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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Superman Key Issue Comics Part 6

Welcome to Part 6 of this Superman Key Issue Comics list. We've now hit some great, silver age important, Superman related comics, so get your want lists or keep them out, because here's some more worthy investment comics concerning Superman.

Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane #1
  •  First Lois Lane self-titled series

If Jimmy Olsen gets his own title, it's no surprise Lois Lane gets hers as well. This is the 1st issue, and while nobody major is introduced, it's still a 1st issue that many fans gun for concerning Superman key issue comics. Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane #1 debuted in April of 1958.

Believe it or not, this is no slouch of a key issue comic. It's expensive even in lower grades. 

NewKadia - A low Very Good 3.5 copy is available at NewKadia. At the time of this writing, it's the perfect time to get this. You can get 30% off by using the discount code clear5  for their end of the year clearance sale that ends January 13, 2014. (For returning customers only).

If you're a new customer, you can also get 30% off by using the discount code new4.

eBay - Quite a few copies for both unslabbed and CGC graded. A whopping CGC 8.0 VF, which is the highest graded copy as of yet, is on there. A few CGC Very Good and Very Good pluses as well. You can click the link to check out the eBay results for this 1st issue key comic.

Adventure Comics #247
  •  First appearance Legion of Superheroes

Considering the Superboy mythos, which is in correlation to Earth One Superman, the Legion of Superheroes is a fan favorite and quite popular. Like Lois Lane's self titled series, the Legion of Superheroes first appeared in April, 1958.

This is another highly sought out Superman key. It's definitely no sleeper and will cost you over a thousand even in mid to lower grades.

eBay - All lower grades. Not a very wide selection at all. A few CGC copies with the highest a low FN. Most others are below VG. Only one unslabbed copy that I saw.

ComicConnect - CGC graded low FN 5.5 found here.

ComicLink - CGC solid FN 6.0 is also in the house at ComicLink.

Action Comics #242
  •  First appearance of Brainiac
  • Origin of Brainiac
One of the most popular Superman villains and all-around villains in the DC Universe. There's little doubt that first appearance of Brainiac in Action Comics #242 should be on every Superman's fan want list and somewhere near the top. This is an important key issue and one silver age comic that is a solid investment comic for sure. 

This first appearance and origin issue of Brainiac came out in July 1958, and is a highly sought out and valuable Superman key issue comic. Expect to shell out some ducats for this one.

eBay - A few copies on eBay for the first appearance of Brainiac. Highest CGC copy is 6.5 FN+ and it's already up there.

Superboy #68 pic
Superboy #68
  •  First appearance of Bizarro

This is the first appearance of Bizarro as a Superboy clone gone array by a defective duplicating ray created by Professor Dalton. The duplicating ray created a stupid, grotesque version of Superboy but endowed with all his incredible powers. He is basically good-hearted but has little control over his powers, causing mayhem and destruction to Smallville. 

Although toted as the first appearance of the Bizarro character, this teen version of Bizarro only appears in this issues and destroys himself at the end of the story. He is not the same version of the adult Superman Bizarro that we are familiar with today. This issue came out in September 1958.

eBay - Not a very wide selection for the first appearance of Bizarro, or the Bizarro character. Highest graded CGC copy is a solid VG 4.0. One unslabbed copy that's advertised as a VG+, and about $200 lower than the CGC graded copy. 

ComicLink - If you feel more confident with CGC copies, and low grade comics just aren't good enough for your collection then there's a 7.0 FN/VF copy at ComicLink.

Superman #127
  •  First appearance of Titano

A gorilla as big as King Kong and emits Kryptonite ray beams from his eyes! How can you go wrong there? Not to mention that he's the world's most intelligent ape as well.

Nevertheless, this is a primary foe of Superman. Well, at least this pre-crisis Titano doesn't die in his first appearance, and believe it or not, he is a pretty popular villain of Superman. However, this is still a sleeper issue, and lower grade copies are pretty cheap concerning early Superman silver age keys.

mycomicshop - Low unslabbed copies here. Highest are two GD/VG 3.0 copies.

NewKadia - One low FN 5.5 copy here for the taking. Get 30% off by using the discount code clear5  for their end of the year clearance sale that ends January 13, 2014. (For returning customers only).

If you're a new customer, you can also get 30% off by using the discount code new4.

eBay - Plenty of unslabbed copies. One is advertised as Very Fine if you want to take the chance.

