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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Wonder Woman Cast For Man of Steel Sequel!

Hey, Hey! Seems like those at WB/DC Comics got into the Christmas spirit and announced that the follow up to Zack Snyder's Man of Steel sequel will also introduce the iconic female superhero Wonder Woman in the movie also!

Gal Godot image
The debate of who will step into the role is over! Snyder has confirmed that Fast and Furious actress Gal Godot has been cast to play the part of Diana Prince and Wonder Woman.

According to Comic Book Resources, Zack Snyder said, 

"Wonder Woman is arguably one of the most powerful female characters of all time and a fan favorite in the DC Universe. Not only is Gal an amazing actress, but she also has that magical quality that makes her perfect for the role. We look forward to audiences discovering Gal in the first feature film incarnation of this beloved character."

Two words come to mind when I read this: Freaking Awesome! I've been hoping for a long time that Wonder Woman would be making a big screen debut, and it looks like it's finally happening. 

With the controversial casting of Ben Affleck as the new Batman in this shared DC Comics movie universe, it seems that we are finally getting even closer to DC Comics setting up for a Justice League movie! Also, I'm betting that WB plans on spinning off a Wonder Woman movie in the future as well. Gal Godot will be a part of comic book movie history here. 

However, the question on my mind is will Ben Affleck and Gal Godot actually suit up. No one has actually confirmed whether Ben Affleck or Gal Godot will be putting on their iconic costumes or if they'll just be their civilian identities of Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince throughout the movie. Also, if Wonder Woman may be throwing down against Superman and Batman, there has to be one hell of a villain to make these three eventually join forces. We already know that Lex Luthor is making an appearance, but nothing confirms if he'll actually be the main baddie or even a villain in the sequel or not.

If Supes, Bats, and Wonder Woman do team up, it would make sense to have a super villain team up as well, right? Now, that's gonna be some exciting news when they finally spill the beans on whether that's happening or not!

Either way, it looks like Clark Kent will have his hands full in the Man of Steel sequel, and I think this is a good thing! I'm getting even more excited about this. I think it really is time for me to take a look at my own Batman key comic issues list and start hunting some of those down. Gotta get me some more Wonder Woman silver age keys as well.

All Star Comics #36 image
Okay, what's the comic book in which Superman and Diana Prince share a comic book page for the first time? That would be in All Star Comics #36, in which Wonder Woman was a member of the team but as a secretary. Wow, talk about the mentality of the times back then. I found a GD/VG copy of this golden age great at ComicConnect. However, it is missing 3 non-story pages. There's no doubt her first appearance in All Star Comics #8 is gonna go through the roof with this announcement!

If you're looking for Wonder Woman key issues, just click the link to see my list of top key issue comics for the character!

Gal Godot, the beautiful Isreal native, Miss Universe pageant contestant in 2004, and former model before turning actress will be joining Henry Cavill as Superman and Ben Affleck as Batman in the as of yet untitled Man of Steel sequel.


  1. Yes!!! Please please please create a list of Wonder Woman key issues to invest in

    1. That should be done pretty soon, by the end of this weekend so stay tuned!