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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Superman Key Issues Part 7

Pecking along here, and we're finally on Part 7, but still on the silver age era concerning related Superman key issues. More Superman key goodness awaits. Enjoy!

Action Comics #255 comic
Action Comics #255
  • Death of New Bizarro
  • First appearance of Bizarro Lois Lane

After a battle between Bizarro 1 and New Bizarro, New Bizarro is killed by Kryptonite. Still, Bizarro 1 tries to woo Lois Lane into marrying him. When his attempts fail, he decides that he must prove to Lois Lane that he is better than Superman by defeating him. 

During the fight, Lois Lane gets the idea of using the duplicator ray on herself to make a Bizarro Lois. When the Bizarro couple finally meet each other, they fall in love and leave Earth to create a world of their own.

An important key issue concerning the character of Bizarro. This is the Bizarro character that we remember from the Super Friends cartoon, who creates Bizarro World.

eBay - Lots of raw, unslabbed comics, mostly on the lower grade side. A few CGC options. Two are restored, however. One is a high grade CGC 8.5, more than investment worthy for this key issue. 

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Brave And The Bold #28
  • First appearance of Superman With JLA
  • First appearance of Justice League of America

I should note that this is the first published appearance of Superman with the Justice League of America, and there's no doubt that Superman has become well-identified with this superhero team. It should also be known that the creation of the Justice League of America also inspired Marvel's creation of the Fantastic Four.

However, in continuity, this is not the first time Superman meets or joins the Justice League of America. That issue is coming up soon on this Superman key issue list.

This is the holy grail of silver age Justice League key issues, and extremely expensive. If you have a copy even in low grades, you're one lucky and wise comic collector. March 1960 is the famous first appearance of the Justice League of America.

mycomicshop - Unslabbed and restored 3.0 GD/VG copy located here. 

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Action Comics #263
  • First appearance of Bizarro World
  • Origin of Bizarro World
Who doesn't love Bizarro World, where everything is backwards? Good is bad, and bad is good, and everything perfect is outlawed. Created by Bizarro No 1 and Bizarro Lois Lane, who flew off to create their own world in Action Comics #255, we finally get to see that world the two love birds were talking about in this issue here. April 1960 marks this key issue.

mycomicshop - GD+ copy and a restored GD- copy. No CGC

eBay - High grade CGC 8.5 VF+ available. Also, a 9.0 CGC copy is up for auction with only one day left as of 1/11/2014. Unslabbed copies in the low grade spectrum plentiful on eBay.

Superboy #80
  • First meeting of Superboy and Supergirl
How could this Superman key issue list not have the first time Superboy and Supergirl meet? Of course, it could, and here it is. This issue was also published in April 1960.

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eBay - Not too many options here for this issue. Only a very few unslabbed copies, all within the low grade range. That may have changed from the time of this writing. 

ComicLink - Only one VF 8.0 CGC copy for sale at CL if you prefer more investment grade comics.

Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane #17
  • 2nd appearance of Brainiac
No doubt that the 2nd appearance of one of the most popular Superman and DC Comics villains would be an important key issue to snag. The 2nd appearance of Brainiac debuted in May of 1960. Lots of key issue goodness in the silver age year of 1960!

NewKadia - Yep, and here's a solid FN mid-grade copy at NewKadia! Be sure to use the discount codes I mentioned in the issues above. Clearance sale code ends January 13, 2014. Be a shame to lose out on getting these keys for a good deal.Click the link above and scroll down a bit to find this issue.

eBay - No CGC found as of this writing. A few unslabbed mid grade copies, but mostly lower grade.

ComicConnect - Unslabbed copies. Highest is a VF 8.0.

Superman #140
  • First appearance of Blue Kryptonite
  • First appearance of Bizarro Supergirl
  • Origin of Bizarro Jr.
For those who don't know, Blue Kryptonite is the reverse Kryptonite that works on Bizarros, but has no effect on other Kryptonians like Superman/Superboy and Supergirl. Also this issue holds the first appearance of Bizarro Supergirl. As for the origin of Bizarro Jr., I don't even wanna know. Oct, 1960 issue.

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mycomicshop - lower grade copies. Highest is a GD.

eBay - Very gorgeous 8.5 VF+ copy worth checking out on eBay. Also a few unslabbed copies in the mid-grade range and VG range. 

Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane #23
  •  First appearance of Lena Thorul
Lex Luthor has a sister. Yes, he does, and this is her first appearance. Lena Thorul is Lex Luthor's biological sister and no her last name isn't different because she got married. Actually, none of her family knew that Lex had gone into a career as a criminal, but once finding out, Lena and her parents disowned poor Lex and changed their last names to Thorul. She debuted in February of 1961.

eBay - Another gorgeous, high grade, CGC 8.5 (Very Fine Plus) copy for this issue on eBay. Also some nice mid-grade unslabbed copies as well.

ComicConnect - PGX 7.0 copy is going up for auction soon the 20th of January. May be worth watching. Also some unslabbed copies, highest is a VF 8.0. 

Action Comics #275 cover
Action Comics #275
  • First appearance of Heat Vision
The is the first time Heat Vision as its own unique and separate power makes its first appearance in Superman's arsenal of super powers. This issue came out in April of 1961, and it's still a little baffling that this super power took that long to make its debut, considering that we today all link the Man of Steel with Heat Vision.

NewKadia - Only two copies available here. One's a low FN 5.5, and the other a GD+ 2.5. Only a few more days until the clearance sale is over (January 13, 2014). Use code clear5 during checkout to get 20% off if you're a returning customer. If you're a first time buyer use code new4 to get a discount, but it won't be that much unless you spend over $100 bucks to get 20% if you've never bought from NewKadia before. 

mycomicshop - Solid VG copy and a low GD. VG copy has a 1 inch spine split, which to me isn't a VG. Oh, yes, they are both unslabbed copies. 

eBay - Quite a few unslabbed copies. No CGC yet. A VF- raw copy was spotted if you want to chance it.

ComicConnect - Unslabbed copies as well. Highest is a 8.5 VF+ for those who don't care for low grade copies as investments.

Adventure Comics #283 comic book
Adventure Comics #283
  •  First appearance of General Zod
  • First appearance of the Phantom Zone
I've been stressing to get this first appearance of Zod ever since it was announced that Zod would be the villain in the Man of Steel film. This key issue Superman comic is still going strong and still sought out since Zod is such a popular villain, appearing in two Superman movies to date. 

I doubt he'll be in a third, considering that they killed him off, but you know Warner Bros. I highly doubt that they won't do another Superman reboot somewhere in the future. This issue is also the first appearance of the Phantom Zone, and debuted in April 1961.

mycomicshop - Finally, mycomicshop brings some CGC goodness. Highest is a 7.0 FN/VF unrestored. Other CGC copy is 3.0 GD/VG. They also have some unslabbed options but they are low grade. 

eBay - A whopping 9.0 CGC copy is for sale on mighty eBay. They have a best offer option, and it doesn't hurt to make an offer for the first appearance of Zod. Also two CGC 8.0 VF  copies spotted, one ridiculously over priced, but the other pretty good. Quite a few options concerning raw, unslabbed copies.

Part 8 is ready. Just click the Next link at the bottom to continue with this Superman Key Issues list. 

You can also click the Previous link with the arrows at the bottom of this post to see Part 6 to this series. If you'd like to start at the beginning just click this Part 1 link.

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