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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer Is Here!

It's finally here. The first official trailer for the Amazing Spider-Man 2, once again directed by Marc Webb. Instead of only one villain this time, it looks like this sequel will have Spidey going up against quite a few. Take a look for yourself:

Looks like we get Harry Osbourne, and is that the Green Goblin in there?  I think it is. A few days ago a promo poster for the Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie was released and gave away a few spoilers.

Of course, Electro was no big surprise. Jamie Foxx cast as Electro was almost the first big news of the sequel a while back, and the fight sequence in the trailer with Electro looks pretty awesome.

We can also see what looks like the Green Goblin in the poster and possibly a glimpse of him in the trailer also. Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy looks spectacular as always, and we also finally see a sick Norman Osbourne.

But the trailer confirmed my fear when I first saw this poster, and can you guess what character that is? Yeah, it's the Rhino, and when I first saw this poster, I was like, Oh, no, they did not cross Transformers with the Spider-Man!

But it looks like they did. Rhino, played by Paul Giamatti, I'm supposing is a dude that just drives around a vehicle that sort of resembles a rhino. Did Marc Webb get Michael Bay's character design artists or something? Really wasn't expecting them to deviate that far from the Spider-Man comics with Rhino. I'm betting the Scorpion will be done in a similar manner.

Despite that bit of disappointment, the movie does look intriguing. Looks like this movie will get us closer to Peter Parker's mysterious past.

Many are a bit wary because it does look like there's a lot of villains in this one, but I'm actually intrigued on how they all tie together and with Oscorp. Whether you liked him or didn't, Andrew Garfield reprises the role of Peter Parker and Spider-Man, and we actually get to see a Spidey with a costume that has the classic white eyes! Which is pretty cool, and the costume in this movie does look much better than the first movie for sure.

Anyways, can't wait for this one! Hope the 3-D is good, though.


  1. There was also a tid-bit of the vulture, in one scene at Oscorp you see a flying harness wings hung up on the wall

    1. And Dr. Octopus as well in the same scene.

  2. So I'm pretty sure that Marc Webb wants Oscorp like the "supervillain central" were they get their powers and how their all tied into that company

    1. I am starting to get that same feeling, and if we are both right, I have a feeling a particular Amazing Spider-Man comic is going to go through the roof!