Action Comics #252 image
Action Comics #252
  • First appearance of Supergirl
  • First appearance of Metallo
  • Death of Metallo

An extremely popular supporting character within the Superman family, Kara Zor-El is Superman's cousin from the planet Krypton. Her Earth Two counter part is another fan-favorite in comics, Power Girl.

Also included with the first appearance of Supergirl, this issue also holds the first appearance of the silver age Metallo, also known as John Corben. This Metallo also dies in this issue, but would set up the future incarnation of the bronze age Metallo.

With the first appearance of Supergirl in this issue, it's no doubt that this silver age key issue is an important one to snag and highly sought out. Low grades will cost you near the thousand dollar mark. Supergirl first appeared in May of 1959.

eBay - Mostly low grade copies. Even the CGC graded copies are low grade with the highest being 3.5 Very Good minus. Still not bad considering this early Superman key issue is of a major supporting character.

ComicLink - However, if you're pickier about your investment comics. ComicLink has two gorgeous CGC 9.0 VF/NM! High grade copies are not easy to find for the first appearance of Supergirl.

Action Comics #253
  • 2nd appearance of Supergirl
The second official appearance of Supergirl, Kara Zor-El,  debuted only one month after her first appearance in May,1959 in Action Comics #253. 2nd appearances of major characters are now getting highly sought after, as many first appearances are already or quickly getting out of reach for the average collector. This is no slouch of a silver age key issue, but it's not fully awake either. Still a good time to get in on it.

mycomicshop - Various low grade copies. Highest is a solid Very Good, and it's not exactly cheap. The rest are lower GD (GD-). 

eBay - Plenty of unslabbed copies. They look to be mostly mid to low grade. No CGC copies as of this writing, but that could change. Doesn't hurt to click the eBay link above and check out the search results for this issue on there.

ComicLink - Two unslabbed copies as well. Highest a VG.

Action Comics #254 comic cover
Action Comics #254
  •  First appearance of Bizarro 1
  • Origin of Bizarro 1
  • First appearance of New Bizarro

This version of Bizarro is known as Bizarro 1, the adult and twisted version of Superman. This time it's Lex Luthor who creates a duplicator ray after learning of how Dalton made a copy of Superboy.

Luthor tricks Superman into being zapped and creates Bizarro 1, another grotesque version of the Man of Steel. However, he is not evil. In the hopes of gaining Lois Lane's heart and knowing that he is too grotesque, Bizarro zaps himself with the duplicator ray, creating an imperfect Bizarro, a handsome version of himself but with the same speech patterns.

Although this is the first appearance of Bizarro 1 in the comics, it's not the character's actual first appearance. Bizarro 1 debuted in Superman daily newspaper comic strip, Episode 105: "The Battle With Bizarro" (Strips 6147-6242 :Aug. 25, 1958 to Dec. 13, 1958). However, Bizarro's famous speech pattern was first seen in this newspaper strip and he wore a B on his chest instead. It was in this issue of Action Comics #254 when the B was changed to the S, and debuted in July 1959 after the 1958 newspaper strip.

eBay - Handful of copies, some mid-grade, most lower grade. Zero CGC copies yet. Pretty surprising.

Looks like we'll be having a Part 7, and it's all ready to go. Just click on the Next link at the bottom of this page.

However, if you missed the previous parts to this series, just click the blue previous link you see below. You can always navigate back, and if you want to start at the beginning just click this Part 1 link.


  1. What a run - between Action Comics 247 and 254 - within 12 months you get Legion of Superheroes, Supergirl and Bizarro. AWESOME!!!! What an amazing time to read comics, I would have loved to have plunked down A DIME to read these. My mom tells me she collected these. And read them. And threw them out. Sob. Plus the covers are amazing.


    1. Oh, wow, that's painful, but still cool that your mom collected them. I agree, it was definitely an amazing time for comics. Good to hear from ya Wiebes. Did you finally decide on a comic?

    2. I am getting the money this week! I am really torn between the "big three" in the earlier post and now I am scratching my head about the Action Comics and the superman. I might actually go with an Action Comics #252? I really like silver-age Superman and Superboy (and Supergirl, and Krypto, and dammit even Streaky!) The weirder the story, the more I like it. Will advise once I pull the trigger -- too many great books!!! Wiebes

  2. Something about that SB 68 cover's messed up...

  3. Are your lists in chronological order?