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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Comic Collectors Tools Pt. 1

By: Gerry D.

Every serious comic collector wants to keep track of his or her collection and the value of their books, so I've decided to make a list of some comic book resources like price guides, online databases and libraries, and organization software.

Overstreet Price Guide

The Overstreet Price Guide is considered the bible of comic book price guides and is wildly used by collectors and shop owners everywhere. These are the prices that the shop owners will use when either selling comics to you, or buying comics from you. It's a nice guide to have. There is only one guide issued per year and they don't have an online real time price guide, so if there is a sudden demand for a certain comic then Overstreet won't be updated for a year or until the next issue is out.

There is also a grading scale with an explanation of each grade. If you wanted to try to grade your own books, then use this guide to get a more accurate idea of the grade they might be in. The Overstreet grading system has pretty much become the standard for comic book grading.

If you'd like to get the latest issue of Overstreet, go to your local book store or go to the link above.

Comics Price Guide

This is one of my favorite resources for collecting comics. The site has pricing for graded AND ungraded books and also an online database and library, so you can add your books and keep track of your collection, easily being able to see whether your comics go up or down in value. I'm not sure how accurate the prices are compared to Overstreet, but it's a pretty handy tool to have.

 The site is free to use when you sign up, but they do offer premium services as well. You are limited to adding only 30 books to your library at the free, or Bronze level membership. For the collector that's just starting out, or if you only have a few books that you want to keep track of, this is the way to go. If you have more comics you'd like to add to your library or would like to sell your books through the site, you can upgrade to either the Silver or Gold level memberships.  

Comic Book Realm

Comic Book Realm is another online price guide and database. Unlike Comics Price Guide, this site is 100% free. They do accept donations to help keep the site running, but you don't need to donate to use it.

I like this site because you add your entire collection into your library for free. They have over 34,000 titles in the database so you comics will probably be in there. As for the price guide, the prices are a lot higher compared to Overstreet and Comics Price Guide. I wouldn't put much stock in their price guide, but to use this site for organizing your library is great.


You can now keep your entire comic book collection with you where ever you go. Zap-Kapow is a price guide and database available for the iPhone and iPad. Have you ever gone to a comic shop or a convention and wondered if you already have a certain issue or not? I have, and that's where this app comes in handy. You can quickly look through your library to find out.

The database is grat. There are pics of most, if not all, the covers, artist and writer credits, and will point out if it is a key issue. You can also add comics to your want list, so you'll always have a list of those key issues you're looking for right at your finger tips.

This app isn't prefect though. The prices are a bit inflated and adding books to your library is very time consuming, especially if you have a large collection like I do. Also, you can't change the quantities if you happen to have some dupes. 

Zap-Kapow is $2.99 and can be downloaded from the app store. There is also a small fee if you want to keep the price guide up to date. I don't recommend using this app as a price, but using it solely for the database and library.


  1. Wow! I knew about the first two, but have never heard of the last two.
    I usually crack the overstreet, or check and visit your site for the latest inside info, along with It will be nice to have a place to inventory my comics. Always first with valuable info...kudos to you!
    ps thanks for all the kind words, Loren

    1. Gerry wrote this piece up. He's pretty in-tuned with all these different resources and actually the one who introduced me to Comic Book Realm. I must admit they are really nice when it comes to keeping inventory on your comics. Thanks for taking the time to write this up, Gerry. Whether he'll actually comment back I have no idea, and thanks for commenting Loren and the kind words as well.

    2. Hi Loren
      Gerry D here. Thanks for reading my post. These are just a few of the places I've looked into. I hope you find them as useful as I do. I'm always trying to find a good software or website where I can inventory and price my comics. I'm currently checking out some other sites and will have more reviews coming soon.

  2. Overstreet is a great guide especially for the first month it comes out, but price fluctuations happen all the time. CBR is very comparable to online retail you get real-time quotes, basically.

  3. Just wanted to put my 2 cents worth in for using the Comic Book Realm site. It's great for inventorying an entire collection as you can add multiple copies of the same book at different grades. Also, you can get them to change the value of books if you post your research for their moderators to go over and adjust what they have at the site. A while back, I got them to lower the NM value of Green Lantern #76 (vol. 1) from $3,800 to $850 after asking if there was a typo in the price. Turns out that was the value from about the previous year when the book was very, very hot but it cooled off after that. I also got them to increase the values of Preacher #1 and Absolute Vertigo #1 after inquiring about them and posting links on their "Price Check on Aisle X" forum. However, I do agree that there are a number of books that are over-valued at cover price that most LCS have in dollar bins. One other thing about CBR, they have a nice eBay analyzer tool where you can quickly check recent sale prices of specific comics.

    1. CBRs price guide is friggin' horrible, way over, over, over inflated for some comics and way under valued for other comics. I pretty much ignore their values on comics, because although they have the certified option, meaning CGC or PGX graded, their values don't reflect them.

      As for inventorying your comic collection...pretty great site to do such. Over-all, the site is pretty good. .

  4. Need to look into very good site way better than CBR