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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Avengers #55 Value

We all should know that the first full appearance of Ultron in Avengers #55 is on the hot burner right now since the character will be the main villain in the upcoming Avengers sequel slated for 2015 release. Lot's of collectors are gunning for this issue.

However, before the movie hype shot the demand for this issue into overdrive, it was pretty much a sleeper throughout the decades. This is a late silver age comic, mind you, published in 1968, so there should be quite a few more copies floating around than earlier silver age comics.

Anyways, let's see how well this comic has performed in the last few decades. 

Overstreet 1982-83 Guide 12th Edition:

Mint: $3.00
Fine: $1.50
Good: .50 

Overstreet 1990-91 Guide 20th Edition:

Near Mint: $9.00
Fine: $4.00
Good: $1.30

Overstreet 2002-03 Guide 33rd Edition:

Near Mint: $45
Very Fine: $29
Fine: $12
 Very Good: $8
Good: $4

Overstreet 2013-14 Guide 44rth Edition: 
Near Mint (low): $90
Very Fine: $35
Fine: $15
 Very Good: $10
Good: $5


ebay: $550 (CGC 9.0) Nov 2013
ebay: $830 (CGC 9.4) Nov 2013
ebay: $132.49 (unslabbed 7.0 FINE/VF) Nov 2013
ebay: $99 (unslabbed 5.0 VG/FINE) Nov 2013 

As we can see, this comic is going way over Overstreet guide for many of it's grades on ebay of all places. If they're selling above guide on ebay, you can be sure they're selling above guide most everywhere else as well.

But, as you can see from the data, this comic hasn't really performed all that well throughout the decades from VF and down. From 2002 to 2012, it went up only $6 in ten years at VF!

Wow!  As an investment, I think this will no doubt keep going up, but very slowly for most grades. This is a super long-term investment - within the 20-30 year range for VF and lower copies. Actually, I wouldn't bother with mid-grade or low-grade copies for this issue.

I think once the movie hype dries up for Avengers #55, prices may fall and level off, with the exception of high grade NM copies within the 9.4 - 9.8 range, which are now at ridiculous prices and may just level off once the hype dies. Lower than 9.2, you'll have a long wait to recoup your investment if prices do fall once the hype is gone. I predict low to VF unslabbed copies of this issue will take a nice dip once the hype is gone. Perhaps, even low to mid grade CGC copies as well.

I can't foresee this first appearance key issue of Ultron being like Iron Man #55, first appearance of Thanos, which has kept pretty steady in value since its big boost in demand. Mostly, the reason for this is because Thanos is known to still be a presence in upcoming Marvel movies. It's not known if Ultron will be a one shot villain, or if he will be set up to be a presence in other future Marvel movies. It's really too soon to tell. 

I have been wrong before, so getting this key issue now when the hype is strong is really a tough call to make. Personally, I did not put stock in this comic, nor Avengers #54, in which Ultron is disguised as the Crimson Cowl. 

My best advice on investing in this comic book now from looking at the data? Get high grade! NM 9.2 at the lowest! 


  1. Just sold my VG/F unslabbled copy for $117. Very happy.

    Part of investing is knowing when is a good time to sell, as well as to buy.

    1. Congrats and you're absolutely right. I did the same for an extra lower grade copy of ASM #41 first appearance of Rhino I had when it was announced he was going to be in the Amazing Spider-Man sequel.

  2. Thanks. I found your blog a couple of months ago and it's been great reading, always checking for updates and looking at old posts. Would love to know more about your collection and other bargains you've purchased recently. Keep up the great work!

    1. Heya again, Brooks and thank you for the compliment. I'm glad you enjoy the readings on here. Thanks for reading and I'll be sure to post more about my collection and other great snags I've found. What about yourself? Any mentionable snags recently?

  3. Great blog I really enjoy all the information and insight you provide us Comic Book collectors! I picked this book up 6 months ago un graded in a really crisp high grade for only 15.00 at my local comic shop. Also I wanted to say thanks for your information on soon to be hot books, it has helped me a ton to find and buy books before they jump in value like a lot of the Guardians of the Galaxy books did.

    1. Awesome, and glad this site has helped you out finding key issues before they jumped up in demand. Thanks for commenting. Always appreciated.