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Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Pros of Comic Investing Over The Stock Market!

I hear a lot about how comic investing is a scam and blah, blah, blah, and how it's a terrible investment. All of you who read my blog know what I think about that.

However, believe it or not, there are actual pros over the stock market when it comes to investing in comics, and I'm going to outline some of them.

1. Comic values aren't affected by stupidity!

When you get into prices going up or dropping on the stock market, idiotic factors can greatly influence the market dropping. Remember that false tweet about the attack on the White House and Obama being injured and how stocks went tumbling down mere minutes after? 

Yeah, the stock market is a flimsy beast, but comic investment values aren't affected like that. If Marvel and Disney's CEO were to say or do something extremely terrible that became headline news, you would not see all the copies of an Amazing Fantasy #15, first appearance of Spider-Man, suddenly take a nose dive in value as a result. 

You might see drudging sales of new Marvel Comics released due to boycotts, much like when DC Comics hired well-known anti same-sex marriage author Orson Scott Card to pen some Superman stories. However, golden age, silver age, bronze age, and copper age investments won't even bat an eye. The highest graded Action Comics #1, first appearance of Superman, is still valued at 2.16 million dollars.

Don't get me wrong here. Stock market and comic investing market are pretty similar in how both basically work. More shares in the market, prices lower and vice versa.

But one difference concerning comics is just because more comics of a single particular issue at a certain grade floods the market, it doesn't determine the value dropping for every single grade of that particular comic. What determines the value dropping is if the demand of that certain grade for that particular issue does not well exceed the availability of that issue. 

2. Investment comic values are not affected by a company's earnings reports!

Once again, whether DC Comics or Marvel Comics releases less than stellar earning reports for their companies, it doesn't affect older and rare comic values already in the market. 

3. More control over your investments!

That's right! You don't need a comic broker to purchase comics on your behalf. All you need to do is go to your local comic shop, comic convention, or online to find comic book investments.

Also, when it comes to selling your comics, you don't need a broker to do this. You can literally take your comics and sell them yourself on ebay or craigslist (not that recommended for high grade valuable comics), a comic convention, or a comic book community site like Comic Book Realm

You can use an online market place like ComicLink, ComicConnect or mycomicshop and have them sell it for you, which is like using a broker. But, the difference is with comics you can determine the price at which you're willing to sell your comic investments, though it's wise to stay somewhat near market price, or you can have the market demand determine the price by auction.

4. Less Hidden Fees 

When buying stocks, you have to watch out for all the fees and hidden fees. With comics, you don't have worry about this much, if not at all. Although there are some places that charge a buyer's premium.

Unfortunately, when it comes time to sell, most places like ebay and online comic market places do take a percentage of the sale price. If you're using Paypal to get paid, you'll get slammed again on fees. But, hey, nothing's perfect.

However, unlike stocks, comic investments does give you the option of not using ebay or any online site that charges a fee in helping you to sell your investments. If you know someone looking for a New Mutants #98 or an Iron Fist #14, you can sell it directly to him or her and get instant cash without paying a fee.

But having a slew of invisible stock shares doesn't give you that option. In order to sell your valuable investment shares, you have no choice but to get charged a fee by someone or somewhere that allows you to do this.

5. Comic investing is easier and more fun to learn!

The stock market can be quite a complex thing. Sure, some understand it and enjoy learning about it. However, the majority of us are pretty clueless about the real under workings that makes it tick.

Investing in comics is a lot more fun to learn about, and though it can get a tad complicated, it's nowhere near as intricate or fragile as the stock market roller-coaster. All it basically takes is knowing how comic grades work in terms of rarity and how demand for certain key issues work. If you've yet to learn about grade spreads for certain comic eras, you should click this link to read my previous post about this and how grade spreads attribute to the rarity factor of a comic.

It is amazing how some collectors out there still don't understand the concept and only gun for high grade modern age comics, when all there is in the market are high grade modern comics in that era. Instead of gunning for the older key issue Batman comics, they're getting new, straight off the rack common Batman issues.

Then they say comic investing is a scam! Well, sorry to say, they just don't know what they're doing or which are the best comics to invest in.

Learning about Batman, Wolverine, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Spider-Man and all the other great comic characters and the important key issue comics that they're tied to is a lot more fun than Wall Street numbers and company profiles.

 6. Comic investments are not tied to the stock market!

Fanny May, Mack, Wall Street, whatever? All the swindling and corruption over yonder doesn't touch the comic investing market. Actually, during the financial meltdown of 2008, in which quite a few IRA's were wiped out, guess what?
The prices for rare vintage comics were soaring! That's right! Sales records for quite a few key issues soared and values for many of the best golden age, silver age, and bronze age comic investments shot up in value.

So while all these intricate things like interest rates, housing market, and ya-dee-ya-dee-do all seem to tie together on Wall Street and the financial market, greatly affecting the entire system if foul play and greed is on their main menu, comic investing isn't as tied into that machine.

Sure, comic investing has it's pros over the stock market, and I'm sure it has its cons as well. I'm not saying to dump your stocks, IRA, savings account, bonds, mutual funds or whatever and put it all into rare key issue comics. That wouldn't be a wise move either.

I'm just saying there are benefits to investing in comics if you know how to, and it can be a great investment option. The nay sayers against comic investing know very little about it or how it works. I'll bet my boys on that fact.

Be sure to visit the Comic Investing Tips section to read more articles about the subject. You can also visit the On The Hunt section to get some ideas of investment worthy key comic issues to consider. 

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