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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Another Round For The CGC Booth!

Hi there. Guest blogger Gerry here again. 
So, Wizard World is having a big convention in Sacramento this year and I'm super excited about it. There are going to be so many amazing guests like William Shatner, who played Captian James T. Kirk, not that you need me to tell you that, Stan "Excelsior" Lee, and one of my favorites, Bruce Campbell from Evil Dead fame, and many others. But it also means it's time to go through my comics and see which ones I want to submit to CGC. I've picked out a few that I think are worthy.

The Amazing Spider-Man #37

I picked this one up on eBay. Honestly, when I bid on it, I wasn't yet aware of it's significance. I got it for a steal too, at $16. I don't know why it sold for so little. After all, it is the first appearance of Norman Osborn, who later becomes you know who. There were a few minor stains on the cover, but nothing too horrible. It's a really nice addition to my collection.

Photo by Gerry Dudley

The Amazing Spider-Man #194
One day, I was looking online for some good key issues and came across the first appearance of Black Cat. Also an eBay find. I put a bid on it, expecting to get outbid. I woke up the next day and what do you know, I had won. I ended up getting this issue as well as issue #195 for a whopping 10 bucks. Yup, 10 bucks. That's crazy. Two key issue Bronze Age comics for 10 bucks?!! I think I got lucky on that one. I'm curious to see what it will be graded at.

Photo by Gerry Dudley

The Amazing Spider-Man #361

I bought this one right off the rack. I had already been collecting AMS comics and when I saw the cover.....SOLD! The first Carnage, which is a villian that I thought looked really cool. At the time, I wasn't aware that it would become a key issue. I just wanted to read it. I thought it may not be worthy of grading since it's a Modern Age comic and I've read through it a couple times, but I checked it out recently, and it's still in amazing condition.  I guess I took good care of my comics. So, why not see what it gets graded at. I mean, I only paid $1.25 for it after all.

Photo by Gerry Dudley

Batman #155
The first Silver Age appearance of the Penguin. This one I got at a very small con that was at the Pleasanton Fair Grounds. I got it on the advice of my friend, and your favorite comic blogger, Vic. It was priced at $75 and talked it down to $60. I think Vic was a little envious. However, everything was way overpriced at this vendor, so I'm still wondering if I got a deal on it or not. It's still a nice book to have regardless. I mean, you can't really go wrong with a nice Silver Age Batman.

Photo by Gerry Dudley

Fantastic Four #67
This is my latest eBay find. I've been on the hunt for this one for a little while. Since Adam Warlock just may be in the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie, I thought I'd better get it now. It cost me about $30. It's not in the best condition, but it's far from the worst. I was stoked because the seller also included issue 66 in the deal. I wasn't expecting that. Issue 66 isn't in very good condition, but I'm not complaining.

Photo by Gerry Dudley

I'm excited to see what they will be graded at. Hopefully I won't be riddled with the negative thoughts and nightmares like I had the last time around, when I sent in my Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars #8 to get graded.

Wish me luck. I'll let you all know what happens.


  1. Good stuff, Gerry, and thanks again for bringing more comic goodness! A little envious? More like super envious, but I'm glad you got that Batman #155. The FF looks a lot better when you showed it to me than in the picture (lighting?), but great snag. Adam Warlock may be in the Guardians of the Galaxy, since the comics do tie-in with Warlock, but that may be in a future sequel if not the first one.

    I'll see you and Jamie this Saturday when I stop in for some brews!

    1. I've finally gotten all of these books sent in to get graded. Now I have to wait. I hate waiting,

      ~Gerry D

    2. Shouldn't you be getting your X-Men Pressman variant back pretty soon?

    3. Its says it's getting graded in the status on their website. I'm assuming I'll have it by the end of next week. Right on schedule.