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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Iron Man Key Issues Part One

Alrighty, another key issues list. This time we're dealing only with Iron Man key issues within the 1st titled series, and there aren't many major keys. A lot are minor key issues. Of course, as always, I'm going to point you to some places where you can find these issues if you're on the hunt for 'em.

I should also say that are a heap of earlier Iron Man related key comics in Tales of Suspense, so you should check out my Tales of Suspense key issues list by clicking the link if you've yet to do so. Alrighty, here we go and enjoy!

Iron Man #1 key issue cover
Iron Man #1

  • 1st issue of Iron Man titled series
  • Continued from Iron Man & Namor the Submariner One Shot
  • Origin retold
This bad boy got a major boost after the announcement of the first Iron Man movie. Before, it was extremely affordable. Now, not so much and it's stayed that way. This is a pretty late silver age key issue, and there are a lot more high grade copies as opposed to the early Iron Man key issues in Tales of Suspense. This issue is the holy grail of Iron Man comics of all the character's titled series.

Not a hard find at all for NM copies, even more plentiful in lower grades, but the high near mints will cost you.

ebay - ebay has quite a few unslabbed copies, mostly in the low to mid grades. If you're looking for CGC and higher grade CGC copies, you'll want to click this Iron Man CGC link to be brought to ebay's search results specifically for Iron Man #1 CGC copies. If un-graded copies are more your thing, click the ebay link up top. 

mycomicshop - Those folks at mycomicshop don't disappoint! A few lower grade, unslabbed copies there. Highest is a mid grade FINE 6.0. No CGC copies as of this writing.

ComicLink - However, if you're not the one to mess around and high grade comics are the only copies you'll consider, you can go check out an absolutely stunning CGC graded 9.8 for sale over at ComicLink. Just click the link to check it out. There are also quite a few near mint CGC copies as well.

Invincible Iron Man #2 cover image
Iron Man #2

  • 2nd issue of Iron Man titled series
  • 1st appearance of Demolisher
  • Death of Demolisher
  • 1st appearance of Janice Cord
 What would Tony Stark and the Iron Man comics be without a love interest? Pretty boring, and that's what this issue give us. Well, at least for a bit. Iron Man 2 has the first appearance of Janice Cord, daughter of Drexel Cord whose company Cord Industries is a direct competitor of Stark Industries. 

Her father's plan was to destroy Iron Man with his company's robot creation the Demolisher, who ends having a very short-lived career. Not a major key and still pretty much a sleeper Iron Man key comic, even though it's a 2nd issue. However, it's surprising that ebay doesn't have hardly any copies of this issue for sale at all.

mycomicshop -  no shortage of unslabbed copies here. Highest is an unslabbed FN/VF. 

ComicLink - CGC copies are mostly sold out concerning high grade. However there are some unslabbed high grade copies available and one PGX 7.5 low Very Fine copy.

Iron Man #15 cover pic
Iron Man #15

  • First appearance of Alex Nevsky
  • Last 12 cent issue in title
Not a super-duper major key issue, but the name Alex Nevsky is a pretty important one, at least for a little bit. Nevsky is a scientist who works for Cord Industries in order to build a suit that rivals Tony Stark's Iron Man.

This is not a highly sought out comic, but it's no easy find in high grades either.

mycomicshop - Only a few unslabbed copies. Two solid FINEs and one solid Very Good for those more on a budget.

ComicLink - A few CGC copies in the NM range, with one a beautiful NM+.

ComicConnect - One unslabbed VF+ copy. 

Invincible Iron Man #21 cover image
 Iron Man #21

  • First appearance of Crimson Dynamo III
If you remember my Tales of Suspense key issue list, you should remember what key issue the first appearance of the 2nd Crimson Dynamo, as well as the first appearance of an extremely popular female superhero in one of those Tales of Suspense key comics. Don't remember? You can click the link to find out what I'm talking about.

Well, carrying on here, Iron Man #21 holds the first appearance of the 3rd Crimson Dynamo, who is none other than Alex Nevsky, the creator of the Crimson Dynamo Mark III armor and uses it to exact revenge on Tony Stark.

Invincible Iron Man #22 comic cover
 Iron Man #22
  •  Death of Janice Cord
Well, it seems like it sure doesn't pay to date Tony Stark. After Alex Nevsky romances Janice Cord and shows what he can do as the new Crimson Dynamo, the Soviet big wigs send the Titanium Man to kill him, resulting in a battle which I would had loved to see in the movies instead of the story lines they went with in Iron Man 2 and 3. This battle results in Janice Cord's death, in which Nevsky holds both Iron Man and the Titanium Man responsible.

Alright, here comes Part 2 of this Iron Man Key Issues list! Just be sure to click the link below to teleport to it.

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