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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Superman Key Comics Part 3

Welcome to Part 3 of this series. We are still on golden age Superman key comics, and some of the top comics to invest in pretty much ever.

Superman #10 image
Superman #10
  • 1st Bald Lex Luthor
In his first few appearances, Lex Luthor is shown having red hair. However, in this issue, we first get to see him with the nice shiny dome that's iconic to the character. 

eBay - Quite a few copies up on ebay for this 5th appearance and first look at Lex Luthor without hair. I see four CGC copies so far with the highest being a 6.5 FINE Plus, a 6.0 solid FINE, a 4.0 solid Very Good, and the lowest a solid Good or 2.0. There are also unslabbed copies as well if you want to take the risk and possibly buy a restored copy or a lower grade comic without knowing. This issue is 70 years old!

Once again, you can take a looksie by clicking the eBay link above and it will take you to the search results for this issue.

ComicConnect - There are five copies here, two of them being CGC graded and the other three unslabbed. Highest grade is a CGC 5.5, low FINE, and the lowest being a FA+ 1.5 unslabbed copy.

ComicLink - If you're a picky comic investor and only high grade suits your collection, ComicLink delivers the goods with a CGC 9.2 copy available for sale there! They also have a PGX 8.5 VF+, and a CGC 7.5 VF- or low Very Fine. Dude seriously needs to lower his price on the 7.5 copy. One  unslabbed copy at a very low 1.0 solid Fair or FR or FA.

All Star Comics #7 comic book
All Star Comics #7
  • Superman Joins The Justice Society of America
  • 1st Superman and Batman in a story together
Earth Two golden age Superman joins the Justice Society of America, as well as Batman as honorary members. The Justice Society of America is the first ever superhero team in comics. They are known on Earth One as The Justice League of America.

And yes, for all those who are wondering the first time Superman and Batman are actually in a story together, it's this golden oldie right here!

eBay - 5 copies here, with one of them being a gorgeous CGC 9.2 low Near Mint! This comic was also from the collection of Nicholas Cage. The other CGC copy is a highly desirable 7.0 FN/VF. There three unslabbed copy of All Star Comics #7 on eBay as well. Just visit the link to check them out.

ComicConnect - There's an unslabbed 9.0 copy, VF/NM,  and a CGC VG/FN 5.0.

ComicLink - Looks like the same 9.2 CGC copy from Nicholas Cage's collection on ebay is also at ComicLink. There's also a CGC 7.0 FN/VF copy at ComicLink as well, and both seem to be from the same seller. 

So, if you get eBay bucks and are dying for a higher graded copy of this issue, I'd definitely snag those two copies on ebay instead. Also, if you use Bill Me Later, you'll have six months to pay it off without interest.

Two more copies are available here, both are unslabbed at lower grades. The highest is a 3.5 Very Good minus for the unslabbed selection.

Action Comics #29 comic book cover image
Action Comics #29
  • 1st Lois Lane on cover
Lois Lane finally graces the cover of a comic book ever. Fans of Superman really go after the 1st time an important Superman character graces a cover, so this key issue won't be that easy of a find. 

ComicConnect - 3 copies, all unslabbed. Highest is graded at a 7.5 VF-.
Superman #13
  • Office Boy becomes Jimmy Olsen
Finally, they give Jimmy Olsen a name in the comic books, and it's right here in issue #13 of Superman's first titled series. This is often debated as the "Real" first appearance of Jimmy Olsen, but in all actuality, many debate that his nameless first appearance is really in Action Comics #6.

Important supporting character for Supes, and therefore is a sought out key comic issue. We're still in the golden age of comics here. This issue debuted November 1941.

mycomicshop: Holy moly! A golden age Superman key issue finally located at mycomicshop and a high grade CGC 8.0 too! This copy has slight restoration and under the purple label, but concerning this is a golden age Superman key comic that's not easy to find, it may be worth checking out.

ComicConnect - However, ComicConnect has a high grade CGC 8.0 solid Very Fine. There's also a 6.5 CGC graded copy as well.

Action Comics #47 comic book picAction Comics #47
  • First Lex Luthor on cover
Of course, one of Superman's oldest, most well-known, and most popular villains needs to be on a cover eventually. Here it is, the first time Lex Luthor makes it to the big time and gets himself on the cover of a comic book, though being thrown through a brick wall by Supes isn't quite flattering for the ego.

