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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Comics Collectionary! Another Great Resource for Comic Fans!
Alrighty, ladies and gentlemen, welcome back and glad to have ya. Since I started Total Comic Mayhem, I wanted this blog to be a great resource for comic collectors and fans to find information on most everything about comics, comic investing, the best places where to buy comics, as well as other comic-related sites worth checking out.

The Collectionary is one of those resources that comic fans should check out. It aims to be a dictionary for collectibles, where you can go and discover neat facts about various items you've collected over the years. Not just for comics, but everything collectible like action figures, sports cards, you name it. 
They do have a specific section just for comics, called the Comics Collectionary, and it looks like it's becoming a pretty cool and fast growing community. It's free to join as well.

Another cool thing is the site also directs you to where you can find certain comics, just like here on Total Comic Mayhem. So, if I'm unable to locate certain silver age comics, golden age comics, or whatever comic era, The Collectionary may be able to point you to where that Marvel first appearance or DC Comics key issue you're on the hunt for can be found and snagged.

Anything to help you guys with your hunt to find key comics and some deals. So, I recommend checking out their site and thought I'd let the fine folks at The Collectionary explain what they're about.

What inspired The Collectionary into existence?

The Collectionary was created because we wanted to create a Dictionary of everything in the world that people collect.   There are hundreds of e-commerce sites, but there is no dedicated place where you can learn about different items. Whether it's the history, facts, or unique attributes regarding a particular collectible or item, we want to give people a place to learn about the collectibles they love.   

What made you coin it The Collectionary? 

Collectionary comes from combining the words Collection and Dictionary.  A fun play on words that explains what we are working on with our site and brand. 

Why is your site devoted solely to Comics?

No, the Comics Collectionary is one out of hundreds of different Collectionaries to join.  We have expert collectors we call moderators that help us with each Collectionary to add new and cool items to the site.  In fact, we would love to have more Comics moderators willing to help out :). 

What's the takeaway for potential customers? What can they hope to gain from perusing your site?

We hope anyone checking out our site will enjoy looking at all the amazing collectibles ever created.  Looking at the older, nostalgic items we want them to bring back many fond memories as a child or another time in your life.  We also want people to learn about Collectibles as we point to where those items are for sale anywhere on the internet. 

Anything unusual worth noting about your site? Comics? 

Our site would love to have more moderators helping us out. I'm sure you will find many unusual and never before seen Comics items here.

So there ya are! Sounds pretty cool, eh? Be sure to visit the link and check out the Comics Collectionary

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for even more comic goodness coming soon.

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