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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Superman Key Issues List Part 10

Alrighty, we are closing up to this Superman Key Issues series, and while these are key issues, some may not be considered investment worthy. Quite a few are in the copper age so the highest grade is recommended. What I mean by that is the lowest possible a 9.6 NM (9.8 recommended), but if you're looking for good stories, all of these fit the mold.

All Star Comics #58
  • First appearance of Power Girl
A character who is immensely popular, Power Girl is the Earth Two counterpart of Supergirl, meaning that she is Superman's cousin and endowed with the same superpowers and such. The character is perhaps one of the most and hottest cosplayed female superheroes. Power Girl's first appearance in All Star Comics #58 is one of the best bronze age Superman key issues to snag. This issue came out in February, 1976.

eBay - Two 9.2 CGCs and a 9.0 CGC copy for this bronze age key issue and first appearance of Power Girl. The 9.2s aren't a bad investment grade for this issue. 

NewKadia - Two copies available here. One a VF+ and the other a solid VF. Both way under a hundred dollars.

ComicLink - One CGC 9.2 for this key issue.

Action Comics #471
  • First appearance of Faora
Who can forget the hot psycho woman from Superman 2 under Zod's command? I sure can't, and her first appearance was in Action Comics #471. Faora Hu-Ul is Krypton's most notorious serial killer and was sentenced to over three hundred years in the Phantom Zone. It's there where she met General Zod, unlike in the movie. This popular Superman villain debuted in May 1977. She was also portrayed in 2013s Man of Steel movie.

eBay - Only spotted one CGC, and it was a 9.0. A bit surprised, was expecting more higher grade copies for this issue here.

NewKadia - Only a VF copy available for sale here. Under $15 dollars.

DC Comics Presents #27
  • First appearance of Mongul
Mongul has become a popular character within the Superman mythos and has appeared in all sorts of other media including the animated television series, video games, and such. He was created by Len Wein and Jim Starlin. 

This is a late bronze age key issue and is still very much a sleeper. It was published in November, 1980. 

eBay - Highest CGC copy spotted is an 8.5 VF+, super affordable. Unslabbed copies also available. 

Crisis On Infinite Earths #1-12
  • Landmark series
  • Important to DC Continuity
  • 1st Post-Crisis universe
As I've been saying throughout this Superman key issue list about continuity problems and confusion within the golden to bronze age of this list, this issue and series is extremely important in that regards. Inspired by the Crisis on Earth Two and Crisis on Earth Three storylines in the Justice League of America during the silver age, which tried to tie in some loose ends concerning DC's continuity and universe problems, legendary writer Marv Wolfman set out to clean this up a bit with this series.

This series ended up being extremely influential, and now DC's continuity is now branched off into Pre-Crisis and Post-Crisis, in which modern DC Comics are inherently based in. Wally West also becomes the new Flash at the end of this series.

A good read and one of the best copper age investment comics of this DC Comics era. Issue number one debuted in April, 1985.

eBay - As expected, lots of options here. A few complete series CGC auctions. Quite a few CGC 9.8s. Quite a few unslabbed complete runs as well. Good place to look for this important DC key issue series. 

NewKadia - Lots of copies here. High grade NM for issue #1. Entire series in stock. A lot cheaper than the CGC options at other places.

ComicConnect - #1 here at a 9.8 CGC for under $50. Not a bad deal at all. Unslabbed copies are super affordable at high grades.

Man of Steel #1
  • First appearance of Superman Post-Crisis
  • Superman rebooted
  • Modern origin
This is the six issue limited comic book series that came out in October 1986. Written and drawn by legend John Byrne, DC editors wanted to make changes to Superman and with the end of the multiverse in Crisis On Infinite Earths, in which DC's universe becomes one, Marv Wolfman called upon John Byrne (as they both had the same ideas concerning the character) to try to sell the idea of rebooting the character based on the events of Crisis to the brass at DC.

It was green-lit, and this modern origin cut out Superman's career as Superboy and limited the Man of Steel's powers, which many artists and writers at DC had wanted to do because Superman's near invincibility was becoming boring to them and the readers. 

This is a landmark copper age issue, and many of the old characters like Lois Lane and Lex Luthor were reintroduced in this series. This is the comic series the Man of Steel movie was based on.

eBay - Surprisingly no CGC copies and not that many unslabbed copies as well, but there are only a handful.

mycomicshop - More unslabbed copies. Highest is a solid NM copy. No CGC.

NewKadia - Only two copies in stock. One's a VF+ and the other a VF.

ComicLink - CGC 9.8 available, but the price is extremely steep in my opinion.

Superman: Man of Steel #17
  • First appearance of Doomsday
How could I not put one of the most recent and most popular super villains on this list. Despite the first appearance of Doomsday coming out in November, 1992, this is a modern key issue Superman comic worth noting. Doomsday, after all, is the character best known for killing Superman, and fans have liked him ever since. 

eBay - Would've been super surprised if there were no CGC 9.8s on eBay for this issue. There are quite a few, and a few that are Signature Series. This issue, as expected, is worth quite a bit. Unslabbed NM copies are over a hundred bucks already.

mycomicshop - A 9.0 VF/NM and 8.5 VF+ available. Both are unslabbed.

And, finally, I'm going to leave this Superman Key Issue list right here. No Part 11. I'm all Superman'd out. Whether I add on to this list, I dunno, but the chance for that is highly unlikely. 

There's a lot of key issue comic goodness to this series already, so if you missed the earlier parts, it's probably best to click the link and start at Part 1.

You can also click the Previous link at the very bottom of this post and work your way back as well. 

Thanks for reading and hope this gives you fans even more key comics to add to your want list. If you're looking for more DC Comic key issues, be sure to visit the link below and see my key issue Batman list.


  1. Just wanted to thank you for this list. I know it couldn't have been easy, man. Great job!


    1. Thanks Jeff, how's it going? Not easy, but not too hard either. Just time consuming, but there's a lot of interesting facts about Superman and how the character evolved. I thought the reason why Supes gained his ability to fly was a strange one but funny one.

      Also the addition of Kryptonite was so spot on by the editor. A character that is near invulnerable is quite dull. I hope this Superman key issue list series helped in looking for some key Superman comics to gun for as well. Any issue catch your eye? There's a few that did for me.

      Always great to hear from you, man!