Regardless, many Superman collectors go Coo-Coo for these historical gems, and this issue is indeed a gem to own. It's also extremely difficult to locate.

Action Comics #51
  • First appearance of Prankster
If Superman had a villain during the golden age like the goofy version of the silver age Joker, the Prankster would be him. This is the first appearance of the original Prankster, whose alter ego is Oswald Loomis. Of course, his crimes involve pranks, and once even filed a copyright for the English language and gains ownership of the Alphabet. 

However, the character has survived throughout the decades and there's even a modern New 52 version of him. He is one of Superman's oldest recurring foes and debuted in August of 1942. 

mycomicshop - Alright, the folks at mycomicshop deliver the goods once again. This time a CGC 4.5 VG+ copy is here awaiting to get snagged up for those who are more on a tighter budget but want a key golden age Superman comic.

ComicConnect - One unslabbed restored FINE copy for $390 here.

Action Comics #64 comic cover

Action Comics #64
  • First appearance of Toyman
We're talking about the original Toyman here,
Winslow Schott, not the Jack Nimble version from the Super Friends cartoon. Toyman uses toy based or toy themed devices for his various criminal escapades, and for some reason, he's pretty popular among Superman fans.

Toyman is one of Superman's oldest recurring foes in the comics, as well as the early Superman cartoons. So here's his first appearance on this key issue list.

eBay - has three copies. One is ridiculously high as you can see below:

Superman #30 comic image

Superman #30
  • First appearance of Mister Mxyzptlk
  • Origin of Mister Mxyzptlk
Ah, I remember Mxyzptlk from the Super Friends cartoon, and found the imp to be extremely annoying in an awesome way. Many fans would agree with me and there is still mad  love for the character. This key issue comic is definitely no imp. It's a hard find, but a great investment comic.

eBay - Three unslabbed copies available on eBay. Click the blue eBay link to see the search results for the unslabbed copies. One CGC graded copy found so far on eBay (at the time of this writing) you can check out below:

ComicConnect - Two unslabbed copies. One is a VF+, and the only CGC graded copy so far is solid Very Good 4.0.

ComicLink - Four copies of the first appearance and origin of Mxyzpytlk here. Highest is a CGC 4.5, with the other a solid CGC 4.0 Very Good. Two unslabbed copies at a 4.5 and a 2.5 GD+.

All American Comics #61 image
All American Comics #61
  • First appearance of Solomon Grundy
Solomon Grundy wants pants too! Although Solomon Grundy is an enemy to many superheroes, including Batman, the first appearance of Solomon Grundy in All American Comics #61 deserves to be on this list of Superman Key Issues. This first appearance of the golden age villain is definitely a valuable find, and most grades are already in the thousands for this issue.

eBay - Only two copies were found at the time of this writing on eBay. One is a nice CGC copy at a very desirable grade for a golden age comic. The other is an unslabbed copy. You can see them below if they're still available.

ComicLink - One CGC FN- copy located here.

Action Comics #80
  • 2nd appearance of Mister Mxyzptlk
  • 1st Mxyzptlk cover
Back by popular demand, Mxyzptlk makes a 2nd appearance, but in Action Comics this time for further mischief at Superman's expense.
Also this the first time Mxyzpklk graces a comic cover.

ComicLink - CGC 7.5 available, as well two lower grade unslabbed copies.

ComicConnect - Unslabbed 3.5 Very Good Minus here.

If you haven't before, you can check out the previous parts 1 and 2 to the series by clicking the link below. Part 4 is ready so click the Next link below to continue!


  1. Wow! Great list so far. It's interesting to see how Supes developed over the years. In the beginning, he couldn't fly (just jumped around), and it implied he could die if he fell from a great distance and even be killed in an explosion. And there was no kryptonite early on (I think it was first added in the radio show). Do you know the issue where it shows Supes flying for the first time? I'm not sure when that was.

    Anyway, thanks for the list. Looking forward to the next part.


    1. Hey Jeff, Supes has a boat load of key issues. I'm trying to pump them out as fast as I can. You're right kryptonite was first heard of in the Superman radio shows of the 40s. As for the first time Superman flies in a comic, that issue is coming up soon in a future part to this series.