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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Another Round for the CGC Booth Part 2

As Gerry already mentioned in his post, Wizard World is coming to Sacramento in March, and like him, I'm gearing to hit the CGC booth and submit some more comics myself. I'd like to thank Gerry for taking the time to write that up and sharing his submission prospects. If you've yet to read it, just click this link to take looksie.

But what can I say? We love yapping about comics and probably drive our friend, Jamie, nuts with our constant fanaticism, though she has never complained.

So since I learned that it would be much cheaper to get a Premium Membership at CGC and use those four coupons for four free standard submissions that come with it, I've elected to only submit some copper age and a few modern age books at the CGC booth this time around. Here's what I'm planning to get slabbed, and I should note that the comics pictured are stock images and not of my actual comics, unlike Gerry's post in which the pictures are of the actual comics in his collection.

 Amazing Spider-Man #300

I've had this comic for a while now, and it's time I get this bad boy graded and slabbed. This is my high grade copy. I sold my low grade copy last year for well over it's guide price. Not really a scarce or rare comic, but the demand well exceeds the amount of issues in circulation.  Circulation doesn't mean in existence. It only refers to the copies available for sale in the market place. A lot of collectors, me included, are still holding onto this issue.

I'm hoping for at least a 9.6, will be a bit disappointed if it comes back a 9.2 or 9.4. I'll have a heart attack if it comes back a 9.8. We'll have to see how my first appearance of Venom fairs on the chop block. I'm getting nervous already.

New Mutants #98

It's most definitely time to get the first appearance of Deadpool slabbed. Demand for this key comic issue hasn't waned throughout the years, and it's one of the few modern comics that's stayed highly sought after for a while now. Can't believe it's been 22 years since this issue first came out. 

This book still falls into the copper age since it came out in 1991, late copper age since modern comics start at 92. Since it's a copper age book, I'm hoping for above a 9.4. 

Got this bad boy at the same place I got the Amazing Spider-Man #300, so we'll see just how reliable their grading expertise is, as well as my eye in inspecting comics. I'm thinking it'll probably be a 9.4. 

G.I. Joe A Real American Hero #1

An eBay find that was advertised as NM 9.4. Actually it was a complete run of #1-4 and supposed to be all first prints. However, when I checked #2, it was a 2nd print. 

That's another thing I mean by taking a chance when buying unslabbed books on eBay. You take a risk of paying for something you don't want - like a restored comic, a 2nd printing, or a grade lower.

So, we'll see how this #1 fairs while getting grading. If this #1 is lower than a 9.4, I'm gonna be super pissed for like two minutes. Maybe three tops. I believe mine is the one with a UPC code, not a direct edition. 

Marvel Superheroes Secret Wars #8

Since Gerry submitted his copy last time at the CGC booth at Big Wow Comic Fest, I thought it was a great choice, especially since he paid a significantly lower submission price than I did last time.

When his copy came back a 9.6, I became even more interested in what grade mine would come back as. This is no eBay find, thank God, even though Gerry's was. I got this copy at the same comic shop I got New Mutants #98 and Amazing Spider-Man #300. No pressure, but it was the same comic shop I snagged my Amazing Spider-Man #6 as well.

As for Wizard World itself, Gerry and I were pretty excited about meeting some celebrities until we found out that most have V.I.P. packages to get an autograph, a photo, and a speed pass to move ahead to the front of the line. It's understandable since there's gonna be a huge amount of people waiting in line to see some celebrity guests.

But we both agree that while meeting celebs can be cool, we're really not big enough fans to spend $200 or more for the privilege. God, I miss Wondercon being in San Francisco!

Oh, yes, and there's another guest blog post by R.T. White who compiled a list of some great investment comics to consider for those who are beginning to invest in comics. It's an excellent piece, especially since it isn't easy to find worthy investment comics in the 9.8 range at $100 or less for a lot of comics out there. If you missed it, you should visit this link to check it out. 

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