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Monday, January 13, 2014

Superman Key Issue Comics Part 8

Welcome to Part 8 of this Superman Key Issue Comics list. A whole lot of goodness concerning key Superman comics. Some aren't easy finds, some are. But there's sure to be one or two you'll want to add your want lists.

Superman #147 comic cover image
Superman #147
  •  First appearance Legion of Supervillains
What would a Legion of Superheroes be without a Legion of Supervillians? This is not the Legion of Doom portrayed in the Hanna Barbara cartoon Super Friends that most of us remember. The cover is a mock of Adventure Comics #247, in which Superboy meets the Legion of Superheroes, and is inducted into the group in a vote. This issue was published in August, 1961. 

eBay - A few graded options. Highest is a PGX 5.5 low FN, and the other a 4.5 VG+. Quite a bit of raw copies, but mostly in lower grades.

mycomicshop - Lower grade unslabbed copies. Highest is a GD+. 

NewKadia - Two copies, and one high grade option at a solid VF. Other copy is a VG- or low very good. You will need to scroll a bit after clicking the link.

Justice League of America #9 cover image
Justice League of America #9

  • Origin of Justice League of America
  • First time Superman meets JLA
  • Superman joins JLA
This is the origin story of how the Justice League of America came to form. It may not be the first published JLA team members seen together, but it is the first time they come together as a team to fight evil. So, yes, this is a pretty important Superman related key issue, and why it deserves to be on this list here. Besides Superman joins the team in this issue.

Remember, the Justice League of America is the Earth One version of the Justice Society of America on Earth Two. This silver age key issue came out in February 1962. 

mycomicshop - A whopping CGC 9.4 available, unrestored. Also an unslabbed VG- here as well. 

eBay - Quite a few options. Same CGC 9.4 on mycomicshop is on eBay as well. They have two CGC 9.0 copies up there, as well as a graded 6.0 solid FN. A few unslabbed copies.

Superboy #104 image
Superboy #104
  • Origin of Phantom Zone
Origin of the Phantom Zone, in which the technology was created by none other than Superman's dad, Jor-El. The Phantom Zone projector was to send Krypton's criminals into a shadowy dimension. Most of us in my generation know of the Phantom Zone from Superman The Movie and Superman II, in which Zod and his minions are sent to and escape from.

Even the Man of Steel movie referenced the Phantom Zone and depicted the Phantom Zone projectors.

mycomicshop - Two lower grade unslabbed copies. Highest grade is a GD.

NewKadia - Bringing some more silver age goodness, NewKadia has a low FINE copy of this key issue. There's also two very low grade copies for those who just want to fill in some gaps for their collection.

eBay - Unslabbed copies. No CGC. Highest spotted was a FN- or low FN. 

Justice League of America #21 pic
Justice League of America #21
  • Justice League of America teams up with Justice Society of America
In August of 1963, those at DC finally decided to shake things up once they established that a multiverse existed in the DC Universe. This issue isn't the one that did, but it's hailed as a fan favorite storyline that sees the first team up between The Justice League of America and their golden age, Earth Two counterpart superhero team, The Justice Society of America. 

This two part story would be the foundation for the Crisis on Infinite Earths story that would later become a fan favorite in the mid 80s.

mycomicshop - A few lower grade unslabbed copies. Highest is a GD/VG 3.0. Cheap options but not necessarily investment worthy.

eBay - Lots of unslabbed. Only one CGC 5.5 low FN copy. Unslabbed 9.4 but claims he has done slight professional color touch up, putting in the restored category.

Justice League of America #22 comicJustice League of America #22
  • Part Two Crisis on Earth Two - Justice Society of America teams up with Justice League of America
Crisis on Earth Two, is the 2nd part to this awesome storyline that features the first team up between the JLA of Earth One and the JSA of Earth Two. This issue as well as Justice League of America #21 is on this Superman key issue list because these two issues helped to explain and further establish more about the multiverse of Earth One and Earth Two for DC Comics' readers. 

mycomicshop - Comics just have in your collection to fill gaps, there are  three available copies but at low grades. Highest is a GD 2.0. All are unslabbed copies. 

NewKadia - Three low grade copies here. Highest a VG+. 

eBay - Handful of options, but a CGC VF copy was located. Mostly unslabbed and one 9.0 restored copy.

World's Fines Comics #142 image pic
World's Finest Comics #142
  • First Composite Superman
Hey, let's combine the world's two greatest and oldest comic book characters into one dude and make him a baddie. It'll be brilliant! Actually, it kinda was. In June, 1964, the first appearance of Composite Superman hit the world of comics. This is the Joseph Meach version. 

NewKadia - VG+ and a low VG copy for this silver age key issue at NewKadia. 

eBay - Gorgeous 9.4 CGC copy here, along with a few unslabbed copies claiming to be around 7.0.

Justice League of America #29 image
Justice League of America #29
  • First appearance of Ultraman
  • First Crime Syndicate of America
  • First appearance of Earth Three
Ultra who? Ultraman. No, not the Ultraman from the Japanese television series that I geeked out on as a little kid.

Ultraman, the evil counterpart to Superman from yet another alternate Earth. Yep, he posses powers similar to Superman as well. 

This issue also debuts the first appearance of the Crime Syndicate of America, whose membership includes Johnny Quick, Owlman, Super-Woman, Power Ring, and Ultraman. The Crime Syndicate of America are from Earth Three as well as its members, and are basically the evil counterpart to the Justice League of America.  

Once again the Justice Society of America teams up with The Justice League of America to battle with their Earth Three counter part, The Crime Syndicate of America. Good stuff!

This issue was published in August, 1964, and added more to DC's multiverse. It's also a precursor to the Crisis on Infinite Earths comics as well.

mycomicshop - unslabbed copies and low grade copies for the collector on a budget. Highest grade is a VG- 3.5.

NewKadia - Only one low VG 3.5 awaiting to get snagged. 

eBay - Only a few unslabbed copies. No CGC.

World's Finest Comics #156 comic cover image
World's Finest Comics #156
  • First appearance of Bizarro Batman
If Lois gets a Bizarro character than Batman should have one too. Actually, it's not surprising that this happened, and that Bizarro No 1 would create a Bizarro Batman. Hey, we all need friends, right?
 Both Bizarros come then come to earth to fill in for an absent Batman, wrecking havoc without really meaning to do so. This issue came out in March 1966. 

NewKadia - Only one copy left at a VG+ 4.5. Pretty much a sleeper concerning silver age DC Comics. 

eBay - Only one CGC grade VF+ 8.5. Rest are unslabbed copies.

Part 9 is ready! Just click the blue link to move onto Part 9 of this Superman key issue comics list. You can also click Previous if you haven't seen the earlier Parts to this series. 

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