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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Recent Comic Book Movie News

So what's the latest comic book movie news that's causing waves in the realm of fandom? Quite a bit actually. Some of it is disturbing, some of it is pretty cool, and some borders both.

As you can tell from the banner above, we finally get our first look at how the characters from the Guardians of the Galaxy movie will look. Below is the original promo picture.

Must say that Zoe Saldana as Gamora looks pretty awesome. The costume is pretty far off from the comic book look of the character, but she still looks hot. 

Groot looks pretty cool. Then again, I'm not real big on talking-walking trees. "But they were cool in Lord of the Rings," you may say, and I would retort, "Uh, no, they weren't." For some foreboding reason, I now have the feeling that Groot will probably be my favorite character after watching the movie.

I have to say that I'm a tad disappointed in Star Lord's look and Drax the Destroyer. Star Lord looks unbelievably blah and common. He's wearing a reguar jacket and pants. This is a space epic! Where's the futuristic suit?

As for Drax? I can't tell if the dude is red or green, or red and green. Drax's skin tone has always been green, and if that's changed I would really wonder what twat made that call and why. Doesn't remind me of the character at all.

The coolest looking one is Rocket Raccoon so far. At least he looks like the character the most, but then again, he is all CGI.

Ant-Man movie news. Well, not too long ago they cast Paul Rudd in the Edgar Wright directed Ant-Man, but it was unsure if he would be playing Scott Lang or Henry Pym.

Just last week this question was answered when Marvel and Edgar Wright confirmed that Michael Douglas has been cast for the role of Henry Pym. Say what? What you talking about, Willis?

It's true, and apparently Paul Rudd is Scott Lang. Although, a bit disappointed because I'd really rather see an Ant-Man film more about Henry Pym being tied into the Avengers, since he is an original member, it's pretty apparent that the Ant-Man movie will center around Scott Lang.

But that brings the question of what role Henry Pym has in the movie. Of course, he'll be the one that invents the technology to talk to insects and shrink or grow, but is he just going to be a scientist with no real link to the Ant-Man superhero character other than creating the formula?

Speculators have suggested that Michael Douglas as Henry Pym just may be a bitter scientist and the villain of the movie. I surely hope this doesn't end up true, though Douglas can play a pretty damn good, arrogant villain.

Despite the age factor, Douglas is a great choice to play Dr. Henry Pym. He plays an arrogant, snotty character perfectly. It's going to be interesting in how they completely rewrite this character. My main question is since Henry Pym would be too old for superhero action as Ant-Man, what does this mean for the Wasp? Does Janet Van Dyne hook up with Scott Lang?

Now for the last bit of comic book movie news which is a complete disappointment but not surprising at all. At last years San Diego Comic Con, Warner and DC Comics announced the big Superman/Batman movie for a 2015 summer release.

This was, of course, after they announced prior that a Justice League movie would be released to go head to head with the Avengers 2.

Now it seems they are once again changing their tune and pushed the Superman/Batman flick to summer of 2016. The reason is because of too many comic book movies being released in the summer of 2015. That's what their reps have said anyway.

However, there's a lot of buzz about a lot of disorganization concerning the project, and that's not hard to believe either. Some fans are also speculating that DC Warner do not want to compete with Marvel's Avengers 2, and would rather have their Superman/Batman with a clearer field to make the ka-ching. After all, we are talking about a studio that confirmed a Justice League movie immediately after the success of the Avengers movie and then retract their own confirmation a few months before Man of Steel was released in theaters, saying that further development of a Justice League movie depends on the success of Man of Steel at the box office.

However, they did announce that Wonder Woman will also appear in the Man of Steel sequel and even cast the character, so I'm pretty excited about that. If you've been under a rock somewhere and don't know who that is yet, be sure to click the blue link to find out who is playing Wonder Woman.

So the sequel's release is now 2016 instead of 2015. I wonder if next year DC and Warner will push the release date to 2017.

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