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Friday, December 13, 2013

Marvel Star Wars #1 CGC 9.4 Near Mint

I remember once seeing the Marvel Star Wars #1 comic as a kid back in the mid-80s. Matt's older brother had one and read a lot of that first series. I doubt he still has that #1 issue or any of those comics. They were all probably readers anyways.

A little back ground about this comic? Lucasfilm's publicity supervisor, Charles Lippincott, met with Stan Lee in 1975 to talk about Marvel Comics publishing a Star Wars comic book prior to the film's release. This was a move to appeal to the film's most likely audience and garner excitement for the film prior to release. 

Stan Lee declined the proposal until the film was completed. At the time, movie tie-in comics did not sell well, but Roy Thomas ended up convincing Stan Lee in a second meeting, in which a publishing arrangement was negotiated that provided no royalties to Lucasfilm until sales exceeded 100,000.  Only until sales reached this provision could legal arrangements be revisited.

Well, we all know what happened with movie. It became one of the most iconic films in pop culture around the world, a long with the film's characters like Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Storm Troopers, Han Solo, and Chewbacca. 

Also, as Roy Thomas foresaw, the Star Wars comic series became one of the industry's top selling titles from 1979 to 1980, and the sales quota of 100,000 copies was reached quickly. Issues #1-6 are adaptations of Star Wars: A New Hope, but the series was so popular that much of the comic series involved new stories, with the exception of issues #39-44 which adapted The Empire Strikes Back.

Once Disney bought the Star Wars franchise and announced more movies, I immediately started gunning for the first 1977 Marvel Star Wars #1. I knew that this comic was primed to go up in value. It wasn't just because news of more Star Wars movies would help to push demand for this bronze age key issue. To be honest, the movie news hype has done little to raise the value of this key issue. Another key reason I was intent on getting this was because this issue would hit its 40th anniversary in 2017.

So, in the summer of this year (2013), I searched on ebay, but found none up for auction. I wanted a CGC copy and a solid near mint 9.4, nothing lower than that. I even did a High Grade Alert post on this comic, letting you all know that this comic should be in your sights back in April.

Any how, I ended up getting a CGC 9.4 solid near mint with the buy it now price of $140. Oops! I would later find that I over paid about $30 bucks at the time, for I would see auctions of CGC 9.4 copies drop a few weeks later at around $110 to $120.

I wasn't too worried about it, however. I mean, sure, getting it cheaper would mean that I'd have more of a profit from my investment, but I knew this comic would rise in value soon. 

Well, it did. It went up $10 from last year, reaching $120 at low near mint grades. Recent sales on ebay for Star Wars #1 CGC 9.4 are dropping around $160 to $170, so demand is increasing slowly. Once it nears to the release of Episode 7, I expect demand for this issue to increase more and once the movie is in theaters, I expect demand to increase even more.

Regardless of all that comic investing mess, I still always wanted this comic since I was a fan of the movies...well, the original trilogy at least...and now it's a prized piece in my vault. Though, the thought that I should've gotten a CGC 9.8 copy still lingers in the back of my mind.


  1. Do you think it's still worth it to get this book at current price? How much would you pay this book for the current price? Thanks

    1. For the CGC grade I got my copy at, I wouldn't rebuy it for the current prices it's going at. It is in a peak right now due to trailers. After the movie comes out and if it's a hit, price may go up slightly more but hard to tell if it'll go up enough to earn you a profit at the price range of around $350.

      I would've invested in this comic at the most $200 bucks. But that's just me...if you think 9.4 CGCs are gonna hit the $500 mark after the movie hits, it may be a risk worth taking. My risk was the $200 mark.

    2. watup mayhem ... excellent buy my friend. i have been gunning for this issue and every time I sneeze, the price goes up. Some are selling for 600 for 9.6 !!

      you can safely say that I missed the boat and good thing Haniel ask you the question because I have been contemplating on this issue as well. Your response finally hit me in the head, so Ima go ahead and wait for a miracle and see if the prices go down in the future or get lucky at a garage sale.

      I have been reading the articles in the vault section and I am learning alot on the methodology. Once again, you guys do a great work. I even started my own excel spreadsheet to track down on keys just in case a corporation buys the website and keep the content private

    3. Yeah, the 9.4s aren't doing all that well, so I actually sold this copy. No longer in my Vault. I did make a big enough profit though.

      Lol, I don't think you have anything to be afraid of concerning a corporation buying this website. I doubt any corporation would, but the excel spreadsheets are a good idea for sure. Thanks for reading and the kudos. Much appreciated.