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Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Top Wonder Woman Key Issues Part 6

Finally, this wraps up this Wonder Woman key issue list with two more issues. Of course, there are other Wonder Woman key issues of significance and others of greatly less significance, but these are the top ones that pertain to Diana Prince in terms of being comic investments. Perhaps I should say this entire list is Wonder Woman's best comics to invest in.

If you haven't read the previous parts to this series, you can do so by using the links below and at the bottom of this page to navigate your way around.

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Wonder Woman #177 cover pic
Wonder Woman #177
  • Supergirl team up and fight
  • Issue before Wonder Woman surrenders her powers

This issue is famous for the issue that precedes Wonder Woman giving up her powers and becoming a normal, or semi-normal, person. However, this is one of the rare team ups just between Wonder Woman and Supergirl. As the cover suggests, they also do go at it and scrap.

mycomicshop - Three available copies, all unslabbed. Highest is a FN/VF 7.0 for this Wonder Woman key issue comic. All are highly affordable as this is a sleeper comic so far.

Newkadia - Ah, the fine folks at Newkadia finally pull through with a Wonder Woman key issue. One mid-grade FN copy here for under $30. Plus discount if you're a new buyer.

ebay - Unslabbed copies here, but limited selection. Mostly lower grade, but quite affordable. Still no CGC found.

ComicLink - Finally! A high grade CGC copy located! ComicLink has a very nice 9.2 slabbed copy of this issue for $195, which is a pretty good deal considering it's guided at $150.

Wonder Woman #178 comic cover
Wonder Woman #178
  • The New Wonder Woman
  • Wonder Woman gives up her powers
One of the most controversial Wonder Woman shifts in the characters comic book career. Under the guidance of Mike Sekowsky and legendary comic writer Denny O' Neil, who did legendary and amazing work for Batman and Green Lantern by injecting various social issues into those comics, it was a complete miss with Wonder Woman, though.

Wonder Woman chooses to renounce her powers in order to stay in the world of man when her love Steve Trevor is wrongfully accused of murder.

ebay - A few unslabbed copies on ebay. Pretty cheap for this key issue comic so far.

mycomicshop - A FN/VF unslabbed copy for sale for only $35 bucks! 

Newkadia - Once again they pull through with a solid FINE copy for under $25 bucks.

Wonder Woman #179 image
Wonder Woman #179
  • First appearance of I Ching
  • First appearance of Doctor Cyber
No longer with powers, Wonder Woman, or just Diana Prince in this short-lived run, gets all Kung Fuey and seeks out I Ching to train her as a martial arts expert so she can still go out and fight crime. This issue sees the first appearance of I Ching as well as another well-known formidable foe called Doctor Cyber. This issue begins her infamous run as Wonder Woman with no costume.

ebay - Sheesh, this is depressing me. All unslabbed and very little high grade. No CGC as of yet. Hopefully that changes by the time you click to link to check out the ebay search results for this issue. This issue is extremely affordable, however. 

Wonder Woman #204 comic cover pic
Wonder Woman #204
  • Wonder Woman regains powers
  • Wonder Woman returns to old costume
  • Death of I Ching
Sometimes things just don't work, and we finally see Diana Prince go back to her Greek roots as Wonder Woman, powers and all. Thank, God! To make a clean slate, I Ching is killed off in this issue to mark the end of her crime fighting martial arts days and return to her super hero persona. 

Oh, well! Dennis O' Neil tried to spice up things for Wonder Woman. Out with the new Wonder Woman and back to the old one. Can't win 'em all, but he's still a great comic writer.

ebay - A few unslabbed copies. I saw two VF copies for super cheap here. No CGC yet.

And there we are. Damn, that took a lot of work. That's all folks for this Wonder Woman key issue list. Volume one only for all titles shown on this 6 part series.

Sorry about the lack of locating a lot of the Wonder Woman golden age key issues, but they are pretty tough to find. A comic convention may produce better luck, but maybe as word spreads about Wonder Woman in the Man of Steel sequel, more people may start selling copies from their collection.

Hope you enjoyed, and please be sure to share this on Facebook, Twitter, or where ever you may think fellow comic fans are that may enjoy or benefit from the info on this list here. Thanks and much appreciated!

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