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Sunday, December 1, 2013

X-Force Movie In The Works!

With the success of the X-Men franchise, it seems that Fox will aggressively expand their X-Men and mutant universe on screen. Talks of an X-Force spin off movie has been circulating.

As for the banner picture up above, don't take much stock about who is in it. I just liked it 'cause it reminded me of the cover to one of my favorite movies by Bryan Singer, The Usual Suspects. Besides, writer and director of Kick Ass 2, Jeff Wadlow, is helming the project and gave no hints about the line up, stating that,
"I definitely can’t tell you the lineup – we want that to be a big surprise."

There is a wide array of speculation going around as expected. Since the Days of Future Past will be introducing Warpath, it's been speculated that his character will be carried over into the X-Men spin-off flick. To be honest, though I really like the character, I was a bit surprised they announced that they were going to introduce Warpath in the highly anticipated X-Men Days of Future past, but if an X-Force movie is seriously in the works, it makes complete sense now to introduce Warpath.

Also, since Cable is such an iconic character in the X-Force comics, many believe that he will finally get his due on screen. Some even believe that the character may just make a cameo in Days of Future Past as well.

If that is the case, then it's a wise bet to grab the first appearance of Cable, but there are actually two. Technically, Cable's comic book first appearance is in New Mutants #87. Later, it was written that baby Nathan Summers, the son of Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor, was actually Cable. So, there are actually two first appearance key issue comics of Cable to obtain. The first is in New Mutants #87, and the other is in Uncanny X-Men #201, the first appearance of Nathan Summers.

It would make sense to have the time-hopping Cable in the movie, as Days of Future Past is already playing with time shifts and having part of the movie in a hostile and dsytopian future. Still, debates about which lineup will be used rages on, though I think it will be a mix of characters from various versions of the team.

Some are even debating about Wolverine's character being in the movie as well, but I would surely be surprised if the character will be a main one. At least, in the first X-Force movie. As much as Hugh Jackman loves the character, he did just play him back to back in The Wolverine and in Days of Future Past. I would completely understand if the actor needed a break from the role, but who knows? There are already talks of another Wolverine movie, and Fox just may have plans to weave the X-Force movie universe in with the next Wolverine sequel.

As of now, not much is known about this X-Force project. What is known is that we can expect more excitement to rage on within the X-Men movie universe!

So which X-Force characters would you most like to see in this upcoming X-Force movie?


  1. Wasn't the X-Force first formed in New Mutants #100? This would make a good issue to pick up as well I would think anyways.

    1. Yes, X-Force first appeared in New Mutants #100. The book is super cheap in high grades and since it's a modern book, I wouldn't get anything below a 9.6. Investment wise, New Mutants #100 is still pretty much a sleeper and isn't on the move just yet. I don't know if the X-Force movie will drive up demand for NM #100, but news of the movie is already drawing a lot of attention to New Mutants #87 already.

      Thanks for the comment and suggesting New Mutants #100! Always good to hear from you.