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Monday, November 18, 2013

HIGH GRADE ALERT! Marvel Premiere #15 CGC 9.4 Signature Series!

Marvel Premiere #15
1st appearance of Iron Fist
Intro Daniel Rand
Origin of Iron Fist

Published May1974 
Writer: Roy Thomas

 Artist: Gil Kane

High Grade Key Issue Located:
mycomicshop - Looking for a high grade investment worthy copy of the first appearance of Iron Fist? Well, mycomicshop has just the one for you concerning this bronze age key issue. One CGC 9.4 copy has been located here. I know, it's only a 9.4, but that's not all to this Marvel Premiere #15 copy. 
Before you check out the price and think otherwise, it should be noted that this CGC 9.4 copy is also a Signature Series. Whose signature? Well, none other than from the legend himself, Stan Lee! Investment comic worthy? You betcha!
Okay, so sure this a Marvel first appearance comic! Okay, sure it's the first appearance of Iron Fist, who has a pretty small, cult following among Marvel Comic fans! Sure, it's a bronze age key issue.
Big whoop, right? Wrong!

Can we say television show coming soon? As Kevin Smith would say: Believe it, sir!

When some of us were hoping for a live action movie of Daniel Rand and his adventures as the supernatural martial artist Iron Fist, we are getting the next best thing. That's right Marvel and Disney and Netflix are partnering to bring us a live action television series of Iron Fist, as well as a few other characters as well.

Want more info on the subject. Just click this blue link to read more about the Iron Fist television show coming soon.

But back to the subject at hand! Will this bit of news give the comic a boost in demand? Well, that's the big money question.

So far, no, it hasn't, but the news is still fresh out there. It hasn't quite caught on just yet. Keyword being: yet!

If the series is a hit, expect the demand and value of this bad boy to get a nice jump upward! I got this comic quite a few years back unslabbed for cheap. I need to get it CGC graded soon.

Despite the television series, this bronze age key issue first appearance of Iron Fist is still no lightweight. No, sir! High grade NM copies are already near or past the thousands mark. It will only get worse if Iron Fist becomes a popular T.V. series.

Besides, it's signed by comic legend Stan Lee! "'Nuff Said!" If you're looking for bronze age comics to invest in, Marvel Premiere #15 is one you should have or be on the hunt for!

Looking for more high grade comic investments and key issues? Be sure to check out the High Grade Alert and Key Issue Alert sections, as well as the On The Hunt section for lists of key issue comics by various titles. 


  1. Hi from Berlin again,

    it´s always a pleasure to read your blog, as I found myself learning new things every time I´ve visited your site! And I´m really happy for you for getting the ASM #6 AND ASM #129!! I guess, you´ve made a pretty good deal with that prices you´ve paid for it, I´m also looking for that two key issues for almost one year now and I find it really difficult to get these items at a moderate rate. So, congratulations again!! :)
    What do you think about Avengers #54 and #55? At this moment these two are incredibly hot on the market, so I´m asking myself if this will last over the time when "Avengers 2" hit the theatres- do you think, prices are going to stay on top and these two babies will be a pretty good long term investment?? So, is it still wise to get them now, before prices are out of sight??
    Hope, you´ll have a great time and
    Best Regards from Germany,


    1. Hi, good to hear from you Sven. How goes it across the pond? As for Avengers #54 and #55, that is a tough call, because the prices are already out of sight for many NM high grade copies due to the announcement of Ultron being the main villain in the Avengers sequel. I have not put stock in these issues, as I am thinking the same thing you are about these two issues. After all the movie hype, will they drop in value? That depends on how they plan to use Ultron and for how long after the Avengers 2 movie. If he is just a one shot villain for one movie, without any mention of setting him up for future movies (like the Lizard in Amazing Spider-Man reboot), the values for these comics just may drop near or slightly above their guide prices again. In terms of long term investment potential, they will go up, but the question is how slowly and how long do you plan on holding onto it as an investment? 20 years? 30 years? 40 years? I'm working on a post now that tracks the Avengers #55 values throughout the decades, so you can best determine if this is a good investment comic, but it really is your call and a tough one in the end. Stay tuned and thanks for the question.

  2. Hi, I´m glad that you (as a person you got more experiences in collecting comics than I do) got the same opinion about These two items! Thanks for your post, very intersting to see, how the value increased over the last decades!
    By the was: I really like your posts about hunting down the ASM#6 and #129. You must be really proud about that purchases! As I said I´m tryin´to get both of them now for more than a year and it´s a pretty tough I´m trying to be patient, get it done in a cool way and try to avoid getting ripped of with that on ebay or on some curious sites- time will tell! Again, thanks, man, good luck with your collection and I´m looking forward to read from you soon!

    1. Yeah, Avengers #54 and 55 were best to have before the villain was announced to be in the Avengers sequel. I'm not saying that one shouldn't get these two issues, but high grade 9.2 and up are the only grades worth investing in for these issues.

      To be completely honest, and I've been harping on this for some time now, but Fantastic Four #52, first appearance of Black Panther is an issue that should be tracked down as soon as possible. Kevin Feige has been talking about a Black Panther movie forever, and has just confirmed that a Black Panther movie is in active development. He has also said it's not a matter of if but when.

      This would be the time to get this key issue. The movie may not be confirmed for quite a while, but once it does, you'll see a frenzy for it.

      ASM #6 was a stroke of luck. Being at the right place and the right time, and was lucky that they held it for me. ASM #129, however, I tracked prices for almost a year on various places like mycomicshop auctions, comiclink, and ebay to get the average value since Overstreet is grossly behind on values for that comic.

      Thanks for commenting, reading, and spreading the word about Total Comic Mayhem by sharing on Facebook or other social media places. Always great to hear from you and stay tuned!

    2. Again, I absolutely and totally agree with you, Fantastic Four #52 is gonna be the next big hit! I was lucky to get a copy at Newkadia about a year ago, although it is only a VF- I got a nice deal with this key issue. I´m also trying to spot a better copy for quite some time but prices at ebay and other market places seem out of range now. It looks like many collectors are trying to get their hands on this book. This also is one of my favourite characters ´cause I foresee there a lot of potential not for just one film! So let´s hope for both of us to be lucky to snatch one of these babies before prices are out of limit!
      Another favourite character of mine is Dr. Strange- same procedure here, prices for Strange Tales #110 are absolutely ridiculous at the Moment, since everybody is speculating for the next big hit with that issue- unfortunately I lost sight of that book for quite some time and now, I´m afraid it´s a little bit too late to make a good deal with it...
      Thanks for doing this fantastic blog and answering my questions, I wish you good luck with your hunt for FF#52!!! Regards from Berlin, Sven

    3. A VF- is a pretty good snag for a silver age first appearance key issue that has had and still has a strong demand for. As for Dr. Strange, yeah, his first appearance in high grades will be extremely hard, or virtually impossible, to get a good deal on as of now in the market. Thanks Sven, and good luck to you also. Always good to hear from you and appreciate your insights and your opinions as well!