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Monday, December 30, 2013

NewKadia Once A Year Clearance Sale 20 to 30% Off!

Another year is quickly winding down and that means a lot of businesses will be trying to clear out old inventory so they can bring in the new. Comic shops online or offline are no exception, and it's a great time to get some deals.

So, where to buy comics and get in on some of these savings to expand your comic book collection and start your comic collecting new year off right? NewKadia is once again having their annual clearance sale in which you can save from 20% to 30% off all orders. Not too shabby. Here's the spread:

Save on orders
20%....$20 to $249
25%....$250 to $598
30%....$599 and up

The sale ends Jan. 13th, 2014! Just use this code you see below at checkout:


Once again, if you've never bought from NewKadia before, you are still eligible to save even more with their 1st Time Customer Sale:

15% . . . $10 - $48
18% . . . $49 - $98 
20% . . . $99 - $298
25% . . . $299 - $498
30% . . . $499 & up 

If you are a new buyer to NewKadia, use the code below at checkout:

Use the new4 code for the 1st Time Customer Sale before you use the coupon code for the Clearance Sale. Not only will you miss the opportunity to save with the new4  coupon code forever if you don't, the minimum purchase price to receive 30% off your entire order is lower than the clearance sale savings.

But that's only if you really are a 1st time buyer with NewKadia. I cannot use this the new4 code, and I got some great comics my first time buying from NewKadia.

I got Journey Into Mystery #118, first appearance of The Destroyer at a FINE, and I also got Daredevil #7 (first red costume) in the same order. I believe the Daredevil #7 was a FINE Plus. In fact, there is a very good minus copy of Daredevil #7 for sale right now at the time of this writing if that's on your want list.

I also saw a Green Lantern #2 from volume two (silver age). It holds the first appearance of Pieface, and the grade is advertised as Very Good Plus (VG+). There's actually quite a few Green Lantern volume two comics within the #1-20 range for sale at NewKadia that I've spotted. They might go fast during this clearance sale, so I cannot guarantee they'll still be there by the time you read this. It still never hurts to check, so be sure to click this Green Lantern link here to see what silver age goodies are still in stock.

And, of course, there's plenty more great silver age, bronze age, copper age, and modern age comics to buy and save on over there. You'll just have to break out those want lists and hunt around the site for a bit. There's even some golden age comics there if you hunt around long enough.

Oh, yes, and no you cannot stack the coupon codes on top of each other. Only one coupon code is allowed per order, which is why I'm stressing that if you've never bought comics there, use the new4 code before you dig into the clearance sale savings. The 1st Time Customer sale is only a once in a lifetime thing, while clearance sales are every year.

Alrighty now, thanks for reading and happy hunting! If you're new to my site, feel free to look around. See ya next time!

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