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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Iron Man Key Comic Books Part 4

Winding down to the last few Iron Man key comic books to this list here. This is Part 4. Of course, if you've missed the previous postings, you can navigate your way back using the links at the very bottom of this list. We've got some important keys in part 4, so let's get this done with!

Iron Man #118 comic book cover

Iron Man #118
  • First appearance of James Rhodes
An important and major key issue within the Iron Man titled series. As we all know James Rhodes is an important character in the Iron Man mythos, and was in all the Iron Man movies from the get go. First played by Terrence Howard and then Don Cheadle, James Rhodes has become a popular character in Marvel Comics, especially when he dons the armor of War Machine.

ebay - A few copies here. Nice selection on CGC high grade copies. Saw two 9.8s. Unslabbed copies are way cheaper, as expected.

mycomicshop - Only one copy available at a FINE grade!

Iron Man #120 comic image

Iron Man #120
  • First appearance of Justin Hammer
AI think we all remember the cartoonish representation of Justin Hammer in Iron Man 2, but this villain in the comics is nothing to laugh about. A major threat to Tony Stark's company and Iron Man's safety, Justin Hammer's first appearance is marked in Iron Man #120. It's a key worth noting and contemplating about getting as an investment, despite the movie hype has well died down.

ebay - Nice selection here. Only two CGC copies. One a 9.4 NM and the other a 9.8!

NewKadia - 3 mid grade copies here, all affordable!

mycomicshop - 3 unslabbed copies. Highest is a solid VF!

Iron Man #128 comic image
Iron Man #128
  • Classic Tony Stark Alcoholism Cover
This is a pretty sought out Iron Man key issue, and it's popular mainly for it's cover by Bob Layton. This issue is the last of the nine part story fan favorite Iron Man story arc "Demon in a Bottle" by writer David Michelinie and Bob Layton.

ebay - As expected, CGC high grade copies are already in the hundreds. Unslabbed copies are more affordable, but most are mid grades. Higher grade unslabbed are still up there.

mycomicshop - I was expecting the folks at mycomicshop to have some high grade CGC copies of this issue since it's quite sought after. A beautiful 9.6, a solid 9.4, and a nice 9.2 available here.

Iron Man #170 comic pic

Iron Man #170
  • James Rhodes as Iron Man
It seems Tony Stark just can't keep off the bottle, so someone has to fill in for him to keep the world safe, right? Well, there's no one else better than James Rhodes to replace Tony for a while and don the Iron Man suit. This issue begins James Rhodes as Tony's replacement until the genius millionaire gets his act together.

Not too bad for an Iron Man key comic. It's demand is moderate, but high enough to make this a bit more valuable in higher grades.

Newkadia - Two copies. One a solid VF, and the other a low VF. Super affordable and perfect gifts.

ebay - Great selection here. Lots of unslabbed copies and some really high CGC 9.8s for under a hundred bucks! This key issue is in moderate demand.

mycomicshop - Unslabbed copies. No CGC, but the highest is a solid NM for under $10! Not too shabby!

Iron Man #200 cover picture

Iron Man #200
  • Tony Stark returns as Iron Man
  • New silver and red armor
  • First appearance of War Monger
I still have this issue from my childhood collection of Iron Man comics. Little did I know then that War Monger would appear some odd years later in the very first Iron Man movie. However, this is the first Iron Man armor that I laid my eyes upon, the silver and red armor, and this issue is the first appearance of that armor. Ah, such great memories. This is an investment worthy comic, but only in high near mint grades.

ebay - Very easy key issue to find on ebay, and not very expensive at all. Lacking on the high grade CGC copies, however, at the time of this writing.

Newkadia - Two copies here. One a solid NM! The other, not worth getting for a copper age book, unless you wanna just read it.

mycomicshop - Surprised that there are no CGC graded goodies here. Only unslabbed, and the highest is a VF? Oh well, at least it's extremely affordable.

Iron Man #282 comic cover

Iron Man #282
  • First appearance of War Machine
One of the few investment comic worthy copper age issues to get within the Iron Man titled volume one series. War Machine has become a popular supporting character in the Iron Man comics and has even made it to the big screen. This issue is more in demand, a definite newer Iron Man key issue to consider, and will cost you a bit more.

ebay - Tons of copies here, both unslabbed and slabbed. A wide selection of grades as well, quite a few high grade CGC copies in the search results. 9.8s are already in the hundreds. Click the link to check out the ebay search results for this key issue.

mycomicshop - Quite a few copies here as well. Two CGC copies for sale. One a 9.8 and the other a 9.6! The rest are unslabbed.

Iron Man King Size Special #1 comic book cover

Iron Man King Size Special #1
  • First Iron Man Annual
The very first Iron Man annual issue, which is always a  good investment. Back then they called them King Size Specials before the whole "annual" bit came into play later on. Not a difficult comic to find.

 ebay - Quite a bit of unslabbed copies available in the ebay market place for this issue. Mostly low to mid grades, but very affordable. On the high grade front for this issue on ebay, two high grade CGC copies available. First is CGC Signature Series signed by Stan Lee at a low NM 9.2. The other is a pedigree from the Western Penn collection.


mycomicshop - 3 unslabbed copies. Two are solid FINEs and  the other a low grade copy. Very affordable.

Alrighty, that's all folks. In this entire list we have seen a few key issue comics that are worthy Iron Man comics to invest in soon, and some that are majorly in a slumber. 

If you missed any part to this series, you'll be able to navigate to any part you desire. Also, if you missed my Tales of Suspense key issue list, click the link below to read all about that. There a quite a few Iron Man key issue comic books in that list as well.


  1. Hey it's Luke again! A couple weeks ago I went after the Iron Man King Size Special #1 on Ebay, unslabbed. I took a huge gamble because the photo taken of it was sort of blurry like it was taken with a cheap phone lol. Also the seller listed it as "excellent" condition which I kind of laughed about. So what the hell right? I had it sitting in my "watch" list for days. I waited and waited and then during the last 5 minutes no one was bidding so I waited and decided to bid the minimum $9.99 and got it for that lol. It came in the mail last week and I was seriously shocked by its condition. I gotta get this one graded, it is possibly a 9.4 or a 9.6. I could be wrong but I was excited anyways! Anyways the point of my message is that I probably would have missed this issue if it weren't for your list! Thanks for helping me out!

    1. Very nice! You got one hell of a deal there for an Iron Man King Size Special #1. I would get it graded as soon as I could. Congrats on the snag and glad this list helped you out!

  2. Oraldo ; I just bought a copy of iron man 170 Canadian variant 75c cover at Ebay for $11.25 I would like to know how rare is the book I got. p.s. Reply.

    1. The Canadian price variants are tough finds. They are not common books for sure, but they are not as limited as the 30, 35 cent Marvel price variants during the 70s. The problem is that this specialty niche is only important to variant comic collectors, which is a pretty small percentage so far. However, they are gaining a bit more attention to comic collectors.

      Also, another important factor is the grade you got this in? I hope it's in the NM range.