luthor is seen with red hair in his very first appearance.

This golden age comic to invest in is one of the best investment comics concerning Superman keys and it won't be easy to track down. 

Superman #7 cover image
Superman #7
  • First appearance of Perry White
Another important supporting character in the Superman mythos. I think we're all familiar with Perry White, also called "Chief" by comic's ultimate suck up, Jimmy Olsen. Superman #7 is the issue that has the first appearance of Perry White, and therefore, is a golden age key issue worth the consideration of snagging up. If you can find it.

eBay - A few copies here for this golden age first appearance of Perry White. Four CGC copies with the highest being a 6.5 FINE Plus and the other a 6.0 FN. The two lowest CGC copies are both 5.0 VG/FN. There are also two unslabbed copies as well. 

Just click the blue ebay link above to check them out. As always, it will bring you to the eBay search results for the comic in question.

Ready for more of the Man of Steel key issues? Just click the next link below, or if you missed Part 1, click the previous link.

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