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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Superman Key Issues Part 1

Alrighty, it's time for another key issue comic series, and this one deals with the grand daddy of them all - Superman! Since Supes is the oldest superhero comic character of all time, this Superman key issue list will have several parts to it.

I'm concentrating mostly on important keys within the Superman mythos or characters that become important to the overall DC Comics universe. Therefore, extremely minor or one-shot first appearances will be omitted.

Alrighty, let's blast this off with some golden age Superman key comics:

Action Comics #1
  • First appearance of Superman
  • First appearance of Lois Lane
  • First appearance of Martha Kent
  • First appearance of Johnathan Kent
  • Origin of Superman

When it comes to the grand daddy of all comic books to own as an investment comic, the first appearance of Superman is without a doubt the holy grail. Whether you like the character or not, Supes and his alter ego Clark Kent is the first comic book superhero and the guy that set the standard and influenced, to one degree or another, all other comic book superheroes that would soon or later follow.

The highest Action Comics #1 CGC 9.0 copy is still the most valuable comic ever, breaking sales records in 2011 at a whopping 2.16 million. The copy was believed to belong to actor Nicholas Cage and had previously been stolen from his home.

Action Comics #1 debuted Superman in 1938, and Superman was created by now comic book legends Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. Action Comics #1 also has the first appearance of Lois Lane, and like in the movie, is one of the first people Superman rescues. This holy grail issue also has a very short origin story to kick off the comic and debuts other pivotal characters in the Superman mythos, Martha and Johnathan Kent.

Finding a copy of this bad boy will surely be a hunt. Affording it, even in lower grades, is another adventure.

ComicConnect -  The fine folks at Comic Connect has this hard to find issue at a CGC VG/FINE 5.0 and not restored. This most important comic book in history is going for a whopping $660,000 with the highest offer at $405,000 smackers.

Do not be fooled by the 1970s or 80s reprint! There are quite a lot of them in the market. The one I'm talking about is the original 1968 printing of the first appearance of Superman.

Action Comics #2
  • 2nd appearance of Superman
Of course, this issue would contain the 2nd appearance of Superman, but it is an Action Comics issue that does not have Superman on the cover. Although the 2nd appearance of the famed superhero, it's not the 2nd most valuable Superman book. It's actually the 4rth, and you'll find out soon enough what the other Superman key issues that are more valuable than his 2nd appearance later in the series.

Still, this is a very hard to find comic. Most early golden age comics for major superheroes are. If you have this one, even in just good, that's a pretty nice investment comic.

Action Comics #6
  • First appearance of Jimmy Olsen
When it comes to most, many agree that this is the first appearance of the character Jimmy Olsen, but he is not named as such. Actually, in this issue, he is just referred to as "Office Boy". Nice. Well, we all gotta start somewhere. Jimmy Olsen will finally get a name later and in another title. I think you can guess just one.

eBay  - has an original first printing of this super scarce key issue. You can check it out below. If it no longer shows up, then someone snagged it. I doubt it will last long.

Action Comics #7
  • 2nd Superman comic cover
This may not be the 2nd appearance of Superman, but it is the 2nd comic cover that Superman graces in the world of comics. Because of that fact, it's more valuable than Action Comics #2. We comic fans are a strange bunch for sure, and it seems that fans are more willing to pay heftier prices for early Action Comics with Superman on the cover than not.

According to Overstreet, this is the 3rd most valuable and sought out Superman key issue to own.  

ComicLink - A CGC 2.0 solid good copy is available for sale here. Bid price is a grand below its asking price. Should the seller hold out for this scarce and hard to find key issue? Would you?

ComicConnect -  Once again ComicConnect delivers the goods and this 2nd appearance of Superman on a cover is slated for an upcoming auction. Copy is a CGC VG- 3.5.

Action Comics #10
  • 3rd Superman comic cover
Okay, so the third time Superman graces the cover of a comic isn't worth more than Action Comics #2, but it is worth more than Action Comics #3 through 6. Yes, the 3rd Superman cover in comics is even worth more than the first appearance of Jimmy Olsen...I mean "Office Boy".

Action Comics #11
  • First time X-Ray Vision is introduced
In this issue, we see the first time that Superman uses his famous X-Ray Vision. Because the character is in the early age of development, this would be just one of the many powers that we'd see Superman later adopt.

ComicLink - CGC FN- 5.5 copy is for sale. Asking price is 3,100 with no bids so far.

More Superman key issues in Part 2 of this series! Just click the next link you see to the right below:

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  1. Since the most recent movies there has been traction with Action Comics #1 reprints. There were several released over the years and the most sought after are the ones published in 1976, 1983, 1988, and 1992. The '76 being the hardest one to find. These are going up in value and great for a collector who would never be able to own an original 1938 copy.