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Monday, January 20, 2014

Daredevil Key Issues List

The last few key issue comic lists were DC Comic characters, but I'm itching to get back to good ole Marvel Comics. With a Daredevil television show in the works, why not pump out a Daredevil key issues list that highlights some of Matt Murdock's best investment worthy comics? It's a pretty short list for the Man Without Fear in his first series, but here it is.

First appearance of Daredevil (Matt Murdock)
Origin of Daredevil
First appearance of Karen Page
First appearance of Foggy Nelson

The holy grail comic to own for Daredevil comic fans. This key issue comic is a whopper of first appearances and tells the origin of how Matt Murdock becomes The Man Without Fear. 

Created by Stan Lee and Bill Everett, with some input by Jack Kirby concerning Daredevil's iconic billy club weapon of choice, the first appearance of Daredevil in Daredevil #1 made its debut in April of 1964. 

Highly sought after silver age comic, this one will do quite a bit of damage to your bank account in both high grades and low grades. I actually really like Daredevil's original costume. Not better than his classic red costume, of course, but the original costume is still pretty cool, though it did not last very long.

eBay - One gorgeous CGC 9.2 copy. There's also few unslabbed copies for sale on eBay.

2nd appearance of Electro

From the pages of the Amazing Spider-Man, the super villain known as Electro gets his second appearance in Daredevil #2. Electro's first appearance is in high demand as the character is the featured baddie for the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie. However, this is the 2nd issue of the first Daredevil titled series, and that alone makes it a highly desirable investment comic to own. 

mycomicshop - Lots of investment worthy copies here for this silver age key issue comic. Three CGC 8.0 VF copies, one CGC 7.5, and one CGC 7.0. 

eBay - Quite a few high grade CGC copies on the mighty eBay. One gorgeous 9.4 and a few VF 8.0 CGC copies. Also a few unslabbed advertised in the VF range.

First appearance of The Owl

Before Daredevil made enemies with the Kingpin, there was the Owl, also known as
Leland Owlsley. The Owl is a notorious crime lord who also menaces other heroes such as Spider-Man and the Black Cat. Although in later stories The Owl ingests a special serum that gives him super powers an all, his humble beginnings was just a typical mafia-type thug. 

Daredevil #3 was published August, 1964.

mycomicshop - Higher mid-grade 7.5 copy available. It's CGC graded also and unrestored. 

eBay - No problem finding this copy on eBay. A few CGC options. Highest grade I saw was a 9.2 low Near Mint. Actually saw two of them. 

1st Daredevil classic crossover
1st Spidey and Daredevil meeting

This is a pretty mighty first crossover for Daredevil, and most know that it's the first time Daredevil and Spider-Man meet in comics. Not too sure if this first meeting was retconned in a later story or comic, but this is the first published meeting of the two iconic superheroes.

Hypnotized by The Ringmaster, Spidey and Daredevil duke it out briefly for the first time as well. Amazing Spider-Man #16 has the publishing date of September, 1964, and is definitely one of the Silver Age Spidey keys worth adding to your vault. Classic cover as well.

eBay - No problem finding a copy of this 1st Daredevil classic crossover on eBay. Plenty of raw copies available and quite a few CGCs as well. Highest CGCs are two 9.4 NMs. Other high grade options and low to mid grade as well.

mycomicshop - All raw copies and the two highest are a FN+ and VG/FN. Other raw copies are lower grade, but everyone copy here at the time of this writing is on consignment.

ComicConnect - Four CGC copies starting from a 9.6 NM+ and ending with a CGC VF. Two go up for auction in March with the other two available for immediate sale. Highest raw copy is a VF and followed by a FN/VF.

ComicLink - CGC 9.6 NM+, an 8.0 VF, and two 7.5 VF minuses are all that's here for now. All are CGC and no raw copies yet.

First appearance of The Purple Man

Zebediah Killgrave, also known as the Purple Man, makes his first appearance in this issue, and although the character isn't on any list of top super villains in comics, he has been a recurring foe of Daredevil for quite some time with his ability to control the will of others. Regardless, this is issue #4 of the silver age Daredevil comics, and one of the definite comics to invest in within his titled first series.

This comic was published October, 1964.

mycomicshop - Two lower grade copies. Highest is a VG+ 4.5. Both are unslabbed, raw copies. 

eBay - Quite a few unslabbed copies. Highest graded CGC copy I saw is a VF 8.0. Pretty reasonable price.

First red costume
An important issue regarding Daredevil, and this first appearance of the character in his classic red costume, gave us all the Daredevil that we identify with now. Wally Wood would be the comic artist who designed the new red costume that hasn't really much since then.

I snagged this issue the very first time I ever bought from NewKadia, and it's on my list to submit to CGC pretty soon. 

mycomicshop - Signature Series VF 8.0 CGC copy. Signed by Stan Lee. A high grade investment worthy copy if you're looking to get an important Daredevil key comic. 

NewKadia - Only one copy left, and it's a lower grade VG-

eBay - Lots of unslabbed copies advertised in the VF range. Not many CGC options, but there are a few Signature Series. Highest one is a VF 8.0 signed by Stan "The Man" Lee. May be worth a look so visit the blue eBay link above to compare prices on this silver age key issue.

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