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Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Top Wonder Woman Key Issues Part Two!

Here we are with part two of the top Wonder Woman key issues. To remind you, these are just the important key issues, and many of these golden age keys aren't easy to find at all. If you haven't read Part 1 you can do so by clicking link and navigating back here later. Or, you can continue with the key issue goodness below:

Wonder Woman #1 cover
Wonder Woman #1
  • First issue of titled series
  • Origin retold with more details
  • First appearance of Ares (Mars)
This first key issue has the first appearance of Ares, also known as Mars, who becomes a central villain in the Wonder Woman mythos during the golden age of comics. 1st issue of first titled series and origin retold. One of the holy grails of DC Comics and Wonder Woman comics to invest in.

ebay - A few CGC copies of this 1st issue comic. Most are in the lower grades with the highest being 5.5s and the lowest being a .5. There are two restored CGC copies of this issue in the 8.0 VF range up on ebay as of this writing.

All Star Comics #12 comic
All Star Comics #12
  • Wonder Woman joins the JSA

Remember how I was talking about Wonder Woman being a model for feminism? Well, it seems they still had some sexist prejudices of where they believed a women's place was during the golden age of comics, even super powered ones.

In this issue, Wonder Woman joins the Justice Society of America. She finally joins the big boys of the Spectre, Green Lantern, The Flash, Hawkman, Superman and more, but as the Justice Society of America's secretary. Doh!

Still, this golden age key comic is one to gun for if you can find it and afford it even at lower grades. 

Wonder Woman #2 pic
Wonder Woman #2
  • First appearance of Duke of Deception
  • Earl of Greed
  • Count of Conquest

Duke of Deception is a minor god, loyal servant of Mars, and a pain in the butt for our Amazonian princess. This is the first appearance of his golden age Earth Two character. Duke of Deception was later reintroduced in the bronze age in Wonder Woman #217.

The Count of Conquest is also known as Lord Conquest, a demigod and son of Mars, God of War. He is only a golden age villain. Same with the Earl of Greed. Not an easy key issue to score.

Wonder Woman #5 image
Wonder Woman #5
  • First appearance of Doctor Psycho

A misogynist and sexist, Doctor Psycho has telepathic and psychic powers. Makes sense he is one of Wonder Woman's most deadliest foes. He is one of the few supporting characters that has appeared in the Wonder Woman comics during the golden, silver, bronze, and all the way to The New 52.

Wonder Woman #6 comic cover
Wonder Woman #6
  • First appearance of Cheetah
  • Intro Priscilla Rich

Who doesn't remember one of Wonder Woman's most popular arch enemies, Cheetah, from the Super Friends cartoon? I sure do. Well, here's the first appearance of the original Cheetah, Priscilla Rich, in Wonder Woman #9. Priscilla Rich as Cheetah is also an original member of Villainy Inc. This golden age key issue comic is definitely no light weight and extremely rare/hard to find, but it is one of the best DC Comics first appearances for Wonder Woman comics besides the titular character herself.

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