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Friday, January 31, 2014

Nod To Adam Warlock In Thor The Dark World

Despite what you may have thought about Thor The Dark World, the end credit scene where we get the first glimpse of Benecio Del Toro as the Collector also gives a nod to none other than Adam Warlock. You may have missed it like I did, but there's the scene above.

In the scene, we see a cocoon form encased, and as most comic fans of the character knows, Adam Warlock's first appearances in the comics have him in cocoon form starting with Fantastic Four #66. It's only until issue #67 when the character comes out to briefly reveal himself as his first incarnation HIM and we discover the first origin of the character.

This has been exciting news. Many who have speculated before that Adam Warlock would be getting some screen time because the character is deeply linked with The Guardians of the Galaxy are now hastily confirming that Adam Warlock is primed to make an onscreen appearance on the big screen.

I've also been encouraging that Adam Warlock will inevitably see the big screen when Guardians was announced, and I have no doubt that he will. However, does this end credit scene definitely confirms the character will be introduced soon?

It could be. He could be introduced in the first Guardians flick or the sequel. Nobody's really sure just yet. Nevertheless, the film could just be giving a nod to the character, much like how the original android Human Torch was given a nod to in Captain America The First Avenger.

While I don't think the android Human Torch will be seeing an onscreen debut aside from what he received in the first Cap film, I do think it's more likely Adam Warlock will bust out and start kicking some cosmic butt in the very near future.

So for all of you who have gotten the many first appearances of this cosmic comic character that stretches across The Fantastic Four, Thor, and Marvel Premiere comic titles, just hold tight and relax. Prices for CGC copies are already seeing a nice bump in value and demand. Unslabbed copies not so much.

What does this mean? It means those key issues are simmering, just waiting for confirmation before they start to boil. It also means you still got a little bit more time to snag these Adam Warlock keys if you haven't yet, but not too long. They're not hard finds.

I know I've detailed Adam Warlock's key first appearances already but let's briefly recap for some of those who may have just chanced upon Total comic Mayhem.

 Fantastic Four #66

Fantastic Four #66 is part one, or the beginning, to the origin of Adam Warlock as HIM. In this issue, the Fantastic Four first discovers the character in cocoon form, but we do not see HIM at all. The character does not make an appearance. So, technically this issue is not considered a first appearance, but it is still a very important issue concerning the character of Adam Warlock's origin.

  Fantastic Four #76

In part two to the origin of Adam Warlock as HIM in Fantastic Four #67, the Fantastic Four finally discovers what's inside the cocoon, and the character of Adam Warlock as HIM is revealed to all. Consequently, this issue is, at least for now, regarded as the first brief appearance of HIM (Warlock) in the comic industry, not the first full appearance of the character. Both the Fantastic Four issues 66 and 67 comics were published in 1967.

Thor #165

For some reason this appearance of the character of HIM is regarded as his first full appearance in the world of comics. It was published nearly two years after Fantastic Four #66 and 67 in 1969. The next issue, Thor #166, is considered the second appearance of Adam Warlock's short-lived career as HIM in the Marvel Comics universe. He also battles The Mighty Thor in issue #166.

Marvel Premiere #1

The origin of HIM being reborn as Adam Warlock. Here is where the character of HIM is revamped as the famous cosmic character we are more familiar with today. In a sense, it is the first appearance of Adam Warlock as Adam Warlock and not HIM, but the industry doesn't agree since Roy Thomas and Gil Kane consciously revamped the character from HIM and pointed to who Warlock was originally in the comics. Nevertheless, it's an important key issue for the character. This issue came out during the bronze age in 1972.

You can find super affordable unslabbed copies on eBay of Fantastic Four #67 as well as a few CGC graded copies. There's also a few copies of Marvel Premiere #1, mostly unslabbed copies as well. Just visit the links to check out the eBay search results for those two key issue comics.

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