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Monday, January 20, 2014

Daredevil Key Issues Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 to this Daredevil Key Issue List, and we are still in the Silver Age. If you missed Part 1 to this series, just click the link to go back. Otherwise, here's more Daredevil key comic books to consider.

1st appearance of Stilt Man
Origin of Stilt Man

Stilt Man...not exactly the most revered or deadliest of Marvel villains, but the guy has been nuisance for Daredevil and the likes of Captain America and Spider-Man. Wilbur Day is his real name and his suit was invented with telescopic metal legs to give him the ability to tower above his adversaries.

Still, this is an early Daredevil key issue and it is in the Silver Age. Daredevil #8 was published June, 1965.

eBay - Doesn't appear to be any problem finding this one on eBay currently for both slabbed or raw copies. Highest CGC or slabbed is a 9.6 NM+ followed by three 9.4 NMs. Also 9.2 NM minuses and some lower graded copies as well.

mycomicshop - Seven copies here and all are raw and in the lower grade realm. Highest is only a FN minus and all are on consignment and not in actual stock.

1st appearance of Deborah Harris
1st appearance of the Ani-Men
1st appearance of the Organizer
We got more minor Marvel villains, and it's no surprise they're introduced in the early Daredevil comic series. However, the first appearance of Deborah Harris is a semi-important character in the Daredevil mythos.

Deborah Harris is Foggy Nelson's high school sweetheart. She would become a romantic interest for Foggy in the Daredevil comics as well.

As for the Ani-Men, this group consisted of Ape Man, Cat Man, Bird Man, and Frog Man. Yeah, not exactly stellar villains, but some of the villains in the Ani-Men would later join up with the Masked Marauder and other villains in the Daredevil comics.

The Organizer is an extremely minor villain and doesn't have many appearances at all. Still this one is an early Daredevil key issue and was published October, 1965.

eBay - Seems to be a few copies here of this key issue. Looks to be plenty of raw copies and a few CGC copies. Highest located so far is an 8.5 VF+ Signature Series. There are some lower grade Universal copies also.

mycomicshop - Only one CGC 8.5 VF+ here at the moment. It's a Signature Series signed by Stan Lee.

ComicConnect - CGC 9.2 NM minus and a few raw copies here. Highest raw copies are a VF+ and a VF.

1st appearance of Plunderer

Pretty minor key for Daredevil, but an important key concerning Ka-Zar. This has the first appearance of the Plunderer, also known as Parnival Plunder. His father was the man who discovered the Savage Land and sent Parvinal and his brother to live there.

This issue would set up the secret origin of Ka-Zar, and the character of the Plunderer would be a recurring foe for Ka-Zar.

Daredevil #12 was published January, 1966.

eBay - A few copies here. Some are raw and only a few slabbed copies currently. Highest spotted is a CGC 8.5 VF+.

mycomicshop - Only one copy here and it's a CGC 8.5 VF+ on consignment.

Secret origin of Ka-Zar

In this issue, it's revealed that Ka-Zar and the Plunderer are actually brothers. Their father, Lord Robert Plunder, had discovered the Savage Land and sent him and his brother Kevin to live there.

However, the two were split up and Parnival thought his brother Kevin to be dead. The Plunderer established himself lord of the Castle Plunder in the Savage Land.

Kevin ended up growing up to be Ka-Zar, and held the 2nd half of the medallion. Once united with it's missing half, the Plunder children would be allowed the family inheritance.

Of course, Ka-Zar refuses to give his brother the other half, and thus would become his brother's rival.
Pretty over-looked Ka-Zar key issue from the Silver Age, and Daredevil #13 was published February, 1966.

eBay - Decent selection for this key issue on the mighty eBay at the moment. No problem finding raw copies for sure. Only a few CGC, and the highest grades are a 9.2 NM minus and a few 8.5 VF+s.

mycomicshop - Only one CGC 8.5 VF+ and the rest are raw copies. Highest raw copy is a FN/VF at the moment.

1st Spidey crossover in titled series
1st John Romita Spider-Man artwork 

Another one of Daredevil's best comics to invest in, Daredevil #16 is significant in two ways. It's the first Spidey crossover in the Daredevil title, and it's the first Spider-Man artwork published by legendary comic artist John Romita.

Later, Romita would start drawing for the Amazing Spider-Man series, where his artwork on the series cast him into fame and later a legend. If he was not beloved for his artwork on the ASM title, this Daredevil issue wouldn't be as sought out as much.

mycomicshop - Two unslabbed copies. Highest is FN+ 6.5. 2nd copy is a low grade GD/VG.

eBay  - If high grade CGC copies are more preference, there's two 9.4 solid Near Mint copies up on eBay. Also a few other CGC options as well as unslabbed copies. Just visit the link to see eBay's search result for this issue.

1st appearance of the Gladiator
Origin of the Gladiator
When you look at the rogues that were introduced in the early Daredevil comic series, most are pretty forgettable or did not become major villains for the character or in the Marvel Comics Universe. That's not to be mean or a slight against Daredevil as a character. It's just pretty much true.

The Gladiator was a recurring foe for early Daredevil, but he's not exactly the most popular or fan-revered of Marvel villains. Melvin Potter was a costume designer who had a hatred for costumed superheroes. He also fantasized about beating them.

Constructing his own costume with deadly wrist blades, the Gladiator was born. This villain has allied himself with several Daredevil foes.  

Daredevil #18 is not one of the highly sought out Silver Age key issues for any comic title, but it is still one for Daredevil. This comic was published July, 1966.

eBay - No problem finding this one on eBay either. Raw copies galore, but only four CGC copies. Highest two are a 9.4 NM and a 9.2 NM minus.

mycomicshop - Only one copy here and it's a raw VG+.

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ComicLink - Three CGC copies and the highest two are 9.4 NMs. Lowest is an 8.5 VF+.

Before, I stopped this Daredevil key issues with Part 2, but since it's been requested, I am expanding this list. So, there is a Part 3 and it will detail more Silver Age key issues from the Daredevil title.

If you missed Part 1, the PREVIOUS link below will bring you to that post. Click the PART 3 link if you desire to continue with more Daredevil key comics.

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