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Friday, January 10, 2014

Superman Key Comic Book Issues Part 5

Here we are cruising along with Part 5 of this list of Superman Key Comic Book Issues. We're still on golden age comics, and a lot of these key issue comics will be hard to find or extremely expensive. Nonetheless, if you're looking for investment comics, they are ones to try and hunt down.

Superman #61 comic image
Superman #61
  • First appearance of Kryptonite
  • Origin of Kryptonite
  • First return to Krypton
Wow, we are so use to Superman's weakness of Kryptonite, and this rock from Krypton is so linked to Superman that's it's hard to believe that Kryptonite wasn't introduced in the comics earlier. Nevertheless, it's true.

Superman #61 debuted in November 1949! The story of why this weakness was invented is actually a funny one and rings true to the character, at least for me. The Superman 40's radio program actually introduced Kryptonite in a 1943 episode. 

However, the comics never took to the idea until this issue. In fact, it was female editor Dorothy Woolfolk who claims she brought Kryptonite into the comics because she found Superman's invulnerability dull, and that he would be more interesting if he had a weakness.

Kryptonite was actually red in color in its first appearance. It would not be seen as its classic green color until almost a year later. this story also includes another origin retelling, as well as Superman's first visit to his home planet Krypton.

eBay - Only a handful of copies. One a CGC 8.0, unrestored. Click the blue ebay link and it will take you to eBay's search results for Superman #61.

ComicConnect - Three unslabbed copies, all lower grade. Highest is a FN- 5.5. 

Action Comics #142
  • First time Kryptonite is green
And here it is. In March of 1950, those creative minds at DC Comics finally depicted Kryptonite in its classic shade of green in this Action Comics issue, and history was made in our collective pop culture minds. 

Superboy #10 comic book cover
Superboy #10
  • First appearance of Lana Lang
Kal-El's sweetheart as a teenage superhero. This supporting character in comics has become quite well-known. Superman The Movie had the character as well as Superman III. The first appearance of Lana Lang is a later golden age issue, debuting in September 1950, but it won't an easy catch either. She'll be an expensive one. No pun intended...well, okay, sort of.

Looks like eBay is the only place I could locate this key issue. One is a lower grad CGC 3.5 VG-, the other is an unslabbed.

Action Comics #158
  • Origin retold
Believe it or not, retelling of Superman's origins are pretty sought after. Not sure if this origin adds new facts, but it probably does. This retelling came out in July 1951.

eBay - Four copies located at the time of this writing on eBay. One is a high grade CGC 8.0 solid VF. Seller is in Canada. Other three are unslabbed. One is advertised as a high mid grade copy. Probably worth clicking that eBay link and checking it out.

ComicConnect - Only one copy here, a low FINE 5.5. It's a raw copy also, but was removed from it's slab. Original label is included but not sure whether it's CGC or PGX. Be best to contact them about it if interested.

Superman #76 comic book cover
Superman #76
  • First Earth One Batman and Superman meeting or team up
  • Superman and Batman learn each other's identities.
Although this comic still resides in the golden age of comics, it's the first time that Earth One Batman and Superman meet. This issue came out in June of 1952, and the silver age of comics doesn't start until Oct of 1956.

This issue is also debated about whether or not it is the actual first Batman/Superman team up. World's Finest Comics #71 is often noted as their first team up, and is often associated with Superman #76. However, this issue came out two years before World's Finest Comics #71 and according to DC's timeline, the adventure in World's Finest #71 is months later than the events in Superman #76. 

This book is hot right concerning the recent news of the Man of Steel sequel having Superman and Batman finally meet on the big screen. Finding a copy will be a serious hunt! 

World's Finest #71 comic
World's Finest #71
  • Superman and Batman team up begins for titled series
  • First Superman and Batman team up
Once again, this issue is identified as Superman and Batman's first team up, but it should be noted that this key issue actually marks the beginning of the classic Superman and Batman team up for the World's Finest Comics series. 

eBay - As of this writing only two unslabbed copies are for sale on eBay. Hopefully you got this one after viewing my Batman key issues list, cause now it's harder to find and has gone up in price even for crap grades.

ComicConnect - A CGC 6.5 FN+ is scheduled to go up for auction in February if lower grade books just doesn't suit your comic vault. May be a copy worth watching out for.

Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #1
  • First issue of spin-off series 
Jimmy Olsen has been one of most identifiable supporting character in the Superman mythos besides Lois Lane. In October 1954, he finally gets his own spin-off series to share in some of Superman's more comedic adventures. 

Watch out for the reprint with this issue. If it's super low, you may just be getting a Millennium reprint.

eBay - Four copies available. Two are CGC copies. Highest CGC copy is 4.0 solid VG. The other slabbed is a 3.5 VG- or low Very Good. Two unslabbed copies for those who want to take the risk.

ComicLink - An upper lower grade CGC 5.5 FN- is available here. Also another CGC 4.0 solid VG is available to be snagged, but for a hundred dollars more than the copy on eBay.

ComicConnect - One unslabbed low VG copy. More expensive than CGC 4.0 VG copy on eBay.

Action Comics #221 comic book pic
Action Comics #221
    •  First silver age issue in titled series
    The month of October 1956 is the magic date that most in the industry points to when the golden age of comics ends and the silver age begins. Therefore, this is the very first silver age issue in Action Comics. Finally, we get to silver age Superman key issues. Man, this list is getting long.

    mycomicshop - Finally mycomicshop brings more goodness and two copies have been located here. No CGC, however, and both are lower grade. Highest is a solid VG 4.0, the other isn't worth getting.

    eBay - Quite a few unslabbed copies, mostly lower grade. No CGCs as of this writing. That could change, though, so it doesn't hurt to visit the eBay link before this paragraph and check it out.

    ComicConnect - All unslabbed copies here, and highest is a 4.0 VG.

    Superman #109 comic cover
    Superman #109
    •  First silver age issue in Superman series
    Here we are finally in the silver age Superman comics. This is the first silver age issue within the Superman titled series, which came out in November 1956. If Superman #208 came out in October instead of September, that issue would've been the first silver age Superman comic within this series. That means that #208 is the last golden age Superman titled comic.

    mycomicshop - Lower grade 3.5 VG- for sale here. No CGC copies. 

    NewKadia - If higher graded Superman keys are more to your liking, then NewKadia has an unslabbed VF- Very Fine minus copy. Plus their yearly clearance sale is still going on and ends Jan 13th, 2014 if you've already bought from them before. Just use the code clear5 at checkout.

    If you're a first time customer, use the code new4 and you'll get 20% off your entire order during checkout! Just click the NewKadia link above to be brought to the page where you can snag this copy. You'll need to scroll down some.

    ComicConnect - Quite a few options here. All unslabbed, however. But if you don't settle for anything but high grade, an investment copy VF/NM 9.0 is available for immediate purchase. Copy is in the thousands, though, but it is an investment grade copy.

    Alrighty, Part 6 is ready. This Superman series is getting exhausting, and if you're ready, just click the blue Next link at the bottom of this post to read the next part to this Superman key issue list.

    If you haven't seen the previous Parts of this Superman Key Comic Book issues list, you know what to do! Just click the Previous link below to work your way back.

    Stay tuned and see you soon!

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