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Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Top Wonder Woman Key Issues!

Alrighty, due to the recent most awesome news of an actress finally cast to play Wonder Woman in the Man of Steel sequel, I'm gonna do a top list of important Wonder Woman key issues. 

Please note, I'm not gonna list every single third-wheel unimportant first appearance of or insignificant key. There's way too many of those. Just the most important pertaining to the character of Diana Prince, and this list will be a mish-mash from various titles. Oh, yes, as usual, I'm not bothering with modern age comics either. Let's get this rolling!

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All Star Comics #8 pic
All Star Comics #8
  • First appearance of Wonder Woman (Diana Prince)
  • Origin of Wonder Woman
  • First appearance of Steve Trevor
Undoubtedly the most iconic female superhero comic book character ever, and one of the major DC Comics first appearances ever! Wonder Woman is DC Comics most popular female character, and most favored. This key comic also has the first appearance of Steve Trevor, her love interest.

Wonder Woman was created by artist Harry G. Peter and psychologist William Moulton Marston who invented a systolic-blood-pressure-measuring apparatus that became crucial to the development of the polygraph. Lasso of Truth, eh? William Moulton Marston also believed in feminism and modeled the character of Wonder Woman off his wife Elizabeth, an unconventional and liberated woman during those times. 

The character debuted in 1941 in All Star Comics #8, and the rest is history. This holy grail of Wonder Woman comics to own will be an extremely expensive golden age key issue. Especially since her character will be making it to the big screen and in a big way. Expect to shell out quite a bit for the first appearance of Wonder Woman.

ebay - Two lower grade CGC copies on ebay. Already going for way over guide. Surprised I even located this copy! Not an easy find at all.

Sensation Comics #1 comic cover
Sensation Comics #1
  • First cover appearance of Wonder Woman
  • 2nd appearance of Wonder Woman 
  • First appearance of Invisible Plane
I guess that I should note that that the early appearances of the golden age Wonder Woman is of the Earth Two Wonder Woman. When DC Comics made a resurgence of superhero comics during the silver age, they revamped many of their superheroes and created Earth One, which holds Barry Allen as the Flash and Hal Jordan as Green Lantern.

So this would be the second appearance of Earth Two Wonder Woman, but it's the first cover appearance of the character ever. Oh, yes, and it's the first appearance of Wonder Woman's Invisible Plane. Remember, she would later gain the ability to fly in later years.

ebay - Two CGC copies. One is a restored 9.4 NM copy. Restored or not, that's still incredible for this early golden age comic. The other is a CGC 4.5 VG+. Did not see any unslabbed on ebay as of yet, but you can click on the blue ebay link and it will take you directly to ebay's search results for Sensation Comics #1.

mycomicshop - the same CGC 4.5 copy that's on ebay is the same on the mycomicshop website as well.

Sensation Comics #2 cover pic
Sensation Comics #2
  • First appearance of Doctor Poison
The original Doctor Poison was Princess Maru, leader of a Nazi spy ring. Much of the golden age Wonder Woman comics had a World War II background like Captain America. The modern version of this character is an unnamed grand daughter.

ComicConnect - Holy Moly! A high grade unslabbed VF+ copy has been located here, as well as another unslabbed FN/VF 7.0.

Sensation Comics #4 cover
Sensation Comics #4
  • Baroness Van Gunther
A pretty well-known Wonder Woman character and WW's first recurring villain during the golden age. She later becomes her closest ally. The Baroness is the only one of two characters from the comic book that was shown on the Wonder Woman television series starring Lynda Carter.This will be a hunt to find.

Sensation Comics #6 comic
Sensation Comics #6
  •  First appearance of Magic Lasso
  • Origin of Magic Lasso
Wonder Woman's magic lasso or Lasso of Truth makes it debut in this important golden age key issue. The magic lasso, made of Zeus' lightening bolts, makes anyone in it's grasp do the will of whatever Wonder Woman desires including telling the truth. So far have not been able to locate a copy for this issue.